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    It's been a long time since I had news, so here's an informational update! I've added a control+click feature to insert a terrain without erasing the rest of the cell contents. Also, I'm working on dialogs to edit the properties of individual tiles. Here's a preview: I hope to be able to release a program update with these features in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned.
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    Hello Chipsters! I am currently working on making a TASing emulator for CC! With this emulator hope to emulate Chips challenge accurately, and even improve on mouse emulation, as well as add many useful features for routing and even casual playing such as: Rewinding Savestates Frame-by-frame playing TWS Playback RNG manipulation And much, much more! Watch this video to see an early version in action Currently, 146/149 CC1 and 123/149 CCLP3 levels play correctly. There are still some simple things that need to be fixed. Version 1 will be released when nearly all solutions from the public tws's play back correctly. Github repository Feel free to request any features in this thread or by messaging markus#1180 on discord.
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    CCLP1 (MS) 093: 327 (+3, b+1) [Flame War] (joint bold with Kacper, set November 5th) So, this happened. I did say I was going to go for the rest of these if this happened... 028: 276 (+1, b) [The Last Starfighter] (1 hour of attempts, set November 6th) I went for BoaP first, immediately after. After a few hours I went to sleep for the night. When I got back from work (early, due to being sick) on the 6th I didn't want to continue that grind. So, I went for this one and miraculously got it. Probably around 7-8 hours total, +/- 2 hours counting my past attempts. I'm super glad I didn't choke the execution here. Then back on the BoaP grind. I ended up unable to go to work on the 7th due to this stupid cold. That just meant more blob time. 117: 255 (+2, b) [Blobs on a Plane] (8 hours of attempts, set November 7th) It's better to be lucky than good. I made a tactical mistake on the way back from the suction boots after a good thirty second think, with a blob 2 tiles up and another 2U2R. I had misjudged the second blob and thought it could interfere, and so elected to step LU instead of U, deliberately spending my 2 moves of buffer. In hindsight, this was a mistake given the probabilities of success for what I knew. U was more likely to work as LU given an L blob move would spell disaster. Except, I had misjudged the step AND U would have been immediate death, as the blob moved D, and so LU was actually the correct decision in a vacuum for survival! Though even given hindsight, a very difficult move to have to make. And so, the last of the random levels fell. (further analysis shows that some of that analysis could be wrong. Regardless, my mental picture and the actual level didn't mesh and I made a questionable decision that happened to be the absolute correct one) 051: 274 (+1, b) [H2O Below 273 K] (slightly earlier today) This one was inevitable. Still took 5 or 6 hours of attempts, but some heavy duty practice on the left half paid off. Dropped [1/2] in rooms 6 and 7 but hung on in the end. 6,006,000 (147 bolds) (b)
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    CCLP1 (MS) 2 (Slip and Slide) 180 3 (Present Company) 183 4 (Block Party) 205 5 (Facades) 232
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    CCLP1 MS #122 (Jeepers Creepers): 651 (+1, b+1)
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    CCLP1 MS #51 (H2O Below 273 K): 271 (+4, b-3) #93 (Flame War): 327 (+4, b+1) (joint with IHNN) CCLP4 MS #8 (The Fourth Dimension ): 333 (+1, b) #17 (The Three Trials): 254 (+1, b) #74 (Technopathic): 347 (+2, b)
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    @quiznos00 Have you considered cross-posting this to the Steam discussion boards for CC2?
