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    You could e.g. put some bonus flags on the small island separated my the river / the water tiles at the start, this way the block is needed to obtain them, which means, it isn't available to block the ball
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    More of my experiences playing through the set. Note: There may be spoilers to the solutions of these levels in my comments, so don't look if you haven't solved yet! (Covers levels 11-17)
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    It affects every tile in the map, not just in a specific region. Thanks, that's a great amount of info! I already have a suspicion I know what the problem is.
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    44: The sokoban that has to be done twice is my favourite part of the level. However, I'm not a fan of the use of traps in the top part of the level, especially since, unlike for the fireball room, the hint doesn't explain their wiring. 53: The bust appears fixed now 58: I found the suction boot room to be rather frustrating, but the rest of the level was very creative, nice uses of thieves. 61: Really fun puzzles, especially the recessed wall section and everything after the trap. Those pink balls on invisible walls are awesome. 63: Awesome level. All rooms are great in their own way. 66: It is an interesting use of locks, and some of the puzzles are really fun. I especially liked what came after the sockets. 68: Really hard level, but very fun and rewarding. The puzzles are really clever, and I like how one needs to venture outside the box to solve it. 69: Really hard level, but also very fun. 70: It's a very fun level. It's been a while since I played any of the other Flareon levels, so I can't really compare it Overall, I had a lot of fun playing this set; it is awesome Flareon1 when?
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    Based on the first 20 levels, this is one of the sets I have enjoyed playing the most in a very long time. The stand-out level for me so far is 'Drops of Jupiter', a very well crafted level. Overall the Yowser/Bummer ratio is just right, for me anyway.
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    The pink ball used to be a tank but somehow I forgot to make it a tank again not a bust, just another oversight. I've updated the set to fix this. Thanks for pointing it out!
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    26: There are some really fun tank puzzles here. The starting sokoban, and the final room, are my favourites. 28: It's a decent level; I especially like the tank room. 29: A clever puzzle, surprisingly hard. 36: It took me a while to figure out that I didn't need to hold down the trap buttons It's a fun sokoban. 37: This level was surprisingly hard, but it was fun; I especially like the tank room. 38: 39: Decent blue wall maze. 40: There are some clever puzzles here. It's a decent itemswapper. 41: I love the blobs on fire and the recessed walls. Really nice level. 42: This was a decent maze, and quite hard I think. 43: The blank hint tiles slightly annoys me. However, I really liked this level, and I agree with Miika that it is your best Walls of CCLP4 contest entry. 45: Really fun key level 46: Really good-looking maze concept; surprisingly hard. 47: My favourite rooms are the toggle/block room (nice use of ice under a block) and the pink ball room. 48: There are some really fun puzzles here. 49: This is an awesome compressed level, and I like the pointless chips and socket, as well as those sevens only visible in the editor and the 77 time limit. 50: I have already seen several levels using this concept, but this is one of my favourites. 51: Yeah...the title IS disturbing...it's a fun ice maze though. 52: Really fun puzzles. This is the type of level, however, that would work better in CC2 with bonus flags. 53: At first I misread the title as "Paranoia Ranch". I'll probably use that title. Anyway, this was a fun level, and it had some nice puzzles. However, it is not necessary to press the tank button; is this a bust? 54: Nice level with a strict time limit; I especially like the teeth, walker and partial post sections. 55: A really fun level. 56: One of my favourite levels so far in the set. Very creative use of teeths. 57: Better than Unmitigated Hint Factory Disaster. 59: There are some fun puzzles here, but I'm not a fan of the glider/fireball room at the end, it's easy to cook and at the very end. 60: A really creative puzzle. One of the best levels in the set. However, I managed to solve the level without using the recessed wall at (14,28). 62: This was a nice twist on the original concept, and I like how some blocks need to be pushed into water. 64: Decent pink ball level. I'm not really a fan of the skate trick at the end though. 65: Really clever awesome trick to solve. 67: A really amazing level, the title is very appropriate, and the ending block puzzles are very clever. I haven't solved the other levels yet, but I will leave feedback on them once I have
