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    We've all felt like doing this before.

    © CamdenT

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    If Chip were a pokemon.
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    Sadly, any one of these panels does describe a day in the life of a Chipster.

    © Miika Toukola

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    You Gotta love it when this happens.
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    Preview from my 2nd levelset Rock-Beta

    © © 2012 Rock "rockdet" Généreux

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    This is one of the 35 best possible routes that would score 444 in everyone's favorite Chip's Challenge level #23, Blobnet. However, it has been shown by computer search through all the possible random seeds, that this score is not in fact possible to achieve in the original game.
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    This is not mine, but I stumbled upon this comic looking for something...

    © http://www.blowthecartridge.com/

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    If J.B was a Pokemon card...
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    I think this sort of thing has happened to more people than they'd liked to admit. I'll probably make more similarly shenanigans (and unlikely!) scenarios where a blob can cause silly deaths in other levels, but this is the first that came to mind.

    © Copyright? Who needs that for these silly little things :P

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    If you're struggling for even a decent score in Chip's Challenge level #23, Blobnet, give this route a try. Played in odd step, with one move pauses at every circle, this path will almost never kill Chip and score 422. Now there is no reason to score less! The idea is based on the parity of the blobs' moves, so that every time you take a chip, the blobs don't move. To see the route in action check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-N8L90Orxyw
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    A preview of a level in the next update of TS0. The title or content of the level haven't necessarily been finalized yet.
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    Just a simple CC Comic I made. This was designed in CCEdit and the text was added with Pinta.

    © Do anything you want with it as long as you credit me.

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    A non-linear maze that involves being hunted by five blocks in random force field corridors while collecting the chips.
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    wow. such originality.
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    I wanted to smooth out Chip's MSCC sprite after I made it 2 times larger, but keeping the pixels from being smooth. This happened.
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    This is a comic of my reaction of BigOto2's final episode of Let's Play JoshL2. Not too special but still funny to me
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    A comparison of two versions of a level. 1. The first room in the old version involves placing a block in the tank's way to make it stop, and then pushing the block down so the tank and the block will create an obstacle for the fireball, making it turn left. A complete lack of Lynx compatibility meant this room was erased. 2. Even if the fireball could be directed up in Lynx, the hint tile blocks it from entering the maze proper. This hint tile was moved to the exit room. 3. The exit room and starting room are fireball-shaped in the new version, in order to strengthen the theme. The starting room even has a fireball to dodge – primarily to serve as a visual of how fireballs move (they turn right when they hit an obstacle). 4. One of the block cloners was moved up to make the level Pedantic compatible; the path exiting the maze was modified to allow the fireball to reach the green button target.

    © 2012 Grant Fikes

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    A center shot of a level called "Skating on Thin Ice" in MCCLP.
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    One of those great moments in life. To understand the picture, you'll have to try out the level :-) Anyone want to figure out the probability of this happening?
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