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    It's been a long time since I had news, so here's an informational update! I've added a control+click feature to insert a terrain without erasing the rest of the cell contents. Also, I'm working on dialogs to edit the properties of individual tiles. Here's a preview: I hope to be able to release a program update with these features in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned.
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    Download Hello Chipsters! I am currently working on making a TASing emulator for CC! With this emulator hope to emulate Chips challenge accurately and provide many useful features for routing and even casual playing. Features Rewinding Savestates Frame-by-frame playing TWS Playback Continue recording from playback Easy solution sharing View the monster list, slip list, button connections and chip's move history as you play Record gifs Cheats And much, much more to come! Issues Sliding blocks leaving traps onto sliding tiles cause slide delay when they shouldn't TWS files may end a move early TWS files with clicks may not play back correctly Some unknown issues Currently, 588/596 official levels play correctly. See all known issues. Github repository Feel free to request any features in this thread or by messaging markus#1180 on discord.
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    I don't really optimize that much, but I still try to get a reasonable score for the official levels. CC1 MS levels 1-30
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    CCLP4 (MS) 065: 624 (+4, b+2) [Duplex] 114: 524 (+64, b+2) ([December 19th, 5:16 PM] Jay Bee: I'm 99% sure Repugnant Nonsense will stand) 117: 269 (+1, bc) [Jessi Is the Blob Whisperer] 6,111,060 (145 bolds) (b)
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    Version 1.0.2


    Sometime in 2016, I attempted at a project that would have been my ultimate CC1 set - Walls of CCLP1. I was inspired enough by Joshua Bone's Walls of CC1 to attempt it but as an actual CC1 set. It looked promising, I had built about 20 levels for it, but due to lack of ideas and just the overall thought I was probably trying too hard, I lost sight of the project and aborted it completely. What was made for it was savaged and placed into what some call "JoshL6-extended", but the thought of fully doing a walls of set remained in the back of my mind since then, just at that point in time, I wasn't ready. Maybe it was best to save it for another day. Then out comes Walls of CCLP4, which brought back an amazing amount of inspiration to try a walls of set again. But there was a problem now. I already tried with CCLP1 and didn't want to go at it again so I passed that up (Both J.B. and Isaac started up their own Walls of CCLP1 sets anyway!) As mentioned, CC1's were being done by Joshua Bone and likewise CCLP2's walls by mobius respectively as CC2 sets, though neither of them as CC1 walls of sets honestly didn't sound fun so I passed them up as well. CCLP4... I did consider and it was very tempting since Jeffrey and I are vastly different designers so there probably wouldn't have been overlap? But at the end of the day I didn't want to take from Jeffrey's set so that was passed up too. With that out of the way, what other official set was left? CCLP3. Boy was this an interesting set to use for a walls of set but a really fun and challenging one nonetheless. Not only that, but CCLP3 is what brought me into this community, so this set despite my feelings towards it, has some kind of meaning to me. This project started on March 27th, 2018, exactly 8 months ago, with Socket Shrine using Toggle Bust as the first designed level while Take a Bite of My Heart using Item Unlocker being the last designed on November 15th. Working on this set reminded me not to be afraid to design certain things and don't let others dislikes affect what you want to build. Compared to all my other sets, this set I've easily put the most amount of effort into. There's no questioning that. I explored and toyed with so many concepts and ideas for this set like you wouldn't believe. I went with ideas I thought I'd never use. I worked with walls configurations I thought I'd never hit an idea on and almost certainly would have never built outside of this project. Every level I've made here... I had so much fun making each and every one of them, even the ones that took forever to get an idea for. But that's the joy of building new levels out of predetermined wall patterns. There's always something new or different to build with them. Just look at Semi-Perfect Stronghold, Condemned Faculty, and Tank Game Reborn which all used wall patterns that