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    Final thoughts (141-150) 141. Medium to somewhat hard chip collecting level. I really like the ball dodging section and the walkers make the chip collection more interesting as well. Great level 142. I appreciate the presence of extra blocks and this is a nice puzzle. 143. Again, I appreciate the extra chips in this level. I would be a challenge to collect every single chip but nevertheless awesome level. 144. This level is epic. It has a lot of difficult puzzles in it at the same time poses as an interesting challenge. 145. Special course is special. I felt that the joyride section could've been a little earlier plus the blob on ice can be a little annoying. Also, the key puzzle at the end was thankfully not too rigid. Personally, I am not too good with keeping track of how many keys I've used. CC2 did a great job showing how many keys you had in the inventory box. Nevertheless, moderate difficult level. 146. Pretty fun and cool level. Has great puzzles that require some thought into it. 147. This level has a fantastic sardine concept at the start. Plus lots of space to roam around one you get the flippers. To me I believe that this level is a bit too easy for the 147 slot. This level shouldv'e been a little earlier, I would consider either House of Pathex (69) or Block's, Bombs, and Bugs (80) to be in the 147 slot. It is still a good level, though level 147 generally means a super extremely difficult level (Force Field, Cloners Maze, etc.) Don't get me wrong sometimes it great to break the trend. 148. Insanity Island is not too insane meaning super frustration or some sort. This level along with all the levels in the 140's has many puzzles that require a great train of thought. Awesome puzzle level. 149. Like part 1 of this series, this level is also epic. Personally, I find this level to be a LOT harder but what is to expect to a penultimate level, right? 150. Again as I said before with breaking the trend, this level breaks the trend. Great ending level to a good set. All in all, this is a fun set to play. It has numerous amounts of puzzles that require thinking and some unique concepts I've never seen before. As far as the gameplay was concerned there were plenty of annoying levels at the start but they got a whole lot better as the set progressed. Some of the levels that kept screwing me up were: A Simple Game of Pong (7), Skillful Memory (15), Buried Alive (21), and Exterminator's Club (32). By the time I finished level 80, that is when I considered the set to be getting better. Now, with the difficulty curve it was considerably decent. There were a lot of difficult levels at the start of the set along with some levels that should've been earlier or later in the set. Level 69 and level 80 would've been better off near the end or both level 117 and 118 are better off near the start, etc. In conclusion, the experience at the beginning was a little rough but got smoother as I went to the later levels. Therefore if I were to rate this set I would give it like a 3.7 to a 4 out of 5. Plenty of great levels but some were annoyingly frustrating. Still a great set to play though and your level designing has improved ever since then.
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    (19, 20) and (19, 21) are walls in the original level, but not here. Tanks on top of a wall are still a wall! As always, some very nice levels submitted. And hey, I even managed to win It was quite the challenge to work on- I had a headache from trying to keep in mind both sides of the level while constructing (forgetting to eat due to not wanting to break the creative flow didn't help) and ultimately, I started building the level just to see if I could make a level that played out totally differently with the same layout, as a personal challenge. I'm very happy to see it getting some appreciation- and hopefully it makes it into an official set someday, even with the NW blockslide resetting being a bit of a hassle.
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    You are more than welcome to LP this set as well. Don’t let me discourage you.
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    I was going to start a blind LP of this set but JB beat me to the punch, and I don't want to overload people's video-watching time...so I'll post my comments here as I play levels and read the developer commentary on pieguy's site. Level 1 (Lock Picker): I'm not sure I've ever seen a Level 1 that can be cooked on the first move (though it's possible to die in Molecule on the first move). Nice little warmup level that forces you to be on your guard early but becomes more lenient later (I finished with 2 spare keys). Level 2 (Inspection): Pretty simple. Just don't step on the wrong recessed walls. I like how the toggle walls toggle quickly enough for you to go through them all in a row without waiting. Level 3 (School of Thought): I did see the hint that says you styled this after Madhav, but I wouldn't have been able to tell. I know, Josh, that you and I have both said that our design styles are quite different, and one way is I think you use many more irregular wall patterns in your levels, whereas mine tend to be rectangular. (Part of it is because I tend to lay down the walls for a section before filling it in, which has the drawback of limiting my options and sometimes making my levels feel kind of samey...then again, sometimes I find that the section won't quite fit my original wall plan and it turns out irregular anyways.) The way you used the irregular walls here, they make the solutions not stick out, which is nice. I felt a little clever solving the second section without the flippers...then I ran into the appearing wall when I tried to pick them up "just in case". Well played. You say that Madhav's set featured "small levels that had one core theme"...that sounds a little like my design style except my levels tend to be large with one core theme. Level 4 (Fade): I'm not as big a fan of blue walls as Josh is, but this level is scaled down to a moderate size, which is nice. I definitely got what you mean by subverting expectations...my experience was like "3 fake blue walls in a row! " in one place followed by "3 blue walls in a row...so they're all fake, right? Fake, *oof*, real " in another. I did like the loops and the time limit wasn't low enough to be dangerous. And...I think you've given me a blue wall level idea! Level 5 (Dead Freight): Neat idea! I finished with a mere 9 seconds left...due