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  2. https://tylersontag.com/cc2lp1_packs/ This was discussed in the discord, and the generous sontag has descended from the heavens and given us an alternative. Its not a glitch, its the intended way that the staff set up voting entirely. Random order for the c2g file, and encrypted c2m names to avoid bias in voting. It was brought up by quite a few people that even though it works in principle, it makes things unnecessarily complicated and is very unvoter friendly. The link I put at the top is the solution and has all the voting packs with derandomized order, and includes the c2m name and number so you can view the recorded solution. Given J.B uploaded his video on friday, and tyler posted the original fix on Wednesday (original fix was simply derandomized version), I would assume that J.B's pack came from there but I wouldn't know for certain.
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  4. so why is the level order within my pack randomized compared with the list on the voting site? This makes voting and keeping track of what you've played and voted on unnecessarily difficult. This seems like it could be a glitch as JB didn't seem to have this problem as viewed from his video he made.... (the levels in his pack seem in order) [just in case nobody knows what I'm talking about for some reason] the level order (when played as the pack) (I got the Interstellar pack) does not follow 1,23, it's goes to random levels. It seems purposely set up this way in the play.c2g file. I can upload my c2g file if needed, but I didn't do that right away in case that would be against the rules or something.
  5. CCLP3 Lynx: #60 (Red, Green and Blue): 239 (+10, b+10) 6,079,650 - 135 b
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  7. CC1 (MS) #23 (BLOBNET): 429 (+3) #85 (TELENET): 236 (b) #120 (ALPHABET SOUP): [949] (+2, b) 132 b CCLP2 (MS) #145 (Gauntlet): 453 #148 (Neptune): 550 (+2, b) 121 b CC2 #17 (FROZEN): 10930 | 243 (+90 | +9) #45 (MIDDLE SCHOOL): 23790 | 129 (+20, b | +2, b) #149 (BANQUET HALL): 78730 | 327 (+1520 | +56) #172 (CAMPGROUNDS): 88640 | 245 (+2070, b | +228, b) 10,658,352 | 33,345 (104 | 111 b)
  8. CCLP2 MS improvements. 59: 352 (+2) 68: 271 (+8) 106: 342 (+1) 117: 475 (+1) 148: 550 (+2) New total: 6 049 600 This will probably be my last update for a while, as CC2LP1 voting takes up most of the time I have available for playing CC.
  9. CC1: #55 (POTPOURRI): 70 #104 (JAILER): 235 #123 (THE PRISONER): 272 #140 (ICEDEATH): 263 CCLP1: #1 (Key Pyramid): 168
  10. CC2: 141 (LOGIC PRISON): 77080 (+270, b+10) | 658 (+27, b+1) total score: 14,534,821 total time: 37,513 Passed J.B. in yet another metric.
  11. Vote here: https://hw0.eu/cc2lp1/ Quick rundown on how voting works this time. H2O's site above will take you to pieguy's site to login. This is for identification purposes and we decided to route it through pieguy's site since most people already have accounts there. To get a pack, press the "create a set" button and the server will generate a randomly shuffled pack for you to vote on. Your rating for a level is automatically saved after you make one. Continue this process til you've finished voting on all the packs! 😎 There is no end date for voting set. The end date will be announced likely around a month in advance when we have received a sufficient number of votes per level.
  12. CC1 (MS) #89 (BLOCK BUSTER): 367 (+2) #93 (ROADSIGN): 651 (b) #100 (COLONY): [911] (+1, b) #127 (SKELZIE): 453 (+1) #133 (BLOBDANCE): [885] #138 (PARTIAL POST): 240 (+15, b) #147 (FORCE FIELD): [866] 130 b
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  14. CCLP1 MS #28 (The Last Starfighter): 277 ("+1", "b+1") (requires TSG) 6,006,010 + 10 - 143 b Route is 277.4 with 4 blob clones. SuCC will tell you that it's 277.6 (which would imply 278.0 with the 2 blob strategy) because it thinks you can make a keyboard walking move onto ice and then immediately TSG afterwards, but in MSCC you have to do the TSG click before the ice (which costs 0.1, which turns into a lost spring slide in the route.) Not sure how the TW TSG build handles this. There *is* another route that can give 278.0 - even without TSG! - but it's pretty insane. It requires the lucky 2 blob strategy found in the current bold *and* requires multiple blobs to stack upon each other on the force floors to create slide delay at the *exact* same instant that you try to sneak past an otherwise guaranteed-fatal block (at 7,4), *and* you have to survive the rest of the blocks which will have a randomized slide delay pattern. (You can TSG in one location if you want to help with that, but the others lose time.) SuCC found 2 seeds in the first 1,000,000 that would give 278, and that took into account extra survival chances that come from using TSG in one location; legal 278 odds would be even worse. You can simplify this 278.0 route in an attempt to get a legal 277 - you can drop [2] to clone 4 blobs instead of 2, and you can drop [2] to eliminate one of the blocks at the start to make you more likely to survive - but the odds still appear to be in the 1/80,000 - 1/120,000 range. The problem is that the blobs randomize the sliplist every single attempt due to sliding on the force floors, so you can't avoid playing dice with the blocks. This extra source of luck is too much of a multiplier to reasonably overcome.
