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    It's been a long time since I had news, so here's an informational update! I've added a control+click feature to insert a terrain without erasing the rest of the cell contents. Also, I'm working on dialogs to edit the properties of individual tiles. Here's a preview: I hope to be able to release a program update with these features in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned.
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    CCLP1 (MS) #79 (ELEVATORS): [958] (b+1) CCLP1 (Lynx) #79 (ELEVATORS): [958] (b+1) I can't believe that just happened. Thanks to cowman for playing through CCLP1, and thanks Markus for making SuCC. My first ever b+1 in CC1, and my second b+1 ever. Absolutely insane.
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    cclp2: #149 (Key Color 2.0): 424 (+16) 6051140
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    Download Hello Chipsters! I am currently working on making a TASing emulator for CC! With this emulator hope to emulate Chips challenge accurately and provide many useful features for routing and even casual playing. Features Rewinding Savestates Frame-by-frame playing TWS Playback Continue recording from playback Easy solution sharing View the monster list, slip list, button connections and chip's move history as you play Record gifs Cheats And much, much more to come! Issues Sliding blocks leaving traps onto sliding tiles cause slide delay when they shouldn't TWS files may end a move early TWS files with clicks may not play back correctly Some unknown issues Currently, 588/596 official levels play correctly. See all known issues. Github repository Feel free to request any features in this thread or by messaging markus#1180 on discord.
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    I don't really optimize that much, but I still try to get a reasonable score for the official levels. CC1 MS levels 1-30
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    CCLP3 #149: 810 (+13, bc, Mr. McCallahan Presents) CCLP3 #117: 642 (+22, bc, Mice Are Good for Something) CCLP3 L #117: 628 L (+12, b+10, Mice Are Good for Something)
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    CC1 (MS) #136 (HUNT BOLD): [926] (b, p+0.6) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBHntAKQ_go Reveal video of the incredible hunt bold
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    CC1 (MS) #41 (I.C. YOU): 172 (b) #56 (DEEPFREEZE): 162 (b) #69 (BOUNCE CITY): 229 (b) #70 (NIGHTMARE): 136 (b) #79 (DRAW AND QUARTERED): 220 (b) #88 (SPIRALS): 317 (b) #90 (PLAYHOUSE): 318 (b) #92 (VORTEX): 444 (b) #96 (PARANOIA): 320 (b) #100 (COLONY): [911] (b) #104 (JAILER): 235 (b) #105 (SHORT CIRCUIT): 255 (b) #106 (KABLAM): [907] (b) #108 (BLOCK OUT): 278 (b) #130 (ICE CUBE): [933] (b) #137 (GOLDKEY): 392 (b) #139 (YORKHOUSE): [920] (b) CC1 (Lynx) #39 (GLUT): 17 (b) CC1 (Steam) #72 (REVERSE ALLEY): [0] (b) CCLP1 (MS) #25 (MIND LOCK): 139 (b) CCLP1 (Lynx) #25 (MIND LOCK): 138 (b) CCLP2 (MS) #98 (LOOP): 38 (bc) CCLP2 (Lynx) #5 (SUCTION RIDE): 371 (b) CCLP3 (MS) #37 (BLUE MOON): 135 (b) CCLP3 (Lynx) #37 (BLUE MOON): 129 (b) CCLP4 (MS) #91 (HOW TO RETUNE YOUR HARP): 472 (b) CCLP4 (Lynx) #19 (CONSERVATION OF KEYS): 186 (b) CC2 #146 (BARRICADE BRIGADE): 34 (+2,b) 73340 (+20,b) 16 CC1 bolds (Completing "The James List"), 1 CC1 lynx bolds, 1 CC1 steam bold, 1 CCLP1 ms bold, 1 CCLP1 lynx bold, 1 CCLP2 bold confirm, 1 CCLXP2 bold, 1 CCLP3 MS bold, 1 CCLP3 Lynx bold, 1 CCLP4 MS bold, 1 CCLP4 Lynx bold, 1 CC2 bold. 27 bolds on report Reason for reporting: Sick loop confirm.
