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    CC MS #116 (BLOCK BUSTER II): 716 (+2, nr) 5977700
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    So, I hadn't meant to let it slip quite yet that I'm in the early stages of working on a CC-like game which will eventually (hopefully on the scale of a few months) become an open source community project. I mean, we're talking very early stages. So far I can read in CC1 levelsets and convert them into an in-memory format. And there's a sweet random number generator. That's not much. That being said, however, I've spent thousands of hours working on stuff like this (Puzzle Studio in particular), and I'm pretty confident that this project will go somewhere. The project is unnamed so far. Every name so far doesn't seem to fit. It's not Super Tile World or Tile World 3 because Tile World is an emulation of Chip's Challenge, and this project has no intent of emulating a ruleset, but rather inventing a new one based on the best parts of old engines. It's not JBone's Challenge because I want this to be a community effort, and JBone's Challenge is really a different game I want to write (and which may eventually be branched from this). So it's just The Project or The Unity Project for now, name suggestions welcome. Is the Unity Project open source? The Unity Project is meant to be a community effort. I intend to release all of the C# code under an open source license of some sort, probably either the MIT or a Creative Commons license. HOWEVER, I have a set of criteria (Phase 1) that I want the project to meet before I open source it: The game has a new experimental ruleset which has received positive feedback from a large number of community members, particularly from the optimizer crowd. The game can open and play any Lynx-compatible CC1 levelset. All official levels in CCLP1, CCLXP2, CCLP3, and CCLP4 are solvable or at least are expected to be solvable (I'm certainly not going to solve all of them!) in the new ruleset. Depending on the engine it may be possible to apply an algorithm to the public TWS files to generate replays in the new engine, and then manually test the levels where that strategy doesn't work. The game uses a forward-thinking internal level format for things like button connections, global toggle state, level size, viewing window, controls, etc. which is expected to accommodate most of the CC2 gameplay. (I would like to be able to open CC2 files and use many of the elements, but I have no intention of ensuring that all CC2 levels are solvable under the new engine. The game has a robust testing framework. Unit tests for single elements (e.g. assert Player.testEnter(Wall) == false) Integration tests for as many gameplay situations as we can think of (e.g. make a 3x3 level with force floors, assert that after input "URDL" the player is on square X). Replay tests for a significant number of CCLP levels (e.g. if I apply this series of inputs to this level, gamestate == WIN_LEVEL). Why the emphasis on backwards compatibility? Lots of reasons! Might sound silly, but here's one of the biggest for me: We don't have to design a level editor until we get the core gameplay down!!! This is HUGE! I've probably started a half-dozen CC clones in my life, and none of them got very far. Part of the reason is I didn't become a software engineer until 2 years ago. But time and time again the part that I've gotten bogged down on is how to create a freaking editor and save and load my files. If we start by loading DAT files, we have tons of gameplay testing right out of the box. We don't have to decide on a save file format yet. Tons of world-class content available immediately for new people. Maximize engagement from existing community members. Level designers stay connected to their creations Familiarity of existing levels and gameplay. Spending time on CCLP5 submissions vs working on this doesn't have to be either/or. Best chance of moving future community level pack design efforts away from the two-ruleset tyranny. By setting clear definitions about what features the core gameplay must support, it allows the project to begin on a strong software engineering foundation, with a clear initial direction. How can I help during Phase 1? Get involved in the discussions. I'm going to have a lot of questions about things like boosting, spring step, trap behavior, etc. I'm trying to take the best parts of MS but I haven't spent a lot of time playing it. Even though the code isn't open source I do intend to share parts of it that I'm working on for feedback. Start learning C#. Unity tutorials will help a little bit, but I'm really just using Unity for the easy graphics and the cross platform support. Make animated game artwork! Make sound effects! Start designing the new features and tiles you want to implement. It's one thing to say we want lasers, it's another to specify what they will do and exactly how they should interact with other tiles. Playtest and aggressively look for bugs (as soon as there is something to playtest). Keep asking for progress and showing support. This is 100x more likely to happen if the community stays enthusiastic!
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    CC MS #83 (UP THE BLOCK): 298 (+1, b) #93 (ROADSIGH): 651 (+1, b) 5977680 Both added to public TWS
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    CCLP3 Lynx: #60 (Red, Green and Blue): 229 (b+9) #130 (Four by Four): 315 (b+6) 113 b
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    CCLP3 Lynx: #49 (All About Blocks): 292 (+2, b) #114 (Lead Us Not into Temptation): 515 (b+1) #117 (Mice Are Good for Something): 628 (bc) #126 (Marooned): 132 (b) #127 (Beat the Heat): 431 (bc) #132 (Commit Suicide?): 336 (b) #138 (Waterslide): 136 (b) #148 (Diabolical): 317 (b) 111 b
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    CCLXP2 #1 (A Fleeting Memory): 348 #2 (Naomi's Bug Collection): 243 #12 (Mazed In): 354 #22 (How Goes? *): 27 #26 (Work Fast *): 126 #31 (Well of Wishes): 346 (b-4) #32 (Tele-Portion): 369 #40 (Traps II): 250 #45 (Breaking the Rules *): 132 (+1) #46 (Hurry Up, Chip!): 39 (+3) #47 (Tele-Rooms *): 265 #53 (Security Breach *): 57 (+13) #57 (Quad-Boot *): 242 (b-2) #58 (Reversi): 301 #65 (Beware of the Teeth!): 32 #66 (Hobgoblins and Chimera): 231 #67 (The One Sensible Chip): 250 #69 (So Many Chips!): 238 #70 (Killer Spiral *): 208 #71 (Mads' Rush II *): 24 (b+1) #73 (Bumble Boy *): 231 #74 (Chip Search *): 245 (b-1) #79 (Cra-zy): 108 #85 (Follow the Glacier Brick Road *): 285 #87 (The Walker Machine LX): 31 #89 (The Ghetto Defender): 379 #98 (Loop *): 36 #99 (One-Block Sokoban *): 265 #100 (Torch): 347 #104 (Pyramid *): 339 #108 (Tricks *): 345 (b-1) #125 (Blocks 'n Bombs *): 227 (b-2) #126 (Dodge!): 156 #129 (Miscellaneous): 595 #130 (Frozen Birdbath LX): 381 #131 (Time Bomb LX): 240 (b-9) #132 (Captured LX): 256 #134 (Microcosm *): 359 #135 (Zartacla): 495 63 b cclp2 ms is hopefully not far off
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    You can slap blocks by walking past a block and holding the key in the direction of that block- so to slap a block on your left, you press and hold up, then while still holding up press and hold left. The block will be pushed without stepping there. Thieves instead of fire would work if they were key thieves and you had to keep a key- can't drop those after all.