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    CC1 (MS) #33 (ON THE ROCKS): [684] (+1, b) 5,977,650 CC1 (Lynx) #33 (ON THE ROCKS): [631] (+6, b+6) #89 (BLOCK BUSTER): 380 (+1, b+1) #116 (BLOCK BUSTER II): 699 (+3, b+2) 5,897,990 CCLP2 (MS) #127 (Escape from Chipkatraz): 113 (+1, b) 6,050,880 CCLP2 (Lynx) #124 (Paramecia *): 223 (+1, b) 6,043,170 CCLP4 (MS) #81 (Estranged for a Season): 317 (+1, b) 6,109,860 (b) CCLP4 (Lynx) #81 (Estranged for a Season): 309 (+4, b+4) 6,100,350
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    Awesome set and just glad to finish it, here's CCLP4 CCLP4-MS: 6,003,400 1. 140 (Molecule) 2. 246 (Pixelated Fire) 3. 197 (Fossilized Snow) 4. 207 (Oasis) 5. 214 (Non-Dimensional Layer) 6. 300 (Proving Grounds) 7. 86 (In the Pool) 8. 279 (The Fourth Dimension) 9. 189 (Pinball) 10. 63 (Stuck in Emerald) 11. 306 (Keyboard Malfunction) 12. 186 (Rivets) 13. 163 (Encased in Carbonite) 14. 278 (Poly-Gone) 15. 250 (Cross Back) 16. 241 (Reservoir Frogs) 17. 187 (The Three Trials) 18. 214 (Inferno Dynamics) 19. 181 (Conservation of Keys) 20. 300 (It's No Skin Off My Teeth) 21. 283 (Glacial Palace) 22. 199 (Bodyguards) 23. 306 (Western Standards of Living) 24. 299 (It's Easy Being Green) 25. 334 (Difficulty Switch) 26. 209 (Shrub) 27. 332 (Suburban Legend) 28. 309 (Zephyr Heights) 29. 219 (Flipper Departments) 30. 43 (Hoodwinked) 31. 344 (Big Boulder Alley) 32. 282 (Blended Brussels Sprouts) 33. 200 (Tool Shed) 34. 155 (Frozen Waffle) 35. 327 (Chasing Chips) 36. 446 (One Who Raids Tombs) 37. 347 (Tropical Hibiscus) 38. 93 (Detonation Station) 39. 321 (In the Walls of Gravel Castle) 40. 128 (Periodic Lasers) 41. 294 (Ghetto Piranha) 42. 190 (Nova Prospect) 43. 374 (Coral Reef) 44. 395 (Blobfield) 45. 302 (Seven-Layer Salad) 46. 206 (Exclusive Or) 47. 326 (Antidisruptive Caves) 48. 245 (Key Insight) 49. [797] (Block Parking) 50. 293 (Secret Underground Society) 51. 269 (Ice in a Blender) 52. 56 (It Suits the Purpose) 53. 201 (Protect Your Fortress) 54. 193 (Split Path) 55. 489 (If I Ran the Zoo) 56. 484 (Fireworks Factory) 57. 415 (Bisection) 58. 318 (Ruinous Plaza) 59. 271 (Blockpick) 60. 195 (Flippant) 61. 445 (Blue Tooth) 62. 237 (Block Unpuzzle) 63. 410 (Pneumatic Diversity Vents) 64. 280 (Excuse Me) 65. 535 (Duplex) 66. 250 (Anaconda) 67. 240 (Nuclear Energy for Dummies) 68. [873] (Cold Fusion Reactor) 69. 358 (Ball in an Awkward Place) 70. 309 (Science Museum) 71. 157 (Puuf) 72. 287 (Sewerway) 73. 183 (Sealed Doors in the Spacecraft) 74. 226 (Technopathic) 75. 296 (Unmitigated Hint Factory Disaster) 76. 290 (Flow State) 77. 411 (Brick Block Facility) 78. 285 (Aquatic Ruins) 79. 144 (Spring) 80. 253 (Monster Swapper) 81. 267 (Estranged for a Season) 82. [725] (Puzzle Box) 83. 375 (Frozen Over) 84. 273 (Forsythia) 85. 372 (Nectar Meadow) 86. 258 (Cyprus) 87. 482 (And the Walls Kept Tumbling Down) 88. 252 (Empty Rooms) 89. 322 (Diametric Opposition) 90. 338 (Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy) 91. 362 (How to Retune Your Harp) 92. 367 (Fire Is My Enemy) 93. 241 (Bombs Are a Beautiful Thing) 94. 459 (Ditchdigger) 95. 289 (Ravaged) 96. [741] (Lean Thinking) 97. 234 (Lockdown) 98. 395 (Clay Tunnel) 99. 217 (Ice Cavern) 100. 781 (One Tank's Adventure) 101. 355 (Condo Management) 102. 292 (The Key Issue) 103. 519 (Malachite) 104. 166 (Dual) 105. 363 (Living Things) 106. 218 (Gridlock) 107. [731] (Combinations) 108. 432 (Scatterbrained) 109. 10 (Shemozzle) 110. [924] (Keyrithmetic) 111. 114 (Water Bottle) 112. 414 (Triple Mint Slurpee) 113. 319 (Half of You, Half of Me) 114. 304 (Repugnant Nonsense) 115. [908] (Overlap) 116. 227 (They're Not Called Blocks for Nothing) 117. 