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    I got it--FINALLY! Thank you guys so much for helping me to think it through! You are the best! ~Melissa
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    Indeed it does! I will mix it up a bit and see what I can accomplish. Thank you so much! Melissa
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    The step you are doing there is actually a step that needs to be done later. You have the right idea but try doing that step the opposite way. If that makes any sense
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    "If I use the block, I render the block unusable for detonating the bomb up top." "I don't see any other way to detonate that bomb, so I need to save the block." "If I use the tank, then the tank turns around when I hit the blue button" These 3 statements are all true. And yet, there is a solution to this seeming paradox. Further hint in the spoiler tag and exact answer nested deeper.
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