to spending a while looking for the nonexistent "second usable block" in the maze before directing the first one to the bomb. I see you relaxed your normal avoidance of North and West thin walls; there are some concepts, like this one, that really don't work without them. *coughblockflickingcough* The title fit so well I didn't realize it was a reference. -----NEWEST BATCH (3/6/2018)----- Level 6 (Whatchamacallit): Interesting use of nails, and some normally "unfair" elements that aren't really that bad (thieves under blocks, for instance). So far the levels have forced me to be careful, but none have been notably challenging, which is fine as we're still early in the set. Level 7 (All That Glitters): The name insinuated to me that I needed to avoid the yellow keys, which I did...until I saw that the exit was RIGHT THERE and I didn't need to be worried at all. I still avoided them just cause...and then I saw that I couldn't get into the southwest without picking some up. Ah, well. Definitely a more interesting maze to play casually if you go without, but would be interesting to optimize if you do use the keys. Level 8 (Trick or Trap): Excellent, hit the first real challenge of the set for me! The bottom half of this level was a well-built, devious puzzle with a strict order of moving the blocks around. It was much harder than it looked at first and kept me occupied for quite some time. The top half, by contrast, had a ludicrously simple solution. Took me a little while to find it, though. Level 9 (Discotheque): A nice cooldown after the challenge of Level 8. The extra chip drew my attention to the exit; I might not have found it right away otherwise. Level 10 (Dip Your Hand in Felony): What a strange title...after Level 5, I expected it to be another Breaking Bad reference, but apparently not. I cooked the level early on because I didn't realize soon enough that you can't get a block inside the passage that leads to the teleports while a block is on the lower trap button...you have to start a block into that passage, then hold down the button...that's a bit hard to foresee. Also, I managed to conserve a recessed wall in the bottom-right section. The trapped balls in the recessed wall/block section were a neat aesthetic even if they don't signify anything. All in all, it's a decent variety level. (That's one of the other big differences in design styles between Josh and me--he frequently makes variety levels with no gameplay theme whereas I find it quite difficult to build a level without first choosing a theme to guide my decisions.)
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    I had a couple of 375-376 paced runs on the first level die to the block, and just never felt like pushing for just a little more time. With the blob level, well, I just wanted to complete it with a solid time, so I grinded for the start and then kept that for my submission (250) and then later got an extra second with a few extra tactics. I'm very glad to hear that Sludge Report was enjoyed! It helps that I stole concepts from every past official set, but I also spent a lot of time tweaking each area to make sure it was reasonable
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    Part 5 (57-70) 57. This level is just hilarious. Just as hilarious as Unmitigated Hint Factory Disaster. 58. Difficult level, I really do not like block checkerboards. Key is to just learn from your mistakes and practice. 59. This has a nice "Force Square" aesthetic at the start and a unique method of creating a nail. 60. Yet another brilliant level with critical thinking required. 61. In my opinion, this was the hardest level in the set for me. This level is chock full of deceptions and some luck was required for some sections. One I can think of is the blue and green lock section mixed with RFF's, I had to restart the level several times in order to unlock the right blue locks. Also, I got stuck in many different places and had to look at the map quite a bit. This garden is more evil though, but nevertheless well crafted level. 62. Reminds me of Gridlock by cybersmack. Somewhat difficult level cause you can screw up some blocks but I like this one. Made me think. 63. Fun level and the safe spots for the bug dodging after the ice section beginning is appreciated. 64. Simple chip collecting level but with annoying pink ball dodging. Thankfully not as chaotic as your "Fireball Territory" level. 65. Amazing level and feels like I am playing "Off The Beaten Path" by Jeffrey. 66. I love how this level looks in the editor and I had a really fun time playing this level. The beginning feels like "Tunnel Clearance" from CCLP1. 67. Also an another level that looks awesome in the editor. Pretty simple maze chip collecting level. 68. Fantastic puzzle and glad to bust the level too. 69. Another fantastic puzzle. 70. Great closing level to amazing set. Thanks Josh for creating this set I had so much fun playing it. There were many levels that were really fun and has a decent mix of easy and difficult levels. I also had a smooth experience playing the set meaning that I had little to no frustration. There are just so many great levels in this set that its hard for me to pick a favorite. My a top three though which are Megalo Tower (60), Master Class (47), and Warehouse of Lost Hopes and Dreams (34). The hardest for me was Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil (61) and Bloated Biomass (41) which wasn't too difficult but very nerve wracking. All in all, this was an amazing set which is equally great as your JoshL5 and JoshL6 sets. Sad though that this is your true CC1 set. Maybe you can do JCCLP3 if you want to but that's your choice and a suggestion. I might play your upcoming CC2 set "Flareon1" but I more towards CC1. But in conclusion amazing set!
