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  2. CCLP4 MS #4 (Oasis): 227 (+2, b) #77 (Brick Block Facility): 504 (b+4) 80 solved, 78 b
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  4. CCLP4 (MS) Level 35 (Chasing Chips) - 356 (+2)(b) Level 39 (In the Walls of Gravel Castle) - 454 (+2)(b) Level 110 (Keyrithmetic) - (946) (+39)(b) Total Score: 6,103,580 With that, I have 100 CCLP4 bolds.
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  6. Several reasons: because there are tanks in Chip's Challenge, because there are bombs in Chip's Challenge, because they're afraid someone might make a levelset with the number of the beast amount of levels, because they're afraid someone might make a level with the walls forming an inverted cross, because they think MS teeth are demon spawns, and because water in Chip's Challenge is normal water and not holy water. Well, most of this is if the cartoons were based on the game (the wacky hijinks being clubhouse/puzzle related) while also being religion related. If they did things non clubhouse/puzzle related, plus no mention whatsoever of the clubhouse/puzzle life, that would just be odd and unconsiderate ("let's just take these two popular characters, and force them into situations that have nothing to do with what they originally did, for our own benefit"). But then again, capitalism. If they did proceed to making this series of cartoons, though, it's something only a few bible-study centers would be interested in, plus probably a few of us for the laughs. Once it gets old, it'll probably be forgotten forever or eventually find its way to YouTube and then there will be hilarious YouTube poops of it. This is not a rant against religion, I just don't imagine the idea working. I imagine the whole thing to be seen by the public (christian or not) as cheesy (there are probably better things to turn into a christian cartoon, like Sonic the Hedgehog, for example). The good thing though, is that those souls that watch the cartoons will be exposed to Chip's Challenge, and maybe we'll have two or three more members to talk to/ play their levels. Why are we so drawn to this thread? It's the only thread getting (besides the High Scores threads) a stable flow of posts.
  7. Yes. Thankfully, in real life we keep things behind rows of at least twenty locked doors - much higher than "several". I had to open a hundred and five doors to get on my computer and write this reply, and six more to press my "backspace" key when I made a typo. And once I'm done typing my question, I have to shut them all. Why hasn't Bridgestone taken advantage of owning Chip's Challenge by making a series of religious cartoons where Chip and Melinda get up to wacky hijinks while studying the Bible?
  8. CCLP1 (MS) Level 68 (Flames and Ashes) – (949)(+115)(b) Level 80 (Flipside) – 390 (+26)(b) Level 129 (Frogger) – 272 (+7)(b) Total Score: 5,997,180
  9. CCLP1 (MS) Level 38 (Heat Conductor) - 483 (+2)(b) (Scored this like, 2 months ago, but forgot to report it) Total Score: 5,996,850
  10. CC1: #93 (ROADSIGN): 651 #115 (OVERSEA DELIVERY): [922] #116 (BLOCK BUSTER II): 714 (b-3) #132 (MIX UP): 682 (b-1) #138 (PARTIAL POST): 240
  11. Sorry to say, but it's because they don't like who you are today, so they wanna know about the near future you, to know if you will have changed for the better, to decide if they want to keep spending time with you or not. In other words, it's a discreet way to say that they dislike you. If you're not a people pleaser, though, you shouldn't care. Wouldn't it be weird if, in real life, we kept things behind rows of several locked doors?
  12. Chip can swim just fine, but if he does then the other kids will see his wet pants and mock him for peeing himself. If he has the flippers, he can show them the flippers to prove he was swimming, but if he doesn't have the flippers he drowns himself on contact with water to avoid suffering such a humiliating fate. (Oh, and he can't step over one-tile pools of water because he... doesn't like to. The same way he doesn't like to tear down the chip socket with his bare hands before finding all the chips.) Why do people ask me where I can see myself in 24 days?
  13. Whoops missed Hash's post. Noone sheds a tear for Chip when he dies, but Melinda and all the other girls think it's really hot that he lives such a dangerous lifestyle with constant risk of death. Did you really think all this time Chip signed up to the clubhouse just because he liked solving puzzles? Now you know.
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    Version 1.0.0

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    ignore this upload - no way to delete at present, i believe
  15. It gets judged by the ice-god. If it's good ice, it gets to stay as ice for eternity in the icy-cold heaven. If it's bad ice, it goes to the fiery pits of hell where it vaporises into steam and disappears. Why hasn't Chip learned to swim after all this time? And why does he need a pair of flippers to cross a little square pool of water he could jump or even step across?
  16. Deadline has been extended to Saturday the 14th as people have requested more time
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  18. CC1 (Lynx) 125: [822] (+72, b+1) [Mixed Nuts] I thought there was a record here way back in 2014. Didn't expect it to be in Lynx.
  19. CC1 MS IMPROVEMENTS 136: [906] (+[7]) 138: 240 (+1) 148: [625] (+[45]) New total: 5 977 070 CCLP3 MS IMPROVEMENTS 5: 394 (+4) 10: 76 (+5) 27: 228 (+4) 34: 861 (+15) 42: 416 (+24) 45: 410 (+1) 50: 152 (+3) 69: 420 (+8) 79: 311 (+13) 85: 507 (+2) 91: 229 (+6) 116: 297 (+14) New total: 6 082 970 CCLP4 MS 71: 176 72: 358 73: 261 74: 336 75: 416 76: 394 77: 490 78: 507 79: 356 80: 286 81: 312 82: [907] 83: 439 84: 397 85: 411
  20. CC1 Lynx: #29 (ARCTICFLOW) 287 (+1, b) #89 (BLOCK BUSTER): 380 (+1, bc) #116 (BLOCK BUSTER II): 699 (+3, bc) #126 (BLOCK N ROLL): 426 (+1, bc) 5,897,990 - 144 b CCLP4 Lynx: #50 (Secret Underground Society): 336 (bc)
  21. It is donated to the melting ice of the north and south pole, and icebergs, through the clubhouse's charity organization to help the polar bears (not the penguins though). What they don't know is that this intended solution is just another problem: more ice will be there to melt, and the sea level will get higher and higher. But anyways, who cares? Any human intent at solving an environmental problem is not a solution to disaster, it just postpones it. Chip dies a painful death about 3000 times a day.. Why has nobody shed a tear for him yet?
  22. CC1-MS #89 (BLOCK BUSTER): 402 (+3, b) 5,977,430 112+20 bolds
  23. Bump for 8th place CC1-MS #89 (BLOCK BUSTER): 399 (+10, b-3) 5,977,400 111+20 bolds
  24. CC1-MS (typnfta 3x) #61 (RINK): [950] (+3, b) #89 (BLOCK BUSTER): 389 (+10, b-13) #147 (FORCE FIELD): [970] (+506, b) 5,977,300 111+20 bolds CCLXP2 #102 (Chip's Fight): 364 (+2, bc) 6,042,290 (original 2,993,050, modified 3,049,240) 133 bolds
  25. Rolf


    Version 1.0.0


    New set of levels. Most levels is both MS/LYNX except for one, Tank Keys. Thanks, chipster1059 for beta testing!
  26. CC1: #89 (BLOCK BUSTER): 402
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