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    Feedback Time! This was a fantastic update JB. Most of it was relatively simple and pretty much the levels in the update were fun to play. 121. Tetromino Troves- Great key maze type of level. I really like Tetris. 122. Crumbled Cavern- Initially this level had a strange feeling. For instance the paramecium on (9,14) along with a bunch of other things too. Nevertheless, the level presented elements of the "when in doubt, go without" concept. Considerably easy level to me. 123. Scrap Heap Scraper- Very legit mini puzzle. I was puzzled quite a bit namely how on earth I was supposed to place a block onto the trap button. Once I figured it out, everything fell into place. 124. Turn of the Century- Very fun level to play with nice callbacks to CCLP2. Nice arbitrary cluster on monsters below the blue walls on the lower right. 125. Research and Destroy- The level presented a bunch of legit puzzles that required a bunch of button presses. It was good but it was pretty much just button pressing and that was pretty much it along with planning ahead. 126. Somewhere Along the Line- Pretty cool level, especially that beginning puzzle. 127. Last Bounce of Courage- Decent level based on the pink ball. The beginning "Mr. McCallahan Presents" dodging and the trap button sections were something. 128. Red, Black and Blue- Legit glider directional puzzle. Also liked that "raining tank" mechanism at the start in reference to the cloning tank section in "Iron Sky" with the bombs. 129. Bramble Scramble- Easy chip collecting level with nice blue an green aesthetics. 130. The Most Interesting Block in the World- Interesting block is interesting and fun. Pretty neat puzzles with some references of Josh's button mechanisms The block slides and pushing the block from the FF's with suction boots could be a little nerve wracking. Very interesting level nonetheless. This is a great update JB. Now onto the grand update of the set, can't wait to see what you have brewing for the final draft. Getting there! Most Favorite- The Most Interesting Block in the World (130) Least Favorite- Research and Destroy (125)
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    Trying to hold back on playing most of these but I played Hazy Cosmic Jive and it's a lot of fun! I'm not sure if it was considered but I think it'd be neat if there were skates behind the sockets along with the exit and make the hint require the skates to read it. There seem to be plenty of extra recessed walls for this to be possible without trapping yourself from the exit but just a friendly suggestion nevertheless!
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