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    CCLP4 (MS) 065: 624 (+4, b+2) [Duplex] 114: 524 (+64, b+2) ([December 19th, 5:16 PM] Jay Bee: I'm 99% sure Repugnant Nonsense will stand) 117: 269 (+1, bc) [Jessi Is the Blob Whisperer] 6,111,060 (145 bolds) (b)
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    CCLP1 (MS) 093: 327 (+3, b+1) [Flame War] (joint bold with Kacper, set November 5th) So, this happened. I did say I was going to go for the rest of these if this happened... 028: 276 (+1, b) [The Last Starfighter] (1 hour of attempts, set November 6th) I went for BoaP first, immediately after. After a few hours I went to sleep for the night. When I got back from work (early, due to being sick) on the 6th I didn't want to continue that grind. So, I went for this one and miraculously got it. Probably around 7-8 hours total, +/- 2 hours counting my past attempts. I'm super glad I didn't choke the execution here. Then back on the BoaP grind. I ended up unable to go to work on the 7th due to this stupid cold. That just meant more blob time. 117: 255 (+2, b) [Blobs on a Plane] (8 hours of attempts, set November 7th) It's better to be lucky than good. I made a tactical mistake on the way back from the suction boots after a good thirty second think, with a blob 2 tiles up and another 2U2R. I had misjudged the second blob and thought it could interfere, and so elected to step LU instead of U, deliberately spending my 2 moves of buffer. In hindsight, this was a mistake given the probabilities of success for what I knew. U was more likely to work as LU given an L blob move would spell disaster. Except, I had misjudged the step AND U would have been immediate death, as the blob moved D, and so LU was actually the correct decision in a vacuum for survival! Though even given hindsight, a very difficult move to have to make. And so, the last of the random levels fell. (further analysis shows that some of that analysis could be wrong. Regardless, my mental picture and the actual level didn't mesh and I made a questionable decision that happened to be the absolute correct one) 051: 274 (+1, b) [H2O Below 273 K] (slightly earlier today) This one was inevitable. Still took 5 or 6 hours of attempts, but some heavy duty practice on the left half paid off. Dropped [1/2] in rooms 6 and 7 but hung on in the end. 6,006,000 (147 bolds) (b)
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    CC1 Lynx: #24 (OORTO GELD): 431 (+4, b) #63 (BLOCK FACTORY): 473 (+2, b) Total Score: 5,897,930
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    CCLP1 MS #127 (In the Pink): 421 (+159, b+1)
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    Another bump to this topic... I have now added the CC2 level set section to my site. It is horribly out of date, so I would appreciate any and all help in getting it up to date. http://pillowpc2001.net/levels/index.php?set=2 I eventually plan on correcting the solvability tables...right now they still look like the CC1 table and show/save a column for MS and Lynx. I have a note to ignore this for now and just use the MS column for submitting solvability, but hopefully this will be fixed soon.
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    CCLP1 (MS) 2 (Slip and Slide) 180 3 (Present Company) 183 4 (Block Party) 205 5 (Facades) 232
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    CCLP4 MS 66: 264 (to please our benevolent dictator Sontag) CCLP4 Lynx 121-149
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    Sickly's Highscore/Bold Time Master Record CC1 Steam CC1 Lynx CC1 MS CC2 (Time) CC2 Score
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    This is the old list with indications of which times have been beaten. CCLP2 #72 (Checkerboard I) - David Stolp since 2007-04-11 Confirmed by Miika Toukola 2018-10-14 CCLP2 #147 (Cloner's Maze) - David Stolp since 2008-02-28 CCLP2 #94 (Checkerboard II) - David Stolp since 2008-05-04 CCLP2 #140 (Keep Trying) - J.B. Lewis since 2009-06-27 CC1 #23 (Blobnet) - J.B. Lewis since 2009-11-02 CC1 #133 (Blobdance) - J.B. Lewis since 2009-11-06 CCLP3 #117 (Mice Are Good for Something) - David Stolp since 2011-02-16 CCLP3 #141 (Bug Arranging) - David Stolp since 2011-03-04 CCLP3 #111 (Bustin' Out) - David Stolp since 2011-04-17 Confirmed by Kacper Leszczyński 2018-12-18 CCLP3 #76 (Complex) - David Stolp since 2011-11-22 CC1 #64 (Spooks) - David Stolp since 2012-01-16 Confirmed by Kacper Leszczyński 2017-09-10 CCLP2 #127 (Escape from Chipkatraz) - David Stolp since 2012-07-23 Confirmed by Kacper Leszczyński 2018-10-27 CC1 #126 (Block N Roll) - Andrew Gapic since 2012-11-08 Confirmed by J.B. Lewis 2018-04-26 CC1 #147 (Cake Walk) - David Stolp since 2012-11-15 CCLP3 #83 (Billiards) - David Stolp since 2013-02-18 Confirmed by J.B. Lewis 2018-11-03 CCLP3 #135 (Color Wheel) - David Stolp since 2013-10-13 Confirmed by J.B. Lewis 2018-11-18 CCLP1 #47 (Bombs Away) - James Anderson since 2014-05-04 CCLP2 #98 (Loop) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-02-22 Confirmed by Sharpeye468 2019-01-27 CCLP3 #149 (Mr. McCallahan Presents) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-03-20 CCLP3 #139 (Rotation) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-04-01 CCLP3 #147 (Avalanche) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-04-01 Confirmed by Miika Toukola 2018-12-19 CCLP3 #107 (Lazy Hourglass) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-02-07 CCLP3 #137 (Vulcan) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-02-13 CCLP3 #142 (Mudpie) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-02-17 Confirmed by James Anderson 2018-12-18 CCLP3 #102 (Triple Alarm) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-03-03 CCLP3 #144 (You Can't Teach an Old Frog New Tricks) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-03-06 CCLP3 #146 (Suspended Animation) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-03-06 CCLP3 #136 (Grand Prix) - David Stolp since 2016-04-03 CCLP1 #130 (Dynamite) - J.B. Lewis since 2017-03-17 Confirmed by Jeffrey Bardon 2018-12-10 CC1 #24 (Oorto Geld) - David Stolp since 2017-03-31 The new list is as follows: CCLP2 #147 (Cloner's Maze) - David Stolp since 2008-02-28 CCLP2 #94 (Checkerboard II) - David Stolp since 2008-05-04 CCLP2 #140 (Keep Trying) - J.B. Lewis since 2009-06-27 CC1 #23 (Blobnet) - J.B. Lewis since 2009-11-02 CC1 #133 (Blobdance) - J.B. Lewis since 2009-11-06 CCLP3 #117 (Mice Are Good for Something) - David Stolp since 2011-02-16 Confirmed by Miika Toukola 2019-03-05 CCLP3 #141 (Bug Arranging) - David Stolp since 2011-03-04 CCLP3 #76 (Complex) - David Stolp since 2011-11-22 CC1 #147 (Cake Walk) - David Stolp since 2012-11-15 CCLP1 #47 (Bombs Away) - James Anderson since 2014-05-04 CCLP3 #149 (Mr. McCallahan Presents) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-03-20 Confirmed by Miika Toukola 2019-03-05 CCLP3 #139 (Rotation) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-04-01 CCLP3 #107 (Lazy Hourglass) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-02-07 CCLP3 #137 (Vulcan) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-02-13 CCLP3 #102 (Triple Alarm) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-03-03 CCLP3 #144 (You Can't Teach an Old Frog New Tricks) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-03-06 CCLP3 #146 (Suspended Animation) - J.B. Lewis since 2016-03-06 CCLP3 #136 (Grand Prix) - David Stolp since 2016-04-03 CC1 #24 (Oorto Geld) - David Stolp since 2017-03-31 CCLP4 #96 (Lean Thinking) - J.B. Lewis since 2017-07-24 CCLP4 #107 (Combinations) - J.B. Lewis since 2017-11-26 CCLP4 #68 (Cold Fusion Reactor) - J.B. Lewis since 2018-08-26 CCLP4 #65 (Duplex) - J.B. Lewis since 2018-12-28 CCLP4 #146 (Japanese Game Show) - Jeffrey Bardon since 2018-12-29 CCLP4 #103 (Malachite) - Jeffrey Bardon since 2019-01-22 CCLP1 #130 (Dynamite) - Ruben Spaans since 2019-02-03 CCLP2 #149 (Key Color) - David Stolp since 2019-02-05 CC2 Unconfirmed Records Score: #171 (HAUNTED CASTLE) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-06-09 #179 (IN & OUT II) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-06-10 #57 (MONTY HAUL) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-07-21 #177 (MINE CHALLENGE) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-08-03 #182 (SEA QUEUE) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-08-13 #170 (PRACTICE TO PERFECT) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-11-24 #195 (SPARE ME) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-11-24 #174 (BLOCKY TROUBLE) - Ruben Spaans since 2018-09-25 #115 (DOUBLE TROUBLE) - Random 8 since 2018-10-27 #88 (ESCAPE) - Ruben Spaans since 2018-11-22 #165 (MELINDA 911) - Random 8 since 2018-12-09 CC2 Unconfirmed Records Time: #171 (HAUNTED CASTLE) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-06-09 #179 (IN & OUT II) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-06-10 #177 (MINE CHALLENGE) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-08-03 #182 (SEA QUEUE) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-08-12 #170 (PRACTICE TO PERFECT) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-11-24 #174 (BLOCKY TROUBLE) - Ruben Spaans since 2018-09-25 #190 (DYSPHORIA) - Random 8 since 2018-10-07 #115 (DOUBLE TROUBLE) - Random 8 since 2018-10-27 #168 (PHASE FOUR) - Random 8 since 2018-11-03 #199 (ROOM TO BREATHE) - Random 8 since 2018-11-16 #195 (SPARE ME) - Random 8 since 2018-12-06 CC2 Unconfirmed Records Score/Time Combined: #173 (CLEAR OUT) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-06-13 #122 (FIRE AND ICE) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-06-17 #117 (ROOM #9) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-07-02 #120 (FOURSOME) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-07-16 #178 (BREAKING THE ICE) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-07-21 #145 (TURNING POINT) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-07-24 #197 (BLOCKCOMBO 4) - J.B. Lewis since 2015-08-03 #188 (CLONE) - Random 8 since 2018-09-29 #175 (THINKTANK) - Random 8 since 2018-11-03 #159 (IN & OUT) - Random 8 since 2018-11-08 The total count this time around is: David Stolp at 9, J.B. Lewis at 33, James Anderson at 1, Jeffrey Bardon at 2, Ruben Spaans at 3, and random 8 at 10. CCLP4 and CC2 are included this time around, I tried to split up CC2 as best I could so that it wouldn't double up the time and score records. Lynx wasn't included because there's a lot more unconfirmed records and I wasn't interested in compiling all those manually
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    After various Discord discussions, here are the final level submission rules. I've mirrored this in the original post in this topic: Obvious criteria: no unsolvable levels, no busted levels, no levels that have appeared in any official level pack before, no blatant level mods Level content: It has been decided that no contents other than those listed above will restrict a level from being accepted into voting. CC1 boot levels, zero directional blocks, blank no signs, any misc hex edited tiles, hide logic, and inaccessible bonuses are allowed. Viewport, RNG setting, and map size can be anything. No preliminary bans were put it effect since these levels are in the minority and the voting results will better gauge community interest in these types of levels. Level solutions: MUST be provided. This is mostly to reduce time staff spends testing submitting levels (which, I know from CCLP1 and CCLP4, takes a while). If you are having technical troubles recording solutions to your levels, we can accommodate. What to submit: Your submissions need only be C2M files. C2G files are not required and are not even encouraged. Levels will be jumbled during the voting process and the final pack assembly so C2G files are unnecessary. This also means advanced scripting (level warps, inventory setting, etc.) are implicitly banned since they aren't contained within a C2M file.
