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    I was kind of being very general. It seemed like they got harder but I haven't played them a lot yet. I skipped over a couple which were bigger (because I was short on time when I was playing) like Hollow which I will return to. Some completely stumped me atm like Vert.
  3. BEFORE MY VERY EYES: very cool maze! Part and Parcel: Fun concepts throughout. I really liked the beginning and two right side portions. I wasn't as fond of the left side with the enemies. I move, you move; another fun and quick one! Slime yard; was a really interesting take on "block factory" I actually liked this one. Rule of Tincture: haven't solved this yet but I like the structure. What does the title mean? fyi: I'm not a fan of anything that uses abuses glitches or unexpected behavior in the game, so I might not offer much comments on those levels. I haven't downloaded the latest version yet so I'll be playing more in the future.
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  5. Here the some more details to the great new levels MARKTKANAAL Most of the areas are pretty easy by them self, with the ice maze on top of everything, and some areas you have to visit from different sides at different points, this level gets quite long and therefore time limit could be longer. Other than this, a nice and fun to play level CONQUEST With all the blobs a real test of patience if you want to play it safe. This type of level, especially that big should imo be untimed. MY MOTHER SAYS The constant pining noise starts to get annoying after a time (is it really worth to have this bonus room?). The opening puzzle is interesting, yet I don't understand why you are hiding keys under blocks for no reason, a secret eye would make the puzzle better. The gimmick, the logic gate delay setup is relatively simple for those who knows wiring in cc2 works, for other players probably difficult to figure out. With an eye I like the starting area and especially the basic idea of the puzzle is really cool, the rest of the mandatory part of the level is is essentially just chip collecting but does fill the space in a walls of level quite well DISINTEGRATOR INTEGRATOR Really cool, great level. Especially the starting rooms are nice well designed puzzles. The rest is relatively simple, yet slightly lengthy. I think the time limit could be 900 instead of 600 without harm HOOPLA A nice easy to medium difficulty level, just the time limit is too short. 800 or 900 sounds good, otherwise players might run out of time on their first try, and have to replay the whole level for no other reason. SALMON RUN A good medium difficulty level, I really liked the puzzles , and are not too sure if the dodging with the ball and walkers is actually necessary for this type of level. THE AMAZING VORTEX The first part due to limited vision a bit of guesswork, but that's fine, since it is the first part of the level, the rest are creative mazes. Just the time limit should be higher again. A MAN OF MANY LAYERS An interesting idea for a maze, however there is a lot waiting for monsters which is partly why it was not necessarily my favorite to play. NURSERY GAMES Pretty easy fun level, in the first section death is possible, in this regard I wish there would be an indication to go right first, but since it's pretty short, it doesn't matter too much. GREENLIGHT A push up wall maze with toggle and slightly visually confusing aesthetics, it took me several tries to finish it, even thought it's not that strict, but there are bottle necks, especially if you don't know how many chips and bombs there are, but it's short enough to be fun.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0xJnxS09eYc&index=1&list=PL34gFa8o9I8WI4vS5ZuLc5we1McpGo3D3 Videos by Youtube user starfishgurl1984
  7. CheeseT1

    CheeseT1 View File Levelset for CC1 by Gavin Duncan. Submitter Gavin Submitted 01/18/2018 Category CC1 Levelsets  
  8. CheeseT1

    Version 1.0.0

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    Levelset for CC1 by Gavin Duncan.
  9. http://www.fastswf.com/2Ra-gvs Block Manoeuvres. As it's name suggests carefully moving blocks around is a prominent feature
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/s/zuigv2critb3jln/GavCC2.zip?dl=0 Give them a try. I also made CheeseT1.dat for CC1
  11. 500

    Thanks a lot for your feedback Some of the puzzles can be trickier to figure out, hope you will enjoy solving them as well; levels like Hollow or Nondum Exitus should be pretty easy too, or did you refer with after this the last third of the set?
  12. IHNN's scores

    CC1 (MS) 146: 712 (+12, b-5) [Cake Walk] 5,977,500 (138 bolds) and 5th place, solidly
  13. What song are you listening to right now?