  15. CCLP3 Lynx: #63 (Pocket Puzzle): 230 (bc) #72 (Fireball Tourism): 120 (b-6) #76 (Complex): 498 (b-2) #80 (Checkers): 188 (b-2) #85 (Maginot Line): 505 (b-2) #102 (Triple Alarm): 359 (b-1) #105 (Caves): 203 (b) #107 (Lazy Hourglass): 548 (b-4) #109 (Hidden Depths): 396 (bc) #113 (Stress Fracture): 399 (b-7) #118 (Obstacle Course): 387 (b-4) #123 (Investment): 708 (b-4) #125 (Water Trap): 646 (b-6) #128 (Divide and Conquer): 430 (b-2) #143 (Same Game): 749 (b-2) #147 (Avalanche): 491 (b-12) 6,079,550 - 135 b
  16. Sorry for the poor quality, the entire 32x32 grid doesn't fit properly on my laptop screen. A level from my upcoming WoCCLP2 set (cc1), guess the walls
  17. CCLP3 (MS) 054: 286 (+88, b) [Good Advice] 109: 409 (+85, b) [Hidden Depths] 6,057,290 (117 bolds) 700 total MS bolds achieved!
  18. There. The tws file I've attached is all of my CC1 MS scores as of today. I completed that set some time ago (not sure exactly when lol) and only found the tws file just yesterday, so obviously most of the scores are unoptimized I'd say, but I'll probably come back and post an update once I get around to try and improve my score. cc-ms.dac.tws
  19. Here is a thread to give me a feedback on my set (can be found in my profile) As I've stated before, these are my first submissions, and may contain certain undesirable elements. Feel free to correct, criticize and/or suggest new ideas. Your feedback will help me in my upcoming WoCCLP2 set. Peace!
  20. I'm also working on Walls of CCLP2 as a CC1 set, so your feedback here will help improve that set
  21. Version 1.0.1


    My first submitted set, now fixed and playable. Not entirely Lynx compatible, we'll get to that later. More levels coming soon! Here's 40 playable levels, a la Tyler . Enjoy
  22. CCLP2 (MS) 148: 550 (+1, b) [Neptune] 6,050,970 (145 bolds) CCLP3 (MS) 038: 309 (+93, b) [Wireframe] 042: 422 (+39, b) [Every Trick in the Book] 106: 241 (+136, b) [Oil Rig] 6,055,560 (115 bolds) CCLP1 (Lynx) 113: [964] (+1, b+1) [Teleport Trouble] CCLP3 (Lynx) 106: 226 (+66, b+1) [Oil Rig]
  23. CCLP1 Lynx: #79 (Elevators): [958] (+1, b) #127 (In the Pink): 413 (+4, b) #143 (Amphibia): [850] (+6, b) 6,000,250 - 138 b CCLP3 Lynx: #137 (Vulcan): 816 (b+9) 133 b
  24. #24 (OORTO GELD): 430 #99 (CATACOMBS): 380 #106 (KABLAM): [907] #130 (ICE CUBE): [933] #145 (Thanks to...): [991] I want to submit my entire CC1 set of times to improve my score ranking. EDIT: here is a full list of my CC1 scores to make it more convenient for the admins:
  25. CC2: 77 (THE ROVER ROOM): 40430 (+10, b) | 193 (+1, b) 144 (THE VILLAGE): 75000 (+50, b+20) | 87 (+4, b+1) total score: 14,534,551 total time: 37,486 Now i'm solo first place in score bold count too . Oh yeah and i passed Ruben in ALR at some point.
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