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    Here's Part 4 (43-56) 43. Okay level. At first I thought this was reminiscent to your "Abandoned Island Resort" from JoshL5. That level was pretty difficult but this one is a lot easier. 44. Yet another level with great puzzles rolled into one. 45. This level somewhat reminds me of your level "Flame Boy Color" from JoshL6. Only difference is this one you have to think of how you're going to progress through. Flame Boy Color lets you roam around once you have an abundance of keys. 46. Great aesthetic level with a simple concept of collecting chips in a maze. Feel's a little bit like "Membrane" 47. Awesome level. Thought it was going to be a hard one based on the title and the solution video on your channel. Turned out to a fun level overall. 48. Another awesome level. 49. Got this level on my first try. Guess I was pretty lucky and got a "777". 50. Simple chip collecting level. 51. Another pretty simple chip collecting level. Title is pretty uncomfortable though. 52. I really liked this level cause it makes you strategize how to use water under blocks wisely. The 3 out of 4 requirement is well appreciated and I also feel we need more levels with blocks over water like Jeffrey's "Coral Reef." 53. Really fun level. Beginning somewhat reminds me of Jeffrey's "Cascade" level. 54. Also a really fun level with a decent time limit. The rush keeps the interest maintained throughout the whole level. 55. Interesting level with a section based on "Flipper Departments." 56. Cool level with teeth.
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    Pt. 3 of my feedback (29-42) 29- Reminds me of Puzzle Box from Chip56. Brilliant puzzle this one really makes you strategize the use of non-green keys. Haven't solved a real Rubix's Cube before though. Yet 30. Interesting level with interesting puzzles. 31. Just a simple maze with the cool gravel. 32. Level looks great in the editor, but the ending with the fireball cloner can be a little nerve wracking. Perhaps putting it earlier or make the room a little bigger. Other than than good level. 33. Not as toxic as I thought it would be, but still somewhat difficult item swapper. 34. Really fun level to play also feels a little bit like Jeffrey's "Buried Alive" from Ultimate Chip 3. Interesting mechanics too. 35. Yet another yet another yet another simple fire chip collecting maze. Nice twist too. 36. Not bad of a level, easier than it looks. 37. Interesting level with a unique partial post I've never seen before. 38. Extremely fun chip collecting level with tooth dodging, loved it. Also like the way the thieves act like "bodyguards" too. 39. Simple blue maze. 40. I wish that there were more levels of this concept. 41. Great aesthetic. I would normally rate this level well but the tiny blob section dodging makes it kind of nerve wracking. Personally, I'm terrible with blob dodging but to someone who is an expert of blob dodging shouldn't have a problem with this. If the blob dodging rooms were a little larger or there were gravel this level would've been better. 42. Nice "steam" chip collecting level.