195 (Greenian Motion) 118. 393 (Chip Controls) 119. 473 (Strandquist) 120. 536 (Construct-a-Sokoban) 121. 350 (Death and Destruction) 122. 590 (Jigsee) 123. 569 (Life Is Not a Puzzle) 124. 20 (Air Bubble) 125. 419 (Beautiful Struggle) 126. 88 (Bind Mender) 127. 80 (Wrong Exit) 128. 414 (Mindless Self-Indulgence) 129. 200 (Undefined Fantastic Object) 130. 263 (Bam Thwok) 131. 377 (Jigsaw) 132. 452 (Monorail) 133. 449 (Monochrome) 134. 376 (Pushover) 135. 327 (Propaganda) 136. 236 (Seeing Red) 137. [853] (The Longest Track) 138. 347 (Zipper) 139. [963] (Unravel) 140. 691 (Repair the Automatic (Caution) Doors) 141. 352 (World of a Thousand Flames) 142. 35 (Stratagem) 143. 583 (Color Coordination) 144. 584 (Paradigm Shift) 145. 412 (Hacked Save File) 146. [567] (Japanese Game Show) 147. 556 (Gimmick Isle) 148. 289 (Gravity Well) 149. 402 (Mental Marvel Monastery) CCLP4-MS.dac_20181117.tws
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    *title not final Greetings Chipsters, In honor of CCLP4 submissions being opened three years ago today, I would like to semi-officially open level submissions for the first CC2 community pack. There have been conversations on the Discord about when submissions should open and who would like to be on the CC2LP1* staff and I've expressed my interest in leading the project and have received support from others. So, while the staff is not finalized, I would like to get the ball rolling by opening CC2 pack submissions, which I will maintain in a Google Doc and post here once it's more populated. You can submit your pack by letting me know here or on Discord, or letting someone know who will be sure to let me know Keep in mind the very few current restrictions on what you can submit. Levels that have appeared in an official CC1 pack that have been ported over will not be allowed. Blatant mods of any official CC1 or CC2 will not be allowed and it will be up to the discretion of the staff to decide which levels are too similar to the levels they were based on ("Walls Of" levels are still okay). Levels that are busted or unsolvable (obviously) are not allowed. The decisions for the questions I asked in the survey topic have not been officially made yet, but here are restrictions on levels themselves that will probably be in place based on the current responses, in case you want to plan ahead. CC1 boot levels will be banned, viewport size can be either 9x9 or 10x10, no limit on map size, zero directional blocks and blank no signs are allowed, other hex edited tiles are banned, submitted levels require a recorded solution, inaccessible bonuses are allowed, hide logic is allowed, and RNG setting can be any. Submissions will probably not close for a while (maybe 6 months from now?) so you can relax and focus on designing some fun levels! ~ Tyler Sontag
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    CCLP4 (MS) #38 (Detonation Station): 209 (+1, b) #123 (Life Is Not a Puzzle): 664 (+1, b+1) joint bold with Jeffrey B. #144 (Paradigm Shift): 731 (+1, bc) #147 (Gimmick Isle): 772 (+3, b+1) 6,110,070 (b)
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    CCLP4 (MS) 144: 731 (+56, b+1) [Paradigm Shift] 6,100,730 (120 bolds)
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    CCLP4 (MS) Level 38 (Detonation Station) - 209 (+5)(b+1) Level 105 (Living Things) - 415 (+3)(b) Total Score: 6,091,730
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    CCLP4 (MS) 123: 663 (+42, bc) [Life Is Not a Puzzle] 6,100,150 (119 bolds) Life may not be a puzzle, but Chip's Challenge is full of them. This one is bold #650. Here's to another... 25? 50?
