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    Moonman: why would you wear a dress? Moonman: when you have to run? ncrecc: don't worry she's wearing heels Flareon350: that melinda sprite is legit Flareon350: i would solve a level wearing a dress ncrecc: in real life or in the game Tyler Sontag: the game is real life Flareon350: depends on how much i get for doing it in real life :KappaHD: Tyler Sontag: Blobjail II: The Escape chipster1059: EVEN MORE EVIL Tyler Sontag: Blobjail III: The Police Track Them Down and They're Back in Jail Again Kawaiiprincess360: yeah something I wondered about Kawaiiprincess360: why is the bribe a bunch of gold, treasure and wine? Wouldn't a dollar bill just be enough or are the thieves that greedy? Allack: https://steamcommunity.com/app/262590/discussions/0/1642043267235628771/ Tyler: Four Plex being included? :thinking: It’s already a CC1 level Allack: Didn't know Four Plex was a CC1 level
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