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    I started playing this pack: lots of fun! very cool designs I'm afraid I'm not at all able to make videos atm but here are comments about this pack: Arrivee; a simple but fun level that's easy to figure out. Puce: was confusing at first but has a nice surprising ending. Multiplicare: I really liked the idea behind this one. It turned out simpler than I was expecting but still lots of fun. Requires something thinking and working it out. Classified Side: a nice exploration type of level. On Track:a nice concept to this one; takes a moment to see what needs to be done. Formi: a nice short dodging level. Sosie: really fun level; cool design, interesting and not too tedious. After this the levels suddenly get more difficult. I haven't completed the pack yet; I'll post with more comments when I play more.
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  16. IHNN's scores

    CC1 (MS) 116: 714 (+1, b) [Block Buster II] 5,977,380 (138 bolds)
  17. Joshua Bone's level design feedback thread thingy

    Thanks! CONQUEST is what it is, I think it might be possible to expand the starting areas a little bit, but I think it's legit to have a couple of campaign levels in the set. I'm definitely switching my focus to easy levels now. On OBFUSCATED, I intended it to be a 'misdirection' level, where if you do the one 'obvious' option all the way through you end up stuck, sort of like on DETECTIVE STORY but with more noise. The fact that it felt linear with one option at each point makes me feel like it might be busted. Dunno, I haven't really looked at it in a year or so.
  18. Your new levels are really well designed and from those I played already, a lot of fun to solve (with the exception of conquest, a new test of patience and tedium) and I like the updates to your older levels Probably some time next week I'll have time to play the rest, and give feedback to each of the new levels. I personally like the difficulty of the levels, some are a bit on the long side, yet it is probably a good idea having more easy and medium difficulty levels in the final set to make it accessible to more players OBFUSCATED AND INTERRED The level might be a bit easier than you thought because it is pretty linear, for the most part you have just one option at each point in time of how to proceed, but it is not busted as far as I remember my solution, you have to solve every part, just some details are easier than shown in the replay.
  19. I consider CC1 to be the main tradition of the community and I find CC2 to be a grand long-awaited sequel for a masterpiece from 1989.
  20. Facing the Future: What's Next for Official Sets?

    I think I understand where you're coming from; but I do not see CC2 as a "new standard", or even really a different game. I see it as "CC1 with more elements". From my perspective, we would not be ditching CC1 community sets; we would simply be expanding on what's possible in such sets. It's still Chip's Challenge, regardless of the number after the name.
  21. A confession: I didn't play many CC2 levels beyond the official set (I hope to change this though). I have been away from the community for a year, and before that I was playing the CCLP4 voting packs instead. I tried a few sets, but I didn't really make it very far in most of them. The only exception was CC2-Rejects, and...well...it's easy to see why some of them were rejected. There are still some really good ones that should have been in the main set, though. So there are probably more good levels than I think. I know, right? *cough* speed boots *cough* However, it would probably be a good idea to wait, at least a little, I think, so those who took down their sets while they work on them, would have the opportunity to put them back up
  22. old cczone archive. PLUS ANNOUNCEMENT!

