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    CC1-Steam #22 (FORCED ENTRY): 289 (+42, bc) #29 (ARCTICFLOW): 291 (+67, bc) #90 (PLAYHOUSE): 316 (+110, bc) #102 (ICEHOUSE): 175 (+15, b) #122 (TOTALLY FAIR): 271 (+17, bc) #129 (LOBSTER TRAP): 287 (+65, b+1) #131 (TOTALLY UNFAIR): 25 (+18, bc) #135 (TRUST ME): 255 (+9, bc) #138 (PARTIAL POST): 225 (+174, bc) #149 (SPECIAL): 951 (+9, bc) 5,941,030 115 bolds (86 timed, 29 untimed)
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    I didn't feel any guesswork whatsoever throughout the level. It was mainly just planning ahead.
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    Just completed all new 20 levels! Yet another awesome update! (91-100) 91. Fun level to play. The ending puzzle was easier than it looked. I also wish that the top ice slide near the sokoban was a little longer. 92. Fun and simple chip collecting maze. 93. Quite an annoying level and quite frustrating. Thank you for nerfing the 3rd room though. The wide open space is very well appreciated though. Knowing you Josh, I know that you being a prolific level designer could do a better level for Bug Arranging. 94. Amazing level to play. Whole LOT better than Bustin' Out and the last level (Frantic Frenzy). 95. Extremely well put together puzzle. Equally as challenging as Triple Maze. 96. Very cool design. This is kind of like an easier version of "Force Field". 97. Yet another nice ice level. I've never seen block puzzles on ice corners before, brilliant. 98. Nice 4 by 4 sectional level. 99. Extremely brilliant and awesome puzzle. I was stumped on this one for a bit and in the end it was a satisfaction to solve. I'll take this level over "Suspended Animation" any day. 100. This will make a great ending level for a great "Walls Of ..." level set. Like this one more than "Massingham Mansion". Yet another awesome update Josh, keep up the great work. Hopefully, in the next update not a level that was annoying as Frantic Frenzy. It's wasn't necessarily a bad level it was just annoying (at the start before the nerf). Still, a very cool update nevertheless.
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    100 levels! Woot! Again, very happy to see more new levels! (81-90) 81. At first I thought this was going to be a danger type of level based on the title. Turned out to be great level. 82. Nice "Oorto Geld" level. 83. Great fire boot puzzle. 84. Awesome level. The block checkerboard is thankfully at the start. Still has very cool puzzles. 85. Excellent level. The sokoban behind the recessed walls and the lower right block room were the most legit. 86. Very fun level. Far from lethal. 87. Legit twist to an ordinary "push blocks to reach the chips" level. 88. Simple chip collecting level. I can't imagine playing this level without suction boots. Suction boots are a blessing. 89. Nice variation on JoshL2's "The Mountain". 90. Nice ice level. Nice twist on a partial post room too.
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    Your question did not specify the type of game you are asking about, so...... I have made some missions for Descent II that I have uploaded to the Descent Mission Database . http://www.enspiar.com/dmdb/viewMember.php?id=314 . The editor I use is DLE XP ver 1.12.26 from Bryan Aamot. The latest is 1.12.31 available here: http://www.descent2.de/index.html Besides Chip's Challenge, Descent is the only other game that I've made levels for. I have editors for Need for Speed (T3ED) and Quake II (WinQoole) but never made any levels with them.
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    What other games do you play that allow you to create and share levels? One other I like is Artsoft's Rocks and Diamonds. https://www.artsoft.org/rocksndiamonds/
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    Me: Hey, can I copy your homework? Public TWS: Sure, just change it a bit so it's not noticeable. Me: CC1 MS #35 LEMMINGS (577) [+1,b] #62 SLO MO (282,b)
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    I learned flash+actionscript in a uni module back in 2013 and made that game around that time, even back then I was surprised they were teaching it. I would like to recreate it in Java as a mobile app
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    The ones I'd recommend for level making and playing: Knytt Stories is nice. I have a few well-received levels for it, and I've helped push a collab level up to second place in a high-stakes level designing contest. There is a mod for it that adds a lot more content and functionality, but nobody really cares whether your levels are made vanilla or with the mod in mind PuzzleScript is a special case, because by its very nature, all games designed in it are open-source (unless you're using a hack) and can be very easily tweaked, such as adding/replacing levels. Celeste has a fan-made editor that's still in the making, but is still fairly capable and easy to figure out. The only scripting involved is minimal (so far) and should be easy enough to figure out if you poke around the Discord server and ask the right questions. The ones I wouldn't: Knytt Underground is well-equipped for hard platforming, but it's designed differently than Knytt Stories such that you have to put a lot of decorative props and effects everywhere if you want your level to be aesthetically pleasing, and figure out an undocumented Python-based scripting system in order to include teleports or items. I haven't made anything with it yet, for these reasons. No-one else really cares about making custom levels for it, since the only working editor was near-impossible to find for a while. Portal 2 has Hammer and the in-game editor; hard to use but very capable and easy to use but very limited, respectively. Unless you're fluent in Hammer, however, I wouldn't recommend getting it just for the custom level capabilites. There's a lot of elitism by people who create maps in Hammer, not helped by the fact that a majority of the public level submissions made with PeTI are horrible. VVVVVV similarly has an elitism issue: your level is seen as shovelware if it doesn't have advanced scripting and manually placed tiles. Both the built-in editor and the fan-made editor are equally capable, though. Super Meat Boy has a large collection of custom levels, but the editor isn't very intuitive, and doesn't even include aligning objects to a grid (which makes me question how the >280 main levels were built).