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    I played in Lynx; so far it's a great set 1: Fun short key puzzle. 2: Awesome puzzle. 3: Simple level, but I like the ending trick with the recessed wall. 4: Blue wall mazes are nearly always fun, and this is no exception. 5: It took me way too long to realize that one of the blocks inside the maze could be pushed...at first I could only see those two blocks on the border and was totally stumped It's a fun puzzle. 6: This has some good puzzles. 7: I already reported the bust in Discord. Now that it is fixed, the result is a very fun maze. 8: The sokoban is really fun. The top room is good too. 9: Fun maze, and I really like the way the exit was hidden next to the extra chip. 10: Perhaps my favourite level so far. The blob ending is clever, and I like those random pink balls. 11: It took me way too long to figure this out...it's a good puzzle. 12: The puzzles are awesome, and the toggle mechanism is really great. 13: There are some creative puzzles here. 14: Nice green level. 15: A fun level, I especially like the yellow key trick and the tank mechanism. 16: An interesting concept. 17: There should be more blob levels like this. I also like the hint. 18: Interesting puzzles, I especially like the socket section and the bug room. 19: This is a great block level. I love it. 20: Another great block level. The sokobans are fun, and those paramecia just before the socket are awesome. 21: This was surprisingly easy. It's a decent ice puzzle. 22: I love how you put two puzzles in one in this level. Just awesome. 23: I love this. The various puzzles here are very creative. 24: One of the better sokobans around. 25: I don't understand the title? But it's a fun level, some of the puzzles are really fun. (I haven't solved 26, 28 or 29) 27: A good-looking maze. 30: Awesome water puzzles, and reference to Fire is my Enemy. I don't really get the hint, though; no special tricks were needed for that room... 31: I love the title. It's also a fun maze. 32: There are some awesome concepts in this level. I also like the post-socket puzzles; I haven't seen many levels use such a concept. The paramecia in teleports look great 33: I gave the hint a purpose This is a really creative blob level; I like how one isn't supposed to gather all the chips. 34: This is quite a fun level, and a nice use of blocks. It's easy to miss some passages, but that's part of the fun. 35: At first I thought those fireballs were there just to look good, but once I crossed the thief, I realized their alternate purpose. This is a very creative maze.
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    Part 2 of my feedback (Levels 15-28) 15- Confusing level at first but it's not too bad once you get the gist of it. 16- Although I got this one my first try, this level is somewhat easy to screw up on if you don't keep track of which teleports and recessed walls you step on. When I first saw the title I thought that this was going to be a fast paced level that makes the player go "Whoa". 17- Somewhat crazy beginning but really fun blob dodging level. 18. I really am a big fan of levels that have different puzzle room in which the order doesn't matter too much. This is one of them. 19. Fantastic trap button puzzles into one level. Title reminds me of a song by the band Train. 20. Also a fantastic puzzle chock of recessed walls and block puzzles. I won't forget my dumb oversight of that lower left recessed wall section. 21. I said before and I'll say it again. Brain teaser challenges in small rooms are one of me favorites. 22. Nice unique concept of a "Triple Maze" type of level except this one is more like a square which is also sweet. 23. This level consists of one cool puzzle after another. 24- Awesome aesthetic and awesome block level, I loved it. 25- At first I thought that this was going to be a square cell type of level but it wasn't. Still a good level though. 26- I loved this level, it has an epic start and the puzzles really make you think. 27- Cool forest type level. In real life the title name is a real forest in Japan that has a bad reputation. 28- Blue levels are billiant.
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    Now, that I've completed this amazing set I might as well provide my feedback. As far as the set went it was a most to all a smooth ride meaning I wasn't to frustrated with with set. In fact I had a really great time playing it. Anyway here's my feedback for levels 1-14 1. Pretty decent key maze level with great aesthetic. 2. I really like the individual small 4 by 4 rooms. I gotta admit when I saw the room with all the colored locks I was a little scared. Turns out that wasn't the case and . All in all, fun level. 3. Also a great level with a nice open space for glider manipulation. The open space is appreciated. 4. Easy and ordinary chip collecting level within a blue maze. 5. I have never seen a brown and purple aesthetic before, at least in the normal TW tileset. Awesome sokoban though. 6. Fun level and cool title. 7. Another fun chip collecting level with kind of a gold mine setting. 8. Brilliant and thoughtful level. Adding recessed walls under some blocks in a sokoban makes the player think more which makes it more interesting. I also had to think for that fireball section since I was a little stumped. In the end, I was able to figure it out with a sense of accomplishment. 9. Awesome aesthetic. Also I am not too obsessed with symmetry like Death the Kid is. Pretty hilarious discovery made by Toadman on Discord. 10. Really fun level and the hint is very well appreciated at the end. Along with a cool blob cloner mechanic. 11. Yet another brilliant level within a somewhat small space. I'll say it again I really enjoy tough puzzles in small spaces. 12. Good level with a lot of blue in it. 13. Fun level with the same concept but a little twist as the player progresses. Ending was a little hard though and I think that only one toggle button is needed while there is too. Probably for aesthetic purposes to keep in line. 14. Yet another yet another fun and simple chip collecting level. Guess "It's Easy Being Green".