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    CCLP1-MS #130 (Dynamite): [872] (+13, b+1) CCLP1-Lynx #130 (Dynamite): [864] (+10, b-4, pc)
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    cclp2: #37 (The Mystery of the Seven Chips): 324 (+2, b) #111 (Monster Factory): 376 (+1, b) #142 (Chomper Romp): 520 (+2, b) #146 (Run-a-Muck): 319 (+2, b) 6050980 public tws updated.
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    Thank goodness I'm a mod and can remove stuff designed to prevent answers to actual inquiries
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    CC1 (MS) 127: 454 (+1, b) [Skelzie] 5,977,570 (142 bolds) Finally.
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    CC1 (MS) #4 (LESSON 4): 116 (b) #5 (LESSON 5): 85 (b) #6 (LESSON 6): 94 (b) #7 (LESSON 7): 139 (b) #8 (LESSON 8): 96 (b) #9 (NUTS AND BOLTS): 306 (b) #10 (BRUSHFIRE): 51 (b) #11 (TRINITY): 211 (b) #13 (SOUTHPOLE): [982] (b) #14 (TELEBLOCK): 204 (b) #15 (ELEMENTARY): 89 (b) #16 (CELLBLOCKED): [971] (b) #17 (NICE DAY): 83 (b) #19 (DIGGER): 171 (b) #21 (ICEBERG): 119 (b) #22 (FORCED ENTRY): 293 (b) #26 (CHCHCHIPS): 254 (b) #27 (GO WITH THE FLOW): 147 (b) #31 (KNOT): 6 (b) #34 (CYPHER): 297 (b) #35 (LEMMINGS): 577 (b) #36 (LADDER): 232 (b) #38 (SAMPLER): 462 (b) #39 (GLUT): 17 (b) #40 (FLOORGASBORG): 195 (b) #42 (BEWARE OF BUG): 187 (b) #43 (LOCK BLOCK): 126 (b) #45 (MONSTER LAB): 292 (b) #46 (THREE DOORS): 222 (b) #48 (MUGGER SQUARE): 277 (b) #49 (PROBLEMS): 162 (b) #50 (DIGDIRT): 318 (b) #52 (THE LAST LAUGH): 382 (b) #53 (TRAFFIC COP): 478 (b) #54 (GRAIL): 326 (b) #55 (POTPOURRI): 70 (b) #58 (LOOP AROUND): 550 (b) #59 (HIDDEN DANGER): 368 (b) #60 (SCOUNDREL): 288 (b) #62 (SLO MO): 282 (b) #63 (BLOCK FACTORY): 477 (b) #64 (SPOOKS): 548 (b) #66 (VICTIM): 292 (b) #72 (REVERSE ALLEY): [961] (b) #74 (PLAYTIME): 359 (b) #75 (STEAM): 479 (b) #77 (INVINCIBLE CHAMPION): 481 (b) #78 (FORCE SQUARE): 480 (b) #80 (VANISHING ACT): 733 (b) #82 (SOCIALIST ACTION): 969 (b) #84 (WARS): 580 (b) #85 (TELENET): 236 (b) #86 (SUICIDE): 381 (b) #91 (JUMPING SWARM): 367 (b) #94 (NOW YOU SEE IT): [906] (b) #95 (FOUR SQUARE): 335 (b) #97 (METASTABLE TO CHAOS): 290 (b) #98 (SHRINKING): 338 (b) #99 (CATACOMBS): 380 (b) #102 (ICEHOUSE): 177 (b) #107 (BALLS O FIRE): 260 (b) #109 (TORTURECHAMBER): 133 (b) #111 (TIME LAPSE): [963] (b) #112 (FORTUNE FAVORS THE): [985] (b) #113 (OPEN QUESTION): 462 (b) #114 (DECEPTION): 172 (b) #117 (THE MARSH): [942] (b) #118 (MISS DIRECTION): 260 (b) #119 (SLIDE STEP): 210 (b) #121 (PERFECT MATCH): [968] (b) #122 (KEEP TRYING): 272 (b) #123 (THE PRISONER): 272 (b) #129 (LOBSTER TRAP): 286 (b) #131 (TOTALLY UNFAIR): 26 (b) #135 (TRUST ME): 293 (b) #140 (ICEDEATH): 263 (b) #141 (UNDERGROUND): [968] (b) #142 (PENTAGRAM): [968] (b) #145 (Thanks to…): [991] (b) #147 (FORCE FIELD): [970] (b) #149 (SPECIAL): 955 (b) CC1 (Lynx) #4 (LESSON 4): 116 (b) #5 (LESSON 5): 84 (b) #6 (LESSON 6): 93 (b) #7 (LESSON 7): 135 (b) #8 (LESSON 8): 96 (b) #10 (BRUSHFIRE): 51 (b) #11 (TRINITY): 204 (b) #13 (SOUTHPOLE): 981 (b) #31 (KNOT): 3 (b) #45 (MONSTER LAB): 286 (b) CC1 (Steam) #45 (MONSTER LAB): 286 (b) CCLP1 (MS) #3 (PRESENT COMPANY): 183 (b) #4 (BLOCK PARTY): 207 (b) #6 (WHEN INSECTS ATTACK): 185 (b) #7 (UNDER PRESSURE): 185 (b) #13 (THE MONSTER CAGES): 263 (b) CCLP1 (Lynx) #3 (PRESENT COMPANY): 183 (b) CCLP2 (MS) #13 (THE SERIAL PORT): 342 (b) #143 (TRAPPED): 495 (b) CCLP2 (Lynx) #13 (THE SERIAL PORT): 337 (b) #15 (DEBUG FILE): 234 (b) CCLP3 (MS) #114 (LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION): 579 (b) Local man goes streaking through internet forum, and accidentally dumps load of scores. 81 cc1 ms bolds (top 30 ms bold count!), 10 cc1 lynx bolds, 1 cc1 steam bold, 5 cclp1 ms bolds, 1 cclp1 lynx bold, 2 cclp2 ms bolds, 2 cclp2 lynx bolds, and 1 cclp3 ms bold (lunit LUL) for a grand total of 103. Reason for reporting: Top 30 MS bold count and so that I can use the fortune cookie feature!
