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    CCLP1 (MS) #79 (ELEVATORS): [958] (b+1) CCLP1 (Lynx) #79 (ELEVATORS): [958] (b+1) I can't believe that just happened. Thanks to cowman for playing through CCLP1, and thanks Markus for making SuCC. My first ever b+1 in CC1, and my second b+1 ever. Absolutely insane.
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    cclp2: #149 (Key Color 2.0): 424 (+16) 6051140
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    CC1 (MS) #136 (HUNT BOLD): [926] (b, p+0.6) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBHntAKQ_go Reveal video of the incredible hunt bold
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    CC1 (MS) #41 (I.C. YOU): 172 (b) #56 (DEEPFREEZE): 162 (b) #69 (BOUNCE CITY): 229 (b) #70 (NIGHTMARE): 136 (b) #79 (DRAW AND QUARTERED): 220 (b) #88 (SPIRALS): 317 (b) #90 (PLAYHOUSE): 318 (b) #92 (VORTEX): 444 (b) #96 (PARANOIA): 320 (b) #100 (COLONY): [911] (b) #104 (JAILER): 235 (b) #105 (SHORT CIRCUIT): 255 (b) #106 (KABLAM): [907] (b) #108 (BLOCK OUT): 278 (b) #130 (ICE CUBE): [933] (b) #137 (GOLDKEY): 392 (b) #139 (YORKHOUSE): [920] (b) CC1 (Lynx) #39 (GLUT): 17 (b) CC1 (Steam) #72 (REVERSE ALLEY): [0] (b) CCLP1 (MS) #25 (MIND LOCK): 139 (b) CCLP1 (Lynx) #25 (MIND LOCK): 138 (b) CCLP2 (MS) #98 (LOOP): 38 (bc) CCLP2 (Lynx) #5 (SUCTION RIDE): 371 (b) CCLP3 (MS) #37 (BLUE MOON): 135 (b) CCLP3 (Lynx) #37 (BLUE MOON): 129 (b) CCLP4 (MS) #91 (HOW TO RETUNE YOUR HARP): 472 (b) CCLP4 (Lynx) #19 (CONSERVATION OF KEYS): 186 (b) CC2 #146 (BARRICADE BRIGADE): 34 (+2,b) 73340 (+20,b) 16 CC1 bolds (Completing "The James List"), 1 CC1 lynx bolds, 1 CC1 steam bold, 1 CCLP1 ms bold, 1 CCLP1 lynx bold, 1 CCLP2 bold confirm, 1 CCLXP2 bold, 1 CCLP3 MS bold, 1 CCLP3 Lynx bold, 1 CCLP4 MS bold, 1 CCLP4 Lynx bold, 1 CC2 bold. 27 bolds on report Reason for reporting: Sick loop confirm.
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    This is the old list with indications of which times have been beaten. CCLP2 #72 (Checkerboard I) - David Stolp since 2007-04-11 Confirmed by Miika Toukola 2018-10-14 CCLP2 #147 (Cloner's Maze) - David Stolp since 2008-02-28 CCLP2 #94 (Checkerboard II) - David Stolp since 2008-05-04 CCLP2 #140 (Keep Trying) - J.B. Lewis since 2009-06-27 CC1 #23 (Blobnet) - J.B. Lewis since 2009-11-02 CC1 #133 (Blobdance) - J.B. Lewis since 2009-11-06 CCLP3 #117 (Mice Are Good for Something) - David Stolp since 2011-02-16 CCLP3 #141 (Bug Arranging) - David Stolp since 2011-03-04 CCLP3 #111 (Bustin' Out) - David Stolp since 2011-04-17 Confirmed by Kacper Leszczyński 2018-12-18 CCLP3 #76 (Complex) - David Stolp since 2011-11-22 CC1 #64 (Spooks) - David Stolp since 2012-01-16 Confirmed by Kacper Leszczyński 2017-09-10 CCLP2 #127 (Escape from Chipkatraz) - David Stolp since 2012-07-23 Confirmed by Kacper Leszczyński 2018-10-27 CC1 #126 (Block N Roll) - Andrew Gapic since 2012-11-08 Confirmed by J.B. Lewis 2018-04-26 CC1 #147 (Cake Walk) - David Stolp since 2012-11-15 CCLP3 #83 (Billiards) - David Stolp since 2013-02-18 Confirmed by J.B. Lewis 2018-11-03 CCLP3 #135 (Color Wheel) - David Stolp since 2013-10-13 Confirmed by J.B. Lewis 2018-11-18 CCLP1 #47 (Bombs Away) - James Anderson since 2014-05-04 CCLP2 #98 (Loop) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-02-22 Confirmed by Sharpeye468 2019-01-27 CCLP3 #149 (Mr. McCallahan Presents) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-03-20 CCLP3 #139 (Rotation) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-04-01 CCLP3 #147 (Avalanche) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-04-01 Confirmed by Miika Toukola 2018-12-19 CCLP3 #107 (Lazy Hourglass) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-02-07 CCLP3 #137 (Vulcan) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-02-13 CCLP3 #142 (Mudpie) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-02-17 Confirmed by James Anderson 2018-12-18 CCLP3 #102 (Triple Alarm) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-03-03 CCLP3 #144 (You Can't Teach an Old Frog New Tricks) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-03-06 CCLP3 #146 (Suspended Animation) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-03-06 CCLP3 #136 (Grand Prix) - David Stolp since 2016-04-03 CCLP1 #130 (Dynamite) - J.B. Lewis since 2017-03-17 Confirmed by Jeffrey Bardon 2018-12-10 CC1 #24 (Oorto Geld) - David Stolp since 2017-03-31 The new list is as follows: CCLP2 #147 (Cloner's Maze) - David Stolp since 2008-02-28 CCLP2 #94 (Checkerboard II) - David Stolp since 2008-05-04 CCLP2 #140 (Keep Trying) - J.B. Lewis since 2009-06-27 CC1 #23 (Blobnet) - J.B. Lewis since 2009-11-02 CC1 #133 (Blobdance) - J.B. Lewis since 2009-11-06 CCLP3 #117 (Mice Are Good for Something) - David Stolp since 2011-02-16 CCLP3 #141 (Bug Arranging) - David Stolp since 2011-03-04 CCLP3 #76 (Complex) - David Stolp since 2011-11-22 CC1 #147 (Cake Walk) - David Stolp since 2012-11-15 CCLP1 #47 (Bombs Away) - James Anderson since 2014-05-04 CCLP3 #149 (Mr. McCallahan Presents) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-03-20 CCLP3 #139 (Rotation) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-04-01 CCLP3 #107 (Lazy Hourglass) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-02-07 CCLP3 #137 (Vulcan) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-02-13 CCLP3 #102 (Triple Alarm) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-03-03 CCLP3 #144 (You Can't Teach an Old Frog New Tricks) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-03-06 CCLP3 #146 (Suspended Animation) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-03-06 CCLP3 #136 (Grand Prix) - David Stolp since 2016-04-03 CC1 #24 (Oorto Geld) - David Stolp since 2017-03-31 CCLP4 #96 (Lean Thinking) - J.B. Lewis since 2017-07-24 CCLP4 #107 (Combinations) - J.B. Lewis since 2017-11-26 CCLP4 #68 (Cold Fusion Reactor) - J.B. Lewis since 2018-08-26 CCLP4 #65 (Duplex) - J.B. Lewis since 2018-12-28 CCLP4 #146 (Japanese Game Show) - Jeffrey Bardon since 2018-12-29 CCLP4 #103 (Malachite) - Jeffrey Bardon since 2019-01-22 CCLP1 #130 (Dynamite) - Ruben Spaans since 2019-02-03 CCLP2 #149 (Key Color) - David Stolp since 2019-02-05 CC2 Unconfirmed Records Score: #171 (HAUNTED CASTLE) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-06-09 #179 (IN & OUT II) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-06-10 #57 (MONTY HAUL) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-07-21 #177 (MINE CHALLENGE) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-08-03 #182 (SEA QUEUE) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-08-13 #170 (PRACTICE TO PERFECT) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-11-24 #195 (SPARE ME) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-11-24 #174 (BLOCKY TROUBLE) - Ruben Spaans since 2018-09-25 #115 (DOUBLE TROUBLE) - Random 8 since 2018-10-27 #88 (ESCAPE) - Ruben Spaans since 2018-11-22 #165 (MELINDA 911) - Random 8 since 2018-12-09 CC2 Unconfirmed Records Time: #171 (HAUNTED CASTLE) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-06-09 #179 (IN & OUT II) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-06-10 #177 (MINE CHALLENGE) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-08-03 #182 (SEA QUEUE) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-08-12 #170 (PRACTICE TO PERFECT) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-11-24 #190 (DYSPHORIA) - Random 8 since 2018-10-07 #115 (DOUBLE TROUBLE) - Random 8 since 2018-10-27 #168 (PHASE FOUR) - Random 8 since 2018-11-03 #199 (ROOM TO BREATHE) - Random 8 since 2018-11-16 #195 (SPARE ME) - Random 8 since 2018-12-06 CC2 Unconfirmed Records Score/Time Combined: #173 (CLEAR OUT) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-06-13 #122 (FIRE AND ICE) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-06-17 #117 (ROOM #9) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-07-02 #120 (FOURSOME) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-07-16 #178 (BREAKING THE ICE) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-07-21 #145 (TURNING POINT) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-07-24 #197 (BLOCKCOMBO 4) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-08-03 #188 (CLONE) - Random 8 since 2018-09-29 #175 (THINKTANK) - Random 8 since 2018-11-03 #159 (IN & OUT) - Random 8 since 2018-11-08 The total count this time around is: David Stolp at 9, J.B. Lewis at 33, James Anderson at 1, Jeffrey Bardon at 2, Ruben Spaans at 3, and random 8 at 10. CCLP4 and CC2 are included this time around, I tried to split up CC2 as best I could so that it wouldn't double up the time and score records. Lynx wasn't included because there's a lot more unconfirmed records and I wasn't interested in compiling all those manually
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    After various Discord discussions, here are the final level submission rules. I've mirrored this in the original post in this topic: Obvious criteria: no unsolvable levels, no busted levels, no levels that have appeared in any official level pack before, no blatant level mods Level content: It has been decided that no contents other than those listed above will restrict a level from being accepted into voting. CC1 boot levels, zero directional blocks, blank no signs, any misc hex edited tiles, hide logic, and inaccessible bonuses are allowed. Viewport, RNG setting, and map size can be anything. No preliminary bans were put it effect since these levels are in the minority and the voting results will better gauge community interest in these types of levels. Level solutions: MUST be provided. This is mostly to reduce time staff spends testing submitting levels (which, I know from CCLP1 and CCLP4, takes a while). If you are having technical troubles recording solutions to your levels, we can accommodate. What to submit: Your submissions need only be C2M files. C2G files are not required and are not even encouraged. Levels will be jumbled during the voting process and the final pack assembly so C2G files are unnecessary. This also means advanced scripting (level warps, inventory setting, etc.) are implicitly banned since they aren't contained within a C2M file.
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    CCLP1-MS #130 (Dynamite): [872] (+13, b+1) CCLP1-Lynx #130 (Dynamite): [864] (+10, b-4, pc)
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    cclp2: #37 (The Mystery of the Seven Chips): 324 (+2, b) #111 (Monster Factory): 376 (+1, b) #142 (Chomper Romp): 520 (+2, b) #146 (Run-a-Muck): 319 (+2, b) 6050980 public tws updated.