have been used at least 3 times prior. Now about the files - there are three of them: Walls_of_CCLP3 is the difficulty ordered version and is the recommended/preferred one to play through. Walls of CCLP3-A is the CCLP3 ordered version. Walls of CCLP3-B is the order by how the levels were designed. The latter two versions are included mostly for fun and whether you play through them instead is up to you. But be warned - those don't include a difficulty curve or any kind of content balancing whatsoever. In case I missed something that needs fixing, which is sadly always a possibility, all versions will be updated as so none get left out. Every level has been tested and solved in both rulesets. Many thanks to the various people who have played through the iterative releases throughout the year and/or provided feedback! It was extremely appreciated and helpful in making this set as good as it can be. Will this be my last CC1 set? Honestly with how many times I've said that, I doubt it at this point. CC2 designing has been on the mind lately but I won't ever ditch CC1 designing for it. Call it a comfort thing, but I have more fun with it than probably ever will for CC2. However, with CC2LP1 happening soon, who knows? I'll design whatever I want at this point. I have a few CC1 projects in mind at this very moment... but that's for another time. And with that, I sincerely hope you enjoy my take on the Walls of CCLP3. -Josh Lee [Flareon350]
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    CCLP1 (MS) 093: 327 (+3, b+1) [Flame War] (joint bold with Kacper, set November 5th) So, this happened. I did say I was going to go for the rest of these if this happened... 028: 276 (+1, b) [The Last Starfighter] (1 hour of attempts, set November 6th) I went for BoaP first, immediately after. After a few hours I went to sleep for the night. When I got back from work (early, due to being sick) on the 6th I didn't want to continue that grind. So, I went for this one and miraculously got it. Probably around 7-8 hours total, +/- 2 hours counting my past attempts. I'm super glad I didn't choke the execution here. Then back on the BoaP grind. I ended up unable to go to work on the 7th due to this stupid cold. That just meant more blob time. 117: 255 (+2, b) [Blobs on a Plane] (8 hours of attempts, set November 7th) It's better to be lucky than good. I made a tactical mistake on the way back from the suction boots after a good thirty second think, with a blob 2 tiles up and another 2U2R. I had misjudged the second blob and thought it could interfere, and so elected to step LU instead of U, deliberately spending my 2 moves of buffer. In hindsight, this was a mistake given the probabilities of success for what I knew. U was more likely to work as LU given an L blob move would spell disaster. Except, I had misjudged the step AND U would have been immediate death, as the blob moved D, and so LU was actually the correct decision in a vacuum for survival! Though even given hindsight, a very difficult move to have to make. And so, the last of the random levels fell. (further analysis shows that some of that analysis could be wrong. Regardless, my mental picture and the actual level didn't mesh and I made a questionable decision that happened to be the absolute correct one) 051: 274 (+1, b) [H2O Below 273 K] (slightly earlier today) This one was inevitable. Still took 5 or 6 hours of attempts, but some heavy duty practice on the left half paid off. Dropped [1/2] in rooms 6 and 7 but hung on in the end. 6,006,000 (147 bolds) (b)
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    CC1 Lynx: #24 (OORTO GELD): 431 (+4, b) #63 (BLOCK FACTORY): 473 (+2, b) Total Score: 5,897,930
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    CCLP1 MS #127 (In the Pink): 421 (+159, b+1)
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    Another bump to this topic... I have now added the CC2 level set section to my site. It is horribly out of date, so I would appreciate any and all help in getting it up to date. http://pillowpc2001.net/levels/index.php?set=2 I eventually plan on correcting the solvability tables...right now they still look like the CC1 table and show/save a column for MS and Lynx. I have a note to ignore this for now and just use the MS column for submitting solvability, but hopefully this will be fixed soon.
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    CC1 (MS) 127: 454 (+1, b) [Skelzie] 5,977,570 (142 bolds) Finally.
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    CC1 (MS) #4 (LESSON 4): 116 (b) #5 (LESSON 5): 85 (b) #6 (LESSON 6): 94 (b) #7 (LESSON 7): 139 (b) #8 (LESSON 8): 96 (b) #9 (NUTS AND BOLTS): 306 (b) #10 (BRUSHFIRE): 51 (b) #11