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    CCLP1 (MS) Level 122 (Jeepers Creepers) - 651 (+4)(b confirm) - Thanks Jeffrey for the collab offer and the 650 route Total Score: 5,996,780
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    CCLP2 MS #142 (Chomper Romp): 520 (+2, b+2) 6,050,760 - 143 b
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    CCLP4 MS #74 (Technopathic): 345 (+9, b+7)
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    CCLP3 (MS) #83 (Billiards): 228 (+5, b+2) 6,093,510
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    Any meditators here on CCZone? I'm not religious or spiritual; although I have been reading and casually practicing some parts of Buddhist philosophy for a while now. I started meditating a while ago at first to just relax. I quickly learned it is a much more powerful practice than simply allowing you to relax. It can be literally life changing. I won't go into all the details unless there's interest but here's a few things: There is a lot of misconception about meditation. For one; there are many different methods which lead to different things and have different goals. There's no 'right' or 'wrong'. A lot of people try meditating by 'clearing their mind' and think they can't because their mind keeps wondering so they're a failure at it. This is a misconception. It is impossible to clear your mind; one main goal of many common meditations including one called Vipassana is to focus on something (like your own breath) and note each time your mind wanders. If you realize your mind was wandering and you focus back on your breath that is not failure; it's success; that's part of the goal of this practice. The act of realizing your mind is wandering and redirecting it over time will help you develop better concentration and focus among many other things. For any who think it's just voodoo nonsense; there is actual scientific backing on it. Two interesting things that can happen as a result of meditation; Supposedly meditation can stimulate a nerve in the brain called the Vagus nerve which connects to many parts of the body and helps your body relax physically and is very good for the heart, lungs and digestion. Over time meditation has in some people helped deal with depression, anxiety and addictions. There is a network in the brain called the 'default mode network' which is active whenever we are not working on a particular problem like math, watching a movie etc. In other words; day dreaming. It is believed this area is responsible for self reflection and 'theory of mind' among other things. This network can be altered or shut off entirely while meditating. This can lead to very profound and bizarre feelings. It is an altered state of consciousness which is impossible to describe or understand without feeling it. It can be very pleasant but also scary. I also want to make a brief warning; its not all fun and games and isn't something that should be taken too lightly. Meditating, especially done poorly (too deeply, too much or too often) highly depending on the person and your personality can have negative effects. I've never been on a 'retreat' but I've read of people who've done those and have had episodes where they almost went insane.
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    What other games do you play that allow you to create and share levels? One other I like is Artsoft's Rocks and Diamonds. https://www.artsoft.org/rocksndiamonds/
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    CC1 MS #28 (PING PONG): 239 #29 (ARCTICFLOW): 302 #33 (ON THE ROCKS): [684] (b+1) #36 (LADDER): 232
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    Finally, FINALLY completed and figured out Tiles N Stuff (thank you Josh and Indy). The last 5 levels of this update were lots of fun to crack and had my brain constantly thinking. Thoughts on (121-125) 121. Super legit level with a bunch of legit puzzles. I'll admit I was kind of stumped on how to get to the exit but I was able to figure it out in a reasonable amount of time. Nice, "Team Aqua Hideout" puzzle too, better than "Freezer". 122. I find this to be a breather level to the last 2 puzzle levels. Nice design too. 123. Very well crafted puzzle and super satisfying to figure and to solve. I also appreciate the lack of guesswork at the end of the joyride, at first I thought it was. Also has a fun maze at the end. 124. Well put together puzzle with a medium to moderately difficult. Fantastic puzzles too and nice to bust it too at first. 125. This level, THIS LEVEL was a major satisfaction to solve. Wow, I don't think I'll be able to get over being such an idiot at that bee and paramecia puzzle . I swear I was stuck on that section for quite some time but the solution was staring at my face the entire time. Thanks to you Josh and Indy for helping me with that, I really appreciate it. Overall, I really liked this level and it has that "Divide By Zero"/"Hacked Save File" aesthetic. Well done Josh for creating such a brain teaser. This was such an amazing update Josh and keep the great levels coming. Looking forward to see the remaining 24 levels which will hopefully be amazing with brilliant puzzles. Hopefully they wont be too hard like "Can't Teach Old Frog New Tricks" or "Suspended Animation" but we'll see. As a suggestion, for the next update create 15 levels and then think about how to design the 140's decade. I don't know but that's just my suggestion so you'll have time to contemplate the difficulty for the final sections of WoCCLP3. WoCCLP3 complete (for now). Hope to see more amazing levels and more videos of ZK-Adventure and WoCCLP4.