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    Thank goodness I'm a mod and can remove stuff designed to prevent answers to actual inquiries
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    Yet another quick release update, oh yes! Great batch of new levels! 111. Bumble Beginnings- Fun bee directory level. 112. Urban Ecology- Nice level that felt a little bit like "Civilization of Creatures". Also nice arbitrary blocks on top of gravel on the edges. 113. Floating Temples- Very legit twist on the "waterflies" concept. Somewhat simple chip collecting level. 114. Room of Requirement- Fantastic use and quite creative puzzle for the walls of "Teleport Trouble". The pink ball on the trap and the block on (21,14) stumped me the most. 115. Light the Fuse- Good item swapper rush type of level but to me it suffers from extensive backtracking. But, hey it adds on to the challenge. 116. Bento Box- Probably my most favorite level in this update. Really like that square design and that room on the very top left was cool. The fiery sokoban and the room with the thief under the block were the most challenging. This was mentioned on Discord that you weren't really planning on a medley level, which is still fine. But, in case you were the square design would've been ideal for a medley type level. 117. Flooded Neighbor's House- Very well put together block and water type of puzzle. Some parts kept screwing me up but for the most part it was puzzly. 118. Iron Sky- I appreciate the random tank dodging at the start. Just like how I've beaten Josh's "Club Penguin", tackle the random tank cloning section first. Also, the bomb section had a nice time crunch to it. I don't know how hard it plays in Lynx due to bomb delay and tanks not getting stuck but I guess I would be pretty much the same. 119. Reverse Valley- This was really fun to figure out. The first section is what I focused on the most, cause you have to be really careful on which trap buttons correspond to which tank. Personally, I liked the 2nd half a lot more since it was a little more forgiving. Like I said before about "Map the Path" puzzles, or in this case "In the Pink" they're easy to mess up on especially when they are in spacious settings. But all in all, very entertaining level. 120. Detonation Delineation- Extremely legit navigation puzzle, I would certainly vote for this in an official set one day. Again, very awesome update and looking forward to see what you've got for the remainder of the set. Most Favorite- Bento Box (116) and Detonation Delineation (120) Least Favorite- Light the Fuse (115)
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    Thanks for the suggestion, Josh! I actually thought of that as well, but I couldn't find a way to make it work without using barriers outside the pink ball-on-blue wall aesthetic or removing ice spaces entirely. If there's a way you can think of to make it happen with those conditions, feel free to let me know! In the meantime, I've updated the set to version 0.8.0 with 10 new levels, as well as posted a minor change to Same Mold Story that takes mmoraleta's suggestion into account. Enjoy playing! Walls of CCLP1
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    So, I played all 40 levels and solved all of them except 35. It has some really great levels 1: Really great use of bribes. My bonus was 1000. 2: I like it, it's clever. 3: Hooks are awesome. 4: This one was much harder than the previous ones. I like the concept, and it proves that item dropping is not entirely bad. 5: It was a fun level. The four puzzles were all well-designed. 6: Took me way too long to figure out the bowling ball trick. Fun level, I got the full 1100 bonus. 7: One of the most creative mazes I've seen in a long time. 8: It's shorter than the last few levels, but that's the perfect length. Creative concept. 9: A nice way to include both Chip and Melinda. The item exchange at the end is clever. 10: It's a decent level, but rovers remain the worst tile in CC2. 11: It's a fun level, the various rooms fit in well together. Final bonus 450. 12: One of my favourite levels so far. Final bonus 1100. 13: It took me forever to figure out how track switches work with the R&R sign. It's a clever puzzle though, and I got the full 14 000 bonus. 14: The bomb trick in the first room is very clever. The following puzzles also work nicely. I got 4660 bonus. 15: Creative concept. 16: Took me forever to figure out the mimic trick. There are some clever puzzles here. 17: Very easy, I solved it and got a bonus of 6600. Perhaps the time limit could be shorter? 18: Very nice, I especially like the ghost and ice block rooms. I got the full 2900 bonus. 19: Decent level. My bonus was 1400. 20: More interesting hook puzzles. My final bonus was 60. 21: Really clever puzzle, and I got the 400 bonus. 22: Fun puzzles and nice aesthetics. 23: It's an all right level. The concept is clever, although not one of my favourite levels so far. 24: Fun ghost puzzle, although it is a bit creepy how you end up murdering Casper in cold blood a hot flame jet to exit 25: A really interesting blob level. I solved it, but didn't try for the bonus. 26: Melinda goes on a killing spree it's actually a very fun level with clever puzzles. 27: Really fun. Didn't get the bonus though. 28: Decent level, although not one of my favourites. My final bonus was 1200. 29: Fun puzzles, and really great aesthetics. 30: Great puzzle. The ice block/transmogrifer trick is awesome. 31: Really interesting puzzle. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get the bonus. 32: I remember this level from the original version; don't think I solved it then though. I solved it now, and it was really fun. My final bonus was 2250. 33: It took me a while to figure out the tricks. This is very clever. 34: Fun puzzle. 35: This appears unsolvable. I can't figure out how to make it past the dynamite explosion; while it is true that recessed walls don't pop up if dynamite is placed on them, it's of no use after said recessed wall turns to fire. 36: Much harder than it looks, but really fun. 37: Interesting use of swivels. I got a bonus of 500. 38: Really great level, fun puzzles and creative sokobans, nice use of yellow teleports. For some reason throwing the bowling balls into them erases one, but that doesn't alter solvability. 39: This concept is absolutely amazing. 40: Fun level, although I had to use Tyler's video to solve it. A bit disappointing you removed the wall slapping trick though, but it's still a great level. My bonus was 2240.