    No worries, everyone. I have zips of all of the files that Julian posted back then.
  23. I'm inclined to lean toward CC2 on the basis of potential. While it's worth discussing, I don't think it's going to do a lot of good at this point to debate how many "eligible" levels are available for a community pack for either game right now. I can remember back in the late '90s, we barely had any custom levels but proceeded to create CCLP2 anyway around 2000-2001. The pack turned out quite well and inspired so many budding designers to create levels of their own that CCLP3's voting pool dwarfed CCLP2's by quite a few magnitudes. That's what community packs are great for - exploring new ideas and design styles just enough that someone who may have been skittish about their own creativity takes that first step. Right now, CC2 doesn't have a set like that. The original game was created back in the late '90s, and the editor was limited enough that most of the levels were built with the 10x10 map size. Some of the elements were barely used in the stock game's main campaign, which is a shame. I'd wait a year or two to begin working toward voting for a set, but just from playing some of the levels that have been made, the quality far exceeds what was available for CC1 when CCLP2 was assembled. For anyone who's hesitant to let go of the familiarity of CC1, I'd recommend playing through a set like Joshua Bone's Walls of CC1 and see just how much potential there is to be uncovered in CC2. The sky's the limit if we're willing to invest in it.
  24. It's really about quality not quantity Especially if some minor busts are fixed, there are imo currently a lot more than 200 levels which are good enough to be in a community set, and several people have unreleased cc2 levels, and working on more, so I really don't see any problem regarding this aspect
  25. 500

    500 is a brand new levelset With focus on short levels. In the near future no new levels are planned for this set; depending on feedback it might get several at some point or will merge into a future set, similar to my older sets. GM5/high five, Explorer's Delight and Rising can be considered legacy sets, since most of the good levels from them are in Mind Games, and no updates to those levels in the original sets are planned - in a way Mind Games is the final version of GM5.
  26. C1059-CC2

    I've been looking through this set, and I'm really disappointed in myself. This set has a few really bad levels, no difficulty curve, the download page is a mess... I'll be making massive changes to this set over the next few weeks: completely reordering the levels, removing some of them, and adding others. The current version remains available for download in the meantime, but keep in mind that any scores in this version will become inavlid when I release the new one. Also there are some pretty bad levels. I wouldn't recommend it.
  27. You all make some valid points that 100 is probably too short for an official CC2 set. I guess 150 or 200 could work, since 149 is a meaningless number in CC2 I have mixed feelings about James' ideas. I don't think it would be really a good idea to make CCLP4 the last 149 official set; CCLP5 might be a good idea in the future. Making a shorter MS-only set could work, since there are several good levels with invalid tiles. However, most of these levels were made years ago, between CCLP2 and CCLP3, and the designers may not be around to submit them. And there are some good Lynx-only levels too. As for a veteran pack, personally I wouldn't really care for this, but I suppose some players would be interested. This is a really valid point, I think, which is why I think we shouldn't really work on CCLP5 for now. As for a CC2 set, I did some calculations. For CCLP4, 3940 levels were submitted. After removing levels that were unsolvable, incompatible, or already in other official sets, there were around 3000 left (just over 75% of the total). Out of these, 1370 made it into voting (35% of the total). And out of these, as wel all know, 149 made it into the final set. That's only 3% of the total submission pool, or 11% of the voting pool. The current number of levels that would be eligible for an official CC2 set is smaller than that of the CCLP4 voting pool, and even then, there is no guarantee that everyone would submit their levels; some of the designers have probably gone inactive We would need more levels before moving forward with another official set, I think, regardless of whether the next set is for CC1 or CC2.
  28. I don't know how I feel about CC2 being the "new standard" for the community. CC1 is still and always will be a part of Chip's Challenge, just as much as CC2 will be. And while porting CC1 levels to CC2 is a nice option to have, I don't think it should be necessary or expected of designers to do, just because CC2 is the focus. I'm sure there are some of us (like me) who wish not to port anything new to CC2, as a means to start over a new leaf in design. A veteran CC1 pack would be nice, though not many people design truly difficult levels these days due to the somewhat expected factor of solving on the first try... (I know I'm not alone on this either.) Ending the traditional 149 level CC1 sets seems kind of harsh and honestly unnecessary in my opinion, so I can't say I'm on board with that. I also think official MS-only sets aren't needed either as Lynx has become more mainstream since CCLP3, and I feel like a MS-only set would only be targeted to a very specific audience anyway.
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