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    Nicely done! Fun fact: my 620 route enters from the top-right and leaves out the bottom-left.
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    Sup Chipsterz, There have been some short conversations about the first CC2 community pack on the Chip's Challenge Discord, mostly involving me complaining about how lackluster the main game is and how a community pack would be 10 times better. But before we even begin opening submissions, there are a few opinions I'd like to get from the community about the structure of the set and what should and shouldn't be allowed. Here are my questions, I'll post my own thoughts in a reply soon. What should the set be named? How many levels? Allow levels with CC1 boot rules? Consistent viewport size (9x9 or 10x10)? Map size limit? Namely, should the 40x40 limit from the CC2 main game be retained? Should any tiles or techniques be banned? Some "unsupported" tiles are innocuous, like the zero-directional block or the blank "no" sign, but hex editing can lead to weird and wild tiles, as seen in TSAlpha's Enter the Void. There also are some non-obvious techniques, like block slapping and the gimmicks in TSAlpha's Great Job CC2! levels, that may not be well-suited for an official pack. Any other standards that should be set in place?
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    CC1 (MS) #1 (LESSON 1): 83 (b) #2 (LESSON 2): 90 (b) #3 (LESSON 3): 89 (b) CC1 (Lynx) #1 (LESSON 1): 82 (b) #2 (LESSON 2): 89 (b) #3 (LESSON 3): 88 (b) CC1 (Steam) #1 (LESSON 1): 82 (b) #2 (LESSON 2): 90 (b) #3 (LESSON 3): 88 (b) CCLP1 (MS) #17 (TINY): [990] (b) CCLP1 (Lynx) #17 (TINY): [989] (b) CCLP2 (MS) #1 (A FLEETING MEMORY): 347 (b) CCLP2 (Lynx) #1 (A FLEETING MEMORY): 348 (b) CCLP3 (MS) #25 (RECESS): 99 (b) CCLP3 (Lynx) #25 (RECESS): 99 (b) CCLP4 (MS) #66 (ANACONDA): 264 (b) CCLP4 (Lynx) #66 (ANACONDA): 264 (b) CC2 #77 (THE ROVER ROOM): 193 (+1,b) 40430 (+10,b) #116 (GHOSTBOMBS): 103 (+2,b) 59030 (+20,b) #140 (REBEL): 250 (+86,+8,+1) 72500 (+860,+80,+10) #148 (TANK RUSH): 44 (+1,b) 74440 (+10,b) I've got a full house. All 12 sets with bolds in them now . Just thought I'd put these down while I remember to do them
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    CCLP4 (MS) #3 (Fossilized Snow): 208 (+4) #5 (Non-Dimensional Layer): 253 (+19) #6 (Proving Grounds): 305 (+3) #13 (Encased in Carbonite): 198 (+3) #14 (Poly-Gone): 302 (+37) #32 (Blended Brussels Sprouts): 299 (+1) #45 (Seven-Layer Salad): 331 (+8) #46 (Exclusive Or): 239 (+1) #47 (Antidisruptive Caves): 337 (+9) #48 (Key Insight): 277 (+1) #49 (Block Parking): [893] (+15) #50 (Secret Underground Society): 292 (+25) #53 (Protect Your Fortress): 275 (+2) #54 (Split Path): 205 (+13) #62 (Block Unpuzzle): 283 (+46) #67 (Nuclear Energy for Dummies): 303 (+4) #68 (Cold Fusion Reactor): [935] (+1) #82 (Puzzle Box): [880] (+2) #83 (Frozen Over): 432 (+8) #84 (Forsythia): 387 (+1) #86 (Cyprus): 307 (+25) #89 (Diametric Opposition): 380 (+32) #97 (Lockdown): 264 (+1, b) #101 (Condo Management): 411 (+5) #102 (The Key Issue): 304 (+1) #105 (Living Things): 407 (+1) #109 (Shemozzle): 21 (+3) #116 (They're Not Called Blocks for Nothing): 267 (+2) #117 (Greenian Motion): 256 (+1) #118 (Chip Controls): 398 (+2) #128 (Mindless Self-Indulgence): 487 (+29) #138 (Zipper): 427 (+12) #144 (Paradigm Shift): 637 (+6) Total Score: 6,074,860 All these except Split Path and Lockdown were improvements made in my CCLP4 LP last year and just never got around to reporting them until now. I know a lot of them are dumb but oh well.