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    Here is a barebones results post for now: 1) Bacorn 722 + 469 = 1,191 (16 Chip Cup points: 15 + 1 bonus) 2) M11k4 723 + 467 = 1,190 (-1)(also sent in solutions of 721/462 in Lynx) (13 Chip Cup points: 12 + 1 bonus) 3) IHNN 722 + 462 = 1,184 (-7) (10 Chip Cup points) 4) Ruben 723 + 457 = 1,180 (-11) (also sent in solutions of 722/452 in Lynx) (8 Chip Cup points) 5) RB3ProKeys 721 + 451 = 1,172 (-19) (8 Chip Cup points: 7 + 1 bonus) I'll post videos of all the solutions soon as well as a more detailed write-up about the levels. Thank you all for participating, and congratulations to Bacorn for winning!
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    CCLP4 has been out for over a week and new records and new confirms are being set every day, but I'd like to take a look back at the numerous records from past sets that haven't been confirmed yet. CCLP4 and CC2 are not included in this list since they're much newer, but they have 71 and 35 (score) / 30 (time) unconfirmed records, all held by J.B. Lewis. Among CC1, CCLP1, CCLP2, and CCLP3, there are 30 unconfirmed records, and here they all are from oldest to newest. CCLP2 #72 (Checkerboard I) - David Stolp since 2007-04-11 CCLP2 #147 (Cloner's Maze) - David Stolp since 2008-02-28 CCLP2 #94 (Checkerboard II) - David Stolp since 2008-05-04 CCLP2 #140 (Keep Trying) - J.B. Lewis since 2009-06-27 CC1 #23 (Blobnet) - J.B. Lewis since 2009-11-02 CC1 #133 (Blobdance) - J.B. Lewis since 2009-11-06 CCLP3 #117 (Mice Are Good for Something) - David Stolp since 2011-02-16 CCLP3 #141 (Bug Arranging) - David Stolp since 2011-03-04 CCLP3 #111 (Bustin' Out) - David Stolp since 2011-04-17 CCLP3 #76 (Complex) - David Stolp since 2011-11-22 CC1 #64 (Spooks) - David Stolp since 2012-01-16 CCLP2 #127 (Escape from Chipkatraz) - David Stolp since 2012-07-23 CC1 #126 (Block N Roll) - Andrew Gapic since 2012-11-08 CC1 #147 (Cake Walk) - David Stolp since 2012-11-15 CCLP3 #83 (Billiards) - David Stolp since 2013-02-18 CCLP3 #135 (Color Wheel) - David Stolp since 2013-10-13 CCLP1 #47 (Bombs Away) - James Anderson since 2014-05-04 CCLP2 #98 (Loop) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-02-22 CCLP3 #149 (Mr. McCallahan Presents) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-03-20 CCLP3 #139 (Rotation) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-04-01 CCLP3 #147 (Avalanche) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-04-01 CCLP3 #107 (Lazy Hourglass) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-02-07 CCLP3 #137 (Vulcan) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-02-13 CCLP3 #142 (Mudpie) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-02-17 CCLP3 #102 (Triple Alarm) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-03-03 CCLP3 #144 (You Can't Teach an Old Frog New Tricks) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-03-06 CCLP3 #146 (Suspended Animation) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-03-06 CCLP3 #136 (Grand Prix) - David Stolp since 2016-04-03 CCLP1 #130 (Dynamite) - J.B. Lewis since 2017-03-17 CC1 #24 (Oorto Geld) - David Stolp since 2017-03-31 Player totals on this list: James Anderson: 1, Andrew Gapic: 1, J.B. Lewis: 14, David Stolp: 14.