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    CCLP3 MS: #146 (Suspended Animation): [809] (b+64)
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    CCLP3 MS: #72 (Fireball Tourism): 132 (+5, nr) #107 (Lazy Hourglass): 553 (+1, b) 6094160
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    CCLP3 (MS) 072: 127 (+1, b-5, pc) [Fireball Tourist Trap] 083: 231 (+3, bc) [Billiards] 6,057,330 (116 bolds) 699 lol
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    CCLP3 MS: #72 (Fireball Tourism): 127 (+2, b+1) #80 (Checkers): 194 (+1, b) #83 (Billiards): 231 (+5, b+3) 6094100
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    A glider is actually a man with an unusually shaped hang glider. The cyan spot is just really ugly decoration. He can fly over water, but fire (and slime) makes him really nervous so he either steers away from it or loses his grip and falls in. Why does chip *need* chips?
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    Vote here: https://hw0.eu/cc2lp1/ Quick rundown on how voting works this time. H2O's site above will take you to pieguy's site to login. This is for identification purposes and we decided to route it through pieguy's site since most people already have accounts there. To get a pack, press the "create a set" button and the server will generate a randomly shuffled pack for you to vote on. Your rating for a level is automatically saved after you make one. Continue this process til you've finished voting on all the packs! 😎 There is no end date for voting set. The end date will be announced likely around a month in advance when we have received a sufficient number of votes per level.
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    CCLP3 Lynx: #60 (Red, Green and Blue): 239 (+10, b+10) 6,079,650 - 135 b
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    Download Hello Chipsters! I am currently working on making a TASing emulator for CC! With this emulator hope to emulate Chips challenge accurately and provide many useful features for routing and even casual playing. Features Rewinding Savestates Frame-by-frame playing TWS Playback Continue recording from playback Easy solution sharing View the monster list, slip list, button connections and chip's move history as you play Record gifs Cheats And much, much more to come! Issues Sliding blocks leaving traps onto sliding tiles cause slide delay when they shouldn't TWS files may end a move early TWS files with clicks may not play back correctly Some unknown issues Currently, 588/596 official levels play correctly. See all known issues. Github repository Feel free to request any features in this thread or by messaging markus#1180 on discord.
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    CCLP3 Lynx: #100 (Sardines): 220 (bc) #101 (The Ghosts at the Massingham Mansion): 606 (bc) #139 (Rotation): 518 (bc) #141 (Bug Arranging): 334 (b+2) #149 (Mr. McCallahan Presents): 760 (b+1) 127 b
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    CCLP3 Lynx: #111 (Bustin' Out): 606 (+3, b+3) #136 (Grand Prix): 512 (b+2) 114 b
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