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    Opinions of levels 91-100. This decade had a lot of legit puzzles and some unique concepts. 91. Cool variation of Josh's "Encrypted Malware". 92. Relatively simple key collecting level with paramecia. 93. Pretty simple chip collecting level mixed with a blue wall maze. 94. I felt that this is presents the ideal size for the "pushing blocks through a recessed wall maze". 95. This level had that "Frantic Frenzy" concept by Josh. Compared to his level I liked this one a little better. It has much more variety to it and both walkers and teeth were a little less annoying. However I kind of wish the nerve wracking parts like the walker on (21,21) and chip on (24,3) were a little earlier. Other than that it was a good level. 96. Plethora of great puzzles rolled into one. 97. Pretty unique concept that I've never seen before. This level is kind of an advanced pearl diving. Screwed up several times at first but that made me find a good strategy along the way, so trial and error is important. 98. This was a major satisfaction to solve. Personally, I am not a fan of "Map the Path" concepts but this one was a level that had me thinking quite a LOT. Characteristics of an amazing puzzle that is hard but brings satisfaction when you solve it. 99. Aesthetically nice straight line level mixed with an invisible wall maze. Somewhat of a breather level after a couple of decently difficult ones. 100. Very, very well put together puzzle. The NE section of the level was the hardest and the most legit in my opinion. This is much better than the original Green Clear. That's all the levels completed so far. Hope to see more soon!
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    This is an amazing update to the set JB. Keep it up with the brain teasing puzzles and fun levels. Thoughts on levels 81-90 81. Mostly simple chip collecting level, time is a little small and kind of easy to miss chips. Level isn't too big so both time and chips shouldn't be too much of a concern. 82. Kind of simple item swapper. Had that "Pop up Locks" feeling. Better than the original Juxtaposition 83. Equally good as Josh's "Cosmic Gold Hill" but this one is actually one colored gold. Both good levels. 84. LOTS of legit puzzles in this level. The block and thief was the one that stumped me the most. Amazing level. 85. Nice mod of Mini Pyramid with a challenging twist. Like the ice aesthetic too. 86. Nicely designed blob level. 87. Pretty cool level. Originally, I wasn't expecting the blocks in the teeth room to be movable. I was thinking those were blocks on traps. 88. Somewhat easy level. Nice block on water puzzle. 89. Great blue wall exploration type of level. Also appreciate the leniency of which the player decides to tackle first. That aforementioned sokoban in the NW room mentioned in Discord was much easier than I thought. 90. I really really appreciate the fact that this level has extra chips. I was sort of frustrated in the beginning since I thought all chips were required. This was a somewhat difficult level to me despite a simple chip collecting objective.
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