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    Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to playtest the forthcoming CC2 for bugs and other issues before its May 28 release. As part of that, I recorded a blind Let’s Play of the stock game and its 200 levels, which will go live on YouTube starting on release day. What can you expect to see in the game? Here are a few hints… WARNING: Minor spoilers! There’s quite a decent difficulty curve and plenty of variety to satisfy players of many tastes, with many levels of different sizes and gameplay styles. If you’ve played Chuck’s Challenge, it’s worth noting that quite a few of its levels were based on CC2 compositions. There are at least three levels that reference CC1 in some way. There are also plenty of level titles that would later be used again in custom and official CC1 sets. A few level titles: CHAMBER BOMB, SMUGGLER, PATTERN BUFFERS, IN THE SLIME, SAUCE FOR THE GOOSE, CHAOSLANDS, IDENTITY CRISIS. No worries - there aren’t any levels that are quite as long as ON THE ROCKS or PAIN here! One level is an early version of a level that would later appear in CCLP3. Speaking of CCLP3, some of the late game arguably approaches its difficulty, at least in the early triple-digit range. You can place doppelganger versions of yourself or Melinda on the map to do your bidding (defined by a red, opaque background), but you can also place multiple copies of yourself or Melinda as well. In the latter case, you’ll have to get everyone to the exit, making for some interesting puzzles that involve switching between characters. Want all the collectible bonus flags in the game? You may have to wait a while. The levels were designed before the turn of the century, so if you’re familiar with the level design techniques commonly used back then or in CCLP2, you know what to expect here. Before it was ever used in “Chance Time!” or anywhere else, the “choose your own adventure” level layout was first introduced in CC2, as shown in the level pictured below. There’s a level with 207 teeth. Get ready for a lot of strictly timed levels. Using other items or enemies to pick up and drop items will really mess with your head. There’s a level with 900 chips, and yes, they’re all required. The yellow teleports truly are a precursor to Portal. Not only do you have to think about where to place them, but in some cases, you have to place them in such a way that you can later partial post and pick them up for subsequent uses.
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