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    10:34 PM]My Wife Left Me: why the fuck did my roommate just sit down in front of my room [10:34 PM]My Wife Left Me: and start fucking vaping [10:34 PM]Dumas: anyway back from the do prison assignments channel [10:34 PM]My Wife Left Me: [10:34 PM]Dumas: thanks [10:36 PM]Smash Dumbfuck: i sense jealousy of the coolness of your roommate [10:37 PM]My Wife Left Me: I'm confused why he sat like [10:37 PM]My Wife Left Me: right in front of my room though [10:37 PM]My Wife Left Me: "oh well I'm blowing it that way" [10:37 PM]My Wife Left Me: Doesn't matter I can smell your burnt ass raspberry or whatever fucking flavour that is [10:37 PM]My Wife Left Me: fuck off [10:38 PM]Dumas: he's too cuul for schuul, so he'll hit a juul [10:38 PM]Smash Dumbfuck: shut up fuul [10:38 PM]Dumas: you're banned
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    Wow, I wasn't expecting a surprise update that fast but woo hoo! As always, fun puzzly levels. 101. Square One - Pretty simple level and felt somewhat like Josh's "Keep Out of Reach of Children". I got to admit I was stumped by the ending puzzle but it was easier than it looked. 102. Igloo Intersection - Somewhat easy level, pretty easy to get lost though. 103. Diagon Alley - This was my least favorite level in the update. It has the "Map the Path" puzzle but I feel that the concept is more suitable for a smaller scale. Or, for a simple wall layout like the original. However the minor update recently kind of made the level easier by adding leniency. 104. Crosswalk Crossing - Simple chip collecting level with nice green aesthetics. 105. Color Wheel 2 : The Actual Wheel Part - Fantastic aesthetics. Equally good as Josh's "Technicolor Theatre". Both LOT better than the original Color Wheel. 106. Hazy Cosmic Jive - Kind of like a ice version of Josh's "Forced Circuit". Just gotta keep track of your bearings so you don't trap yourself. Medium level. 107. Dead Man's Switch - That beginning puzzle is so legit. Gotta say I was stumped on it for quite a while but satisfying to figure out and solve. Rest of the level wasn't too bad. 108. Same Mold Story - Not too fun but not too boring chip collecting level under blocks. It think it would be a little better if a little more gravel were added so some blobs wouldn't interfere with blobs in other rooms like the blob on (14,25) and (18,25). 109. Jet Black Incursion - Very fun collection of glider based puzzles . The bottom wasn't too annoying initially but I guess that it did take a little longer. 110. Chicanery - Super legit level especially that block and thief fireball section. I would vote this for CCLP5 someday. As said before, very nice surprise update. Most Favorite: Dead Man's Switch (107) and Color Wheel 2: The Actual Wheel Part (105) Least Favorite: Diagon Alley (103)
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    CCLP1-MS #130 (Dynamite): [873] (+1, b+1)
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    Walls of CCLP1 has been updated with ten new (mostly simple) levels! Enjoy playing, and as always, feedback is welcome.
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    I started playing this pack. Great levels here! I like the overall simple design of each, they were fun to play. The biggest minus is I would say they could use some more decoration but that is a minor thing. I liked Maze Ablaze a lot. Step was one of my favorites too. Ruins: Good concept but I felt this one was actually a little too easy. But maybe I just got lucky (in finding the eye fairly quickly). Network: one of my favorites, I love this concept; I even got the bonus.