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    I'm going to bump this thread again because I think it's the best place for it, and the idea spawned from re-reading this thread. With CCLP4 having been out for more than 7 months and the CC2 editor starting to get rolling, CC2 community packs are on the way, but still probably most of the year out for really getting started. It's a valid concern that CC2 is being neglected here, but that doesn't need to be the case. After all, a CC2 port of CCLP4 and CCLP1 was tossed around a decent bit 2.5 years ago, but nothing concrete or semi-official was done for this. So tonight, I assembled a spreadsheet and google drive (linked at the bottom of this post) specifically meant for trying to make one or both of these ports a reality. CC2 Steam workshop support is coming which will make sharing CC2 levels with the wider community easier than ever, perhaps even easier than sharing CC1 levels ever was. The community should support this, and what better way to do so than by re-releasing some of the best content the community has created over the years? What better starting sets could there be on the Steam workshop than the community packs that have had years of collaborative effort go into them? What better introduction to the world of fanmade content could there possibly be for those just finding custom levels through the workshop for the first time? Ideally, the original designers would port their own levels with some feedback/small tweaks when edits were made for compatibility, with the set staff stepping in as a backup in case the original designer is inactive or lacks CC2. Let's make this project a success- the devs are showing support for the community. Let's show some support back. CCLPn ports to CC2: https://goo.gl/iXPE6i Google Drive: https://goo.gl/L6caZb There is also discussion for this taking place on the Discord server.
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    I played and solved most of the new levels, and overall I liked them I also replayed the levels that have been modified in the new version. 1: I like the change. I still got full bonus, but it was much harder, and I only had 2 seconds left when I exited. 4: The decreased time limit was all right. 6: This is a massive improvement. The puzzle is very clever, and I like the blank space tiles. The added bonus rooms were also great; I got the full bonus. 7: Overall, I think the changes are good. 18: I like the changes, but this level was still very easy. 19: The walker room is better now, I think. Also I don't recall seeing the bonus flags in the blob room in the previous version; I think they are a nice addition. 20: This is really a massive improvement, really creative. 26: I really like the new starting room, and the presence of the eye tool to spot the bonus flags. 27: The ghost part was really creative and fun. The starting/ending room had me completely stumped, and it took me a long time to figure out how to handle it, but it was fun, and the concept is creative. In the end, my bonus was of 200. 29: This is a really fun puzzle, and a good use of the hook. I managed to get the full bonus. 31: I like most uses of swivel doors in this level; the yellow key and tank rooms are especially creative. However, the bug dodging is overly difficult; I only made it through once, and died on the way back. Therefore I have not solved this level. 33: The puzzles are really clever. The yellow tank and red teleport mechanisms are amazing, and the hook is very well-used. 34: This was great. In most situations I don't like long chip-collecting levels, but this one was really fun and creative. The track puzzle is perhaps my favourite part of the entire level, and I like how you put some area control buttons in the toggle section. 49: I haven't solved this one yet. 53: This is a really awesome concept, it's really creative. I think it's busted though: by dropping the lightning bolt during the final passage, it is possible to exit without disabling the security system. So far, a really great set
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    thanks for hints; didn't get to play lately so here's the rest of what I did a while ago; OOOH IT'S A GHOST fun dodging level that really keeps you on your toes! HYDROCITY A pretty good one, simple but effective. I wanted to get the bonus but I freaked out at the end, worrying about how the tanks would effect the gliders so I exited and didn't get any. LEVEL THAT WILL DRIVE YOU INSANE Reminds me a little of scrambled eggs (from CC2). I don't mind it too much and it doesn't drive me insane :P. THIS TEETH... I seem to recall this one having a different title before?
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    And here it is! Really hope you guys enjoy
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    Believe it or not, the theory of the Big Bang has been debunked. Scientists now believe it couldn't possibly have happened (kind of a flat Earth scenario). The jury's still out on whether they believe in the TV show.
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    I was about to create a level called "Jungle Rumble" for my set...I had no idea the title was used here already! Great minds think alike.
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    Or, if they have a different sense of humor, Bad Day At The Office