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    Hi! It's been a while since I've released CC2 levels, and I finished this set up just in time for CC2LP1 submissions. Contained within are 100 levels that range from easy to very hard, all of which are solvable and contain replays (except one) if you get truly stuck. Additionally, there's a goodie bag which contains an old, rejected version of a level, two alternate CC2LP1 submission versions of levels, and the entire original IHNN1 (now IHNN0, because it's non-canon.) I've worked really hard on this ever since CCCreator was released and enjoyed playtesting over the past week, and I hope you all enjoy it too. Additional thanks to both chipster1059 and Andrew Menzies for playtesting assistance. You guys saved me a few hours, at least. Level 60 is a splitscreen level, and CC2 currently does not support second player input in splitscreen replays. The level is solvable and an alternate, standard view version is included with a replay. The level is definitely best played as a splitscreen level, however.
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