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    #21 (EIGHT WAYS): 244 (+6, +9, b) 12940 (+60,+90 b) #26 (CHAMBER BOMB): 216 (+1,+2 b) 15240 (+10, +20, +20, +20, +20, b) Ty Janaszar the legend #31 (ICE DANCING): 93 (+1,b) 41550 (+30,b) Ty ruben #35 (CHIPS?): 38 (+1,b) 17880 (+10,b) #57 (MONTY HAUL): -1 (No change from b) 33420 (+630,b-15458) #67 (GHOST TRAP): 229 (+1, +1, b) 35790 (+10,+10,b) Thanks to ryan for confirming my route worked. #68 (LIGHTS OUT): 281 (+1, +1, b) 36810 (+10,+10,b) #69 (LOOKALIKE): 285 (+1, +2, +1, +1, b) 37350 (+10,+20,+10,+10,b) #84 (OFF KEY): 274 (+1,b) 46660 (+10,b) Ty reynaldi #90 (EVIL TWIN): 86 (+1,b) 45860 (+10,b) #94 (DECISIONS): -1 (No change from b) 50710 (+30,b) Ty james and everyone else for the help on this one. Look forward to the next chipinati meeting. #102 (OBSTACLES): -1 (No change from b) 57290 (+1910,+10,+10,bc) UNGA BUNGA ME SEE PUBLIC ROUTE. UNGA BUNGA ME COPY ROUTE. UNGA BUNGA ME CONFIRM. #122 (FIRE AND ICE): 783 (+11,+36,+19,+67,+18,+32,pc) 68830 (+110,+360,+190,+670,+180,+320,pc) Partial confirm on a hellish level. I curse thy name J.B. #131 (JETLINE): -1 (no change from b) 69990 (+10,+10,b) part of the mutual exchange between indy and I. Thanks indy #142 (FISH AND CHIPS): 29 (+1,b-1) 71290 (+10,b-10) This was a bold if I had reported it on time... oh well :/ #143 (CAVERNS) 290 (+35,b-33) 74400 (+350, b-330) Level 145 273 75230 Level 146 32 73320 Level 147 35 73850 Level 148 43 74430 Level 149 249 76990 Level 150 33 75330 Level 151 83 84320 Level 152 62 77570 Level 153 64 77140
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    CCLP1 MS #122 (Jeepers Creepers): 651 (+1, b+1)
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    CCLP1 MS #51 (H2O Below 273 K): 271 (+4, b-3) #93 (Flame War): 327 (+4, b+1) (joint with IHNN) CCLP4 MS #8 (The Fourth Dimension ): 333 (+1, b) #17 (The Three Trials): 254 (+1, b) #74 (Technopathic): 347 (+2, b)
  32. 2 points
    @quiznos00 Have you considered cross-posting this to the Steam discussion boards for CC2?