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    Opinions of levels 91-100. This decade had a lot of legit puzzles and some unique concepts. 91. Cool variation of Josh's "Encrypted Malware". 92. Relatively simple key collecting level with paramecia. 93. Pretty simple chip collecting level mixed with a blue wall maze. 94. I felt that this is presents the ideal size for the "pushing blocks through a recessed wall maze". 95. This level had that "Frantic Frenzy" concept by Josh. Compared to his level I liked this one a little better. It has much more variety to it and both walkers and teeth were a little less annoying. However I kind of wish the nerve wracking parts like the walker on (21,21) and chip on (24,3) were a little earlier. Other than that it was a good level. 96. Plethora of great puzzles rolled into one. 97. Pretty unique concept that I've never seen before. This level is kind of an advanced pearl diving. Screwed up several times at first but that made me find a good strategy along the way, so trial and error is important. 98. This was a major satisfaction to solve. Personally, I am not a fan of "Map the Path" concepts but this one was a level that had me thinking quite a LOT. Characteristics of an amazing puzzle that is hard but brings satisfaction when you solve it. 99. Aesthetically nice straight line level mixed with an invisible wall maze. Somewhat of a breather level after a couple of decently difficult ones. 100. Very, very well put together puzzle. The NE section of the level was the hardest and the most legit in my opinion. This is much better than the original Green Clear. That's all the levels completed so far. Hope to see more soon!
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    This is an amazing update to the set JB. Keep it up with the brain teasing puzzles and fun levels. Thoughts on levels 81-90 81. Mostly simple chip collecting level, time is a little small and kind of easy to miss chips. Level isn't too big so both time and chips shouldn't be too much of a concern. 82. Kind of simple item swapper. Had that "Pop up Locks" feeling. Better than the original Juxtaposition 83. Equally good as Josh's "Cosmic Gold Hill" but this one is actually one colored gold. Both good levels. 84. LOTS of legit puzzles in this level. The block and thief was the one that stumped me the most. Amazing level. 85. Nice mod of Mini Pyramid with a challenging twist. Like the ice aesthetic too. 86. Nicely designed blob level. 87. Pretty cool level. Originally, I wasn't expecting the blocks in the teeth room to be movable. I was thinking those were blocks on traps. 88. Somewhat easy level. Nice block on water puzzle. 89. Great blue wall exploration type of level. Also appreciate the leniency of which the player decides to tackle first. That aforementioned sokoban in the NW room mentioned in Discord was much easier than I thought. 90. I really really appreciate the fact that this level has extra chips. I was sort of frustrated in the beginning since I thought all chips were required. This was a somewhat difficult level to me despite a simple chip collecting objective.
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    CCLP4 (MS) 103: 604 (+1, b+1) [Malachite] 6,111,090 (145 bolds) No. My bold.
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    I don't see why we have separate pages for Danny Field and Richard FIeld.
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    1: Decent green teleport level. 2: Very creative, I love it. 3: I solved this with just one tick to spare, and no bonus. With even a time limit of 7, this would be better, I think. 4: Very clever concept. 5: Nice concept. A bit short though. 6: I couldn't solve it. The moment the blob produces a teeth, the level is cooked. 7: Good maze, I like the current time limit. 8: It's a simple puzzle, but the bonuses are a nice addition. It would be nice if you added something under the chips though. 9: Solved it on the first try. I don't know if I was very lucky, or if you studied the seeds very well. Either way, COOL! 10: Fun. 11: Nice concept, I've already seen it done a few times. 12: The use of fire in addition to fireballs makes this better. The wait at the beginning is a bit long though. 13: Very hard, but decent. 14: Much harder than it looks at first. 15: One of the best levels of the set. 16: I like it. 17: Blowing up exits is awesome. The tank+bug part was especially good. Nice ghost hint. 18: Good maze. 19: Awesome use of stopwatches. 20: Really great concept, although the time limit is a bit short. Submit for CC2LP1 plz?
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    Version 0.4 is released! You can get it at http://www.pillowpc2001.net/CCCreator/.