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    Version 1.0


    Hi! It's been a while since I've released CC2 levels, and I finished this set up just in time for CC2LP1 submissions. Contained within are 100 levels that range from easy to very hard, all of which are solvable and contain replays (except one) if you get truly stuck. Additionally, there's a goodie bag which contains an old, rejected version of a level, two alternate CC2LP1 submission versions of levels, and the entire original IHNN1 (now IHNN0, because it's non-canon.) I've worked really hard on this ever since CCCreator was released and enjoyed playtesting over the past week, and I hope you all enjoy it too. Additional thanks to both chipster1059 and Andrew Menzies for playtesting assistance. You guys saved me a few hours, at least. Level 60 is a splitscreen level, and CC2 currently does not support second player input in splitscreen replays. The level is solvable and an alternate, standard view version is included with a replay. The level is definitely best played as a splitscreen level, however.
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    Well, I never would have thought I'd ever be making this post, but here it is...I have made the difficult decision to begin the process of shutting down my website. Over the last few years I had already begun to explain my diminished presence in the CC world as due to real life, and there were moments here and there where I did manage to carve out time for certain projects (level set page changes, playing through CC2/CCLP1, designing a few new levels). But they were few and far between, and I was always just assuming that "down the road" things would slow down and I would get into a routine where I could make "real life" and "CC life" coexist. But here we are, a few years later, and I find myself with a full-time job, a wife, a house to take care of, changing interests and priorities, and it is just seeming less and less likely that I can make that happen. Even when I do find myself with some CC time, I feel oddly divided. On the one hand, I feel like it is never enough - I get a chunk of time to solve two CCLP4 levels and wish I had more time to better optimize my scores or to continue playing. On the other hand, after playing I see household chores piling up that I should have been taking care of, and feel guilty that I even took the time that I did to play CC. Either way I look at it results in an unsatisfying feeling. I'm not at all saying it's not fun anymore - it is - and this is not a goodbye post. However, I might be less active than before and will not be able to keep on maintaining my site any longer. I am open to a bankruptcy buyout if anyone would like to keep certain aspects of my site going, especially: - the Tile World 2 homepage - the Chip's Challenge Creator homepage - the level set pages and if someone really desires: - the AVI archives - MikeL2/3/4 scoreboards - the page with the latest 64-bit CC options - my listings of links Whoever would like to take over hosting any of these pages, I will send them (and the database) to you to officially become "yours". (For Chip's Controls I plan on re-uploading the latest version here with all the HTML pages included.) Hope everyone is doing well - thanks for reading, and now back to your regularly scheduled Chipping. Mike Lask
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    CC2: 187 (ENDANGERED SPECIES): 98540 (+30, b+30) | 504 (+3, b+3) total score: 14,533,071 total time: 37,371
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    CC1 MS #24 (OORTO GELD): 430 (+2, b) typg 5,977,590 - 142 b
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    More CC1 MS improvements
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    Another way to know if a replay is marked as verified: open the c2m in CCCreator (doesn't seem to work with c2g) and go to Level -> User Data -> C2M Solution. There, somewhere in the text you should see either "verified=true" or "verified=false".
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    My 25 levels for submission. They should be all recorded and watched. These are all levels I've made so far in CC2. "Blocker's Dozen" and "Outside The Box" are repeat submissions as they were submitted independently and are now being bundled here. All other levels are new submissions. ChiaraCC2.zip
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    CCLP3 Lynx 121-149 Total: 6 014 130
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    Speaking of raising the bar, that was quite a find you made recently! I do have hopes to give CCLP1+4 a go some day, but I have a couple of other projects I want to be finished (or at least reasonably finished) first. You're the second person to ask me about SuperCC. I haven't checked it out, but based on the description it seems similar to the tool I use. Went ahead and joined Discord. And, um... cclp3 #71 (How to Get Around in Venice): 431 (+25, b+1) 6093980
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    CCLP3 MS #71 (How to Get Around in Venice): 429 (+23, b+23) 6,070,020 - 113 b
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    CCLP3 MS #123 (type level name here): 737 (+419, b-2) #125 (Water Trap): 667 (+367, b+1) 6,069,780 - 112 b
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