  33. 2 points
    CC1 (MS) #33 (ON THE ROCKS): [684] (+1, b) 5,977,650 CC1 (Lynx) #33 (ON THE ROCKS): [631] (+6, b+6) #89 (BLOCK BUSTER): 380 (+1, b+1) #116 (BLOCK BUSTER II): 699 (+3, b+2) 5,897,990 CCLP2 (MS) #127 (Escape from Chipkatraz): 113 (+1, b) 6,050,880 CCLP2 (Lynx) #124 (Paramecia *): 223 (+1, b) 6,043,170 CCLP4 (MS) #81 (Estranged for a Season): 317 (+1, b) 6,109,860 (b) CCLP4 (Lynx) #81 (Estranged for a Season): 309 (+4, b+4) 6,100,350
  34. 2 points
    What other games do you play that allow you to create and share levels? One other I like is Artsoft's Rocks and Diamonds. https://www.artsoft.org/rocksndiamonds/
  35. 2 points
    CCLP2 MS #37 (The Mystery of the Seven Chips): 324 (+6, b+2)
  36. 2 points
  37. 2 points
    Hellllllo everyone, it's time for another Create Competition! Like the last one I ran where I wanted a maze, this time your prompt is also just a type of level. I want a block themed level! There are a lot of interesting things you can do with blocks and many tiles also complement blocks well, so hopefully we get some interesting puzzles out of this. Guidelines: 1. The level should be new, at the very least I shouldn't have seen it before. 2. Other sections are okay, but the focus should be on blocks. 3. The level can be large, or long, but I value compact clever puzzles highly over an overly drawn out level. If it has a reason to fill the whole map or take up many minutes, that's fine, but don't feel compelled to fill up the entire map. 4. I'd like to see a sokoban (push blocks to destination tiles) in each entry that uses a mechanic that makes the puzzle only* work in CC. As a guideline, if you could make the puzzle in YASC, it probably won't do well here. This isn't a requirement, but it'd have to be a very good level to win without one of these. 5. The level can be made in CC1 or CC2, and if CC1, it must be solvable in MS and/or Lynx. I'm aware that CC2 has multiple different kinds of blocks and many other interacting tiles that allows for a lot more potential here, but levels in both games will have a good chance. Recall that the winning maze level was CC2 but almost 100% transferable to Lynx, and second place was MS+Lynx. 6. The deadline is May 3rd, 11:59 PM or whenever I post the submitted levels, whichever is later. I'll give feedback on any obvious busts or flaws I see when submitted, but otherwise won't be giving thoughts until judging. 7. Submit your levels (limit 3) to either my Discord (IHNN#3459) or email ( jbardonjr [at] charter [dot] net). For an example of the sort of level that would do well here, Construct-a-Sokoban uses chips and sockets to make a novel sardine can, while Same Game uses CC elements sparingly to craft a masterful puzzle. Josh's Trick or Trap uses recessed walls to up the difficulty of an otherwise simple puzzle, and his Prison Hall uses force floors to create an elegant puzzle. Block Plaza (in WoCCLP4) uses blue walls to make a guiding puzzle, to use one of my own levels. For a level that wouldn't do so well, pick anything in SokobanCCLP for not using CC mechanics, or Traps II from CCLP2, or pretty much any of Tyler's adapted sokobans (MSI excepted for using toggle walls), and so on. And most importantly, have fun with it!
  38. 2 points
    Thanks again for everyone who entered this competition, the average level of quality here was incredibly high and ranking these came down to the slimmest of margins. Literally any of the levels in the top half could easily have been the winner, and very minor changes to levels could also have resulted in several place changes. Onwards to the results! 12th place: 11th place: 10th place: 9th place: 8th place: 7th place: 6th place: 5th place: 4th place: 3rd place: 2nd place: 1st place: Thanks again to everyone who entered, I know I'm looking forward to seeing what's on offer for Tyler's Create! Final results:
  39. 1 point
    CC1 Steam 88: 304 (b) (Spirals) Somehow the first 304 Steam
  40. 1 point
    Ok, let's get these results into the world! I've been a bit busy, but it's almost been two weeks since the deadline, so I'll just post what happened without posting the routes to YouTube. Without further ramblings.... 1. rubenspaans____ 15pts (240 + 645 = 885) 2. M11k4__________ 12pts (240 + 641 = 881) 3. Ihavenoname248_ 10pts (236 + 644 = 880) 4. Reynaldi________ 8pts (236 + 628 = 864) 5. Motekopasznyaku_ 7pts (237 + 0 = 237) Congrats to Ruben! we all knew you could show us how it's done in Lynx! Also a congrats to IHNN for winning the Chip Cup 2018! (I'll get around to posting more details on that.) Thanks to all participants! I'm working on getting the routes released for your satisfaction, as well as the new TT announced. -Miika
  41. 1 point
    Walls of CCLP1 has been updated with ten new (mostly simple) levels! Enjoy playing, and as always, feedback is welcome.
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  43. 1 point
    Version 0.4 is released! You can get it at http://www.pillowpc2001.net/CCCreator/.