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    Just made it to level 121, really enjoying these new levels so far. Anyway here's my thoughts of levels 111-120. 111. Fun blob themed level. That clone button blob chase section is legit. Great candidate for the level 133 slot. 112. Awesome sokoban puzzles in this level. I really enjoyed this one. 113. This is an okay level. The "invisible sokoban" concept wasn't too bad on this one. Just have to plan ahead cause this concept is pretty easy to screw up on execution wise. 114. Out of all the "Tank Game" level series, this one is my most favorite. Especially that "tanks on traps" section, that really stood out from the level. All the other puzzles are amazing to play as well. 115. Extremely well crafted puzzle, had lots of fun cracking this one. 116. Really fun level to play. Based on the hint, I don't care for the "memes" of Sandstorm by Da Rude. That song is out of this world. Nonetheless entertaining level and better than "Mistakes". 117. I find this level to be much more fun than the original "Grand Prix". Felt like chip and the teeth were on some sort of co-op team to reach the finish line. 118. Like Oxide Station, another easy version of Force Field. 119. Yet another video game glitch based level. I kept screwing up stupidly by walking onto the traps. Somewhat easy chip collecting level. 120. Fantastic key puzzle, better than "Water Trap".
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    Oh yes! Another update. Quite fun levels so far. Here's my thoughts on levels 101-110 101. Somewhat easy chip collecting level. Nice "Metastable to Chaos" section. 102. Despite title it wasn't maddening at all. No, I don't judge levels by their title at all. Anyway, better than "Divide and Conquer". Thankfully time limit not too strict. 103. It's the blue and yellow version of "Flame Boy Color". Somewhat easy level, quite lenient. 104. Thought it was a strict time limit blue wall maze but not too much. Still a fun level. 105. This level is medium to somewhat hard, just gotta keep track of how you enter the teleports without collecting too many chips. 106. Simple maze with a nice design. Gotta keep track on the time though. 107. Legit toggle button and door based level. Not gonna lie, I got the pink ball trap button section on the first press. Neat blob and fireball navigation too. 108. Easy chip collecting level. Like 106, gotta keep track on the time. 109. Neat blue themed level with a fantastic twist at the end. 110. Very well crafted level. I was stumped on some sections namely the force floor puzzle. Keep those force floor puzzles coming.
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    It is indeed fun as all getout, but be forewarned there is a LOT of content - the box said over 1,000 levels and they weren't kidding, so if you want to 100% it it's a time investment. The help page that used to have clues as to where the hidden things were has since gone under, but can still be accessed with the Wayback machine, luckily I bookmarked it :-P http://web.archive.org/web/20070311174734/www.freewebs.com/suppremeplayersguide/
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    Name in top right -> "Account Settings" Then "Signature" on next page
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    CCLP4 (MS) Level 36 (One Who Raids Tombs) - 471 (+1)(b) Level 139 (Unravel) - (976)(+5)(b-1) Level 140 (Repair the Automatic (Caution) Doors) - 806 (+521) 6,085,370 4th place overall achieved.
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    CCLP4 (MS) Level 120 (Construct-a-Sokoban) - 665 (+72)(b+1) Total Score: 6,079,970
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    After completing this set I want to say it is now one of my favorite level sets I have ever played. in my opinion the difficulty compared to the original CCLP2 is a little bit easier since I am not a huge fan of invalid tiles. 2 levels I can think of are Frozen Birdbath LX (130) and Frostbite (139), those levels made the original fully invalid tile levels a lot more clearer. Some of the harder levels in this level set could be Glider and Fire (96) since the gliders do NOT burn in lynx, nevertheless a good challenge. I especially had a lot of trouble in the notorious Cloner's Maze (147), particularly getting the yellow key. Thanks to rubenspanns for helping me on that level. Zatarcla (135) is severely busted due to flicking the hot block right next to the exit, still as always I like to do it the intended way. Thankfully, there aren't too many frustrating levels in the set but the one that really made me angry was Run-A-Muck (146). That fireball where the 6 chips doesn't make that room any easier and the different tooth monster mechanics to enter the fireball room guarding the trap button is challenging too. Overall very good level set along with the MS version of CCLP2 with a twist of difficulty that kind of intervene with each other.