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    Version 0.8.0


    A while back, in his designer diary notes for his penultimate CC1 set, Josh Lee had posted a number of comments about wanting to create a set based on the walls of CCLP1. Only a few levels were ultimately converted, but the idea stuck with me and came back to mind while playing through Jeffrey Bardon's recent Walls of CCLP4 set. Originally, I was considering making a CC1 set that was entirely based on walls from various levels among all the official CC1 sets, but Jeffrey's hard work proved that there was merit in sticking with one set and going for it, regardless of the difficulty involved in the conversions. On top of that, I hadn't regularly designed for CC1 in several years, so the idea of working from existing starting points was very appealing. I love the idea of designing for CC2, but jumping from no recent design experience to a completely new game felt a bit daunting. This has made the transition much more palatable. At first, I considered the idea of releasing the set all at once at the end of its development, much like Jeffrey did with WOCCLP4. But as I began designing, I remembered playtesting Andrew Menzies' The Other 100 Tiles and giving feedback gradually throughout the course of its construction. I like the idea of iterative releases and continuous feedback over a lump sum release, so I've decided to release this set in about 30-level increments, with the levels in each batch placed after the previous one(s) and arranged among themselves in rough difficulty order. This first release is only 26 levels, but there are some tough ones here, so I'm hoping that the next major release, at 60 levels, will include a few easier challenges. The difficulty of the set will hopefully be moderate to hard. Feedback is very much welcomed and encouraged! Please let me know what you think of the levels, what you'd like to see more or less of, and how the set can improve as time goes on.
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    Sorry for bumping this old thread, but I recently played through funfair. I have completed 23 of the first 25 levels, all except Monster Swap and My Blue Friend. A lot of the levels felt like they were non-CC puzzles implemented in CC. It's an interesting idea and not something I've seen before, but I found these levels were very hit-and-miss. Some levels were excellent, but sometimes I thought it took too long to understand the rules of the puzzle compared to actually solving it. Simple Swap - This level is interesting but gets kind of tedious. I think the short version is almost too long already, and that's why I didn't complete the long one. Chip Leak Watermelon - This level reminds me a lot of short circuit and, like in that level, you can think carefully about every desicion to avoid trapping yourself. It's a fun level. The flippers don't give you much opportunity to explore, since there aren't many paths left and it feels like you could easily cook the level, so I'm indifferent about the level's end. Busted Old Appliances - I love this level. I've seen the basic puzzle where you connect 6 points before, so I understood the hint immediately. But there's even more to the puzzle, since you can't just take any path. The limited space restricts you a lot. Figuring out the correct path was really fun. Heads and Tails - The hardest part of this level is figuring out how the mechanism works. It's pretty complicated when you don't know what the red buttons are connected to. Once you figure that out, the solution is trivial. I didn't like this level as there wasn't much of a puzzle, instead you just had to figure out all the rules. There is No Possible Way - I'm supposed to look online for the answer? That's pretty unusual. I guess the puzzle was cool, but I don't think it works well in this implementation. Dodecaphobia - It's a nice layout for a bug dodging level full of short corridors. This actually gave me a lot of trouble to beat, but that probably says more about me than the level! Seven Nine Thirteen - What is this? Unyielding Pyramid - This is one of my favourites. I just wish the layout was less confusing. For instance, I don't think there should be a one way path to the left side at the beginning of the level. It makes the rules of the puzzle more confusing but not the puzzle itself. The idea with the triangle in the middle was really good. The Hatfield Recalibration - Another great level. The confusing maze works really well here. Seven Queens - Sure, it's impressive, but does this really need to be a chip's challenge level? I didn't find playing it that fun. Bounce Paths - I only played the easier path - that was already hard enough for me. The room near the end with 4 pink balls all colliding with each other was really tough. I thought this was really good for a straightforward pink ball level. My Blue Friend - trying to sync up tank button hits while I can barely see the tank is really hard. I didn't get very far and I didn't enjoy this. Five by five - Please move the hint to the start! It's really important for to understanding what's happening, and right now it's hard to reach or even see. This level is... extremely difficult. I couldn't find any patterns, or any way to think about it differently to make it simpler. The solutions aren't symmetrical. If there's a trick to solving it, I really want to know it. In the end, I had to use computer assistance. Fun fact: there are exactly 96 solutions. I liked it a lot.