  44. 1 point
    CCLP3: #147: 512 (+20, bc, tyJBL, Avalanche) L#147: 503 L (+17, b+7, Avalanche) Was off to bed when posting, but promised to edit in some comments: This was quite a thing. I've been lucky to have worked on three intense levels this fall and all of them have produced what I was hoping for. Well, in this case we fell one move short of the next second in MS, but did improve the other side of the fence. I remember working on Avalanche over six years ago, and I did get the records back then. I wasn't the first to attempt it, but I still managed a significant jump in the score (+49s). There are two main solutions to the level and it's not easy to gauge which 'direction' is quicker. Even pieguy expressed to me that he wondered which direction I chose, but didn't actually want to hear the answer before he had a chance to try it himself. Which he did half a year later, and beat my score by a good margin (+9s). I asked him if he had any idea what I might have been missing (though we didn't share routes; I was just wondering in general if he knew there was some trick I missed), and he only answered that there's probably more seconds available in the final room. I accepted that guess but I couldn't believe it was only that, because missing nine seconds in one room would be a lot, and I had put a lot of work into each transition. I had actually only worked on one of the solutions and it turns out I went the wrong way. (It turns out I was missing about three seconds in the final room for a best known solution in that direction of 495, which equals the score I managed to put together in the other direction before we started sharing routes.) A couple of years later, J.B. came around to the level. I should ask about his side of the story, but here's how I remember it. It wasn't easy to score 500+ so he was talking to pieguy about it. Maybe he got to like 505 on his own (which was b+2 at the time), but pieguy helped him out with the ending. He had worked out a very efficient final room and shared that. That, along with finding small improvements elsewhere gave JB the current record of 512. He wanted to know if more was possible so he shared the route with me. We made an unusual deal, where if I found even a small improvement in the route (not necessarily worth the next second), we'd report the score as a joint bold. I looked at the solution, but JB's work seemed solid and I told him he was good to go. I didn't take the time to execute the score myself right away, so it took three years for this confirm. I had been both a bit afraid of the boosts in the final room and I wanted to have a chance for a fresh look at the level. I did find [3] more this time around, but we still haven't cracked 513. I took a good stab at Lynx though, first finding b+2 and then b+4 and being pretty happy about that. This was all based on the MS route, and I concentrated my efforts in squeezing out as many block slaps as I could, mainly in the final room. I told JB I'd share whatever I found with him, and we struck a new deal that if he found anything more that I missed, this could still be a joint bold. So I took a final pass at the level and did find improvements that gave me three more seconds for a 503 score. Before I get into what we'll do next, here's a clarification of where we stand now. The MS route was put together by JB with a little bit of help from pieguy. (I assume pieguy also has the route.) JB shared this solution with me three years ago, and I finally executed it. I put more effort into the Lynx transfer of this route, and along the way I found [3] more that also helps in MS but falls [1] short of a new record. JB will soon confirm the Lynx score. If he finds any improvements (before the year is out) this score may yet be a joint record. We hope to some day score 513. We also want to help others get to the finish line on this one, but want to find the right way to do that. We talked about setting a threshold, so if you score a certain amount by yourself, we'd share the bold route and you wouldn't have to eek out everything by yourself. We didn't settle on anything, but 490, 500, and 505 could all work, depending on the difficulty desired. Another way would be to release just the method for the final room and let you do the rest. Or to post hints on what to do. Or to just release the full solution publicly so everyone can see the cool stuff happen. These all have merits, and some of the reasons aren't fully clear if you don't know the route(s). Right now, we're still working this out. For me, the reasons to let you do some of the work comes down to letting you enjoy that moment of discovery. There's more to this level than just pushing blocks optimally in each transition. (Why were the first records so much slower?) Try it yourself! Overall, I've had a blast with this level. I hope you can enjoy it too. Some day I will record the 'long solution' with some commentary. And maybe get that one last move from somewhere... -Miika
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    CC1 (MS) #136 (DOUBLEMAZE): [863] CCLP4 (MS) #5 (Non-Dimensional Layer): 270 #8 (The Fourth Dimension): 318 #9 (Pinball): 234 #10 (Stuck in Emerald): 74 #11 (Keyboard Malfunction): 309 #12 (Rivets): 224 #13 (Encased in Carbonite): 206 #61 (Blue Tooth): 522 #104 (Dual): 196 #149 (Mental Marvel Monastery): 491 Total Score 353,920
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    I'm fine with CC2LP1 tbh. Maybe it could have two names: a standard one and an official one / a subtitle. Trackless railroad: if you (or a monster) drop a railroad crossing sign on it, you get stuck, which means you can't leave a boot there like you can with, say, water, and other monsters won't die in it. Nothing else can really do that. The closest i can think of are flame jets and entering a normal track the "wrong" way, but they have significant differences. It'd be very situational, but i think it could be used in a good way. I don't think potential for abuse is ever a valid reason to ban something. Just because most levels with it are bad doesn't mean we have to exclude the good ones. Even if the latter category doesn't exist, we can never really know that beforehand. Besides, voting will take care of that. I will agree, though, that anything that may be patched out later shouldn't be allowed. Hidden logic: it was fine for official CC1 sets, so i don't see a reason to avoid that here. However, hidden buttons that otherwise would be visible to the player (as opposed to being in an off-screen mechanism, for example) should be banned because that may or may not get changed in an update. I'm inclined to say no to CC1 boot rules, but i think there's too much that can be done with it to just exclude it. More thoughts later.
  47. 1 point
    CC1-MS #24 (OORTO GELD): 428 (+3, b-2) tyjb #64 (SPOOKS): 548 (+1, b) tykl #146 (CAKE WALK): 705 (+4, b-12) 5,977,120 (I'm in top 10 again!) 117 bolds, I think (110 timed, 7 untimed)
  48. 1 point
    CCLP4 (MS) 027: 402 (+2, b+1) [Suburban Legend] 6,090,300 (88 bolds) I warned you guys about this... TSG route in CCLP4. CCLP4 (Lynx) (4:46 PM EST edit) 027: 397 (+27, b+1) [Suburban Legend]
  49. 1 point
    CCLP4 (MS) Level 120 (Construct-a-Sokoban) - 665 (+72)(b+1) Total Score: 6,079,970
  50. 1 point
    CCLP4 (MS) Level 28 (Zephyr Heights) - 402 (+2)(b-1)(pc) - I can' even begin to guess how one more second is possible here. Level 29 (Flipper Departments) - 313 (+7)(b) Level 30 (Hoodwinked) - 61 (+3)(b) Total Score: 6,078,430