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    More thoughts on the new levels. All the Water (110) - Initially, I thought that this was gonna be a "Build-A-Bridge Workshop" level judging by the thieves. Turned out to be a rather easy level. Overstocked Distribution Center (112) - I would imagine it would take lots of time to create a decently difficult block themed level, this one was a major satisfaction to solve. Knowing you Josh, you are pretty adept creating levels that make the player think quite a bit. Slimefield (117) - Very fun blob themed level. Especially the red and green aesthetic. Hypothermia (123) - Nice aesthetics and rather simple chip collecting level. International Tank Anthology (126) - Terrific tank reference level. Great variety and great puzzles. Favorites were "The 4th Dimension", "Next in Line", "Reverse Alley", and "A Pressing Concern" mechanisms. I might be missing a couple of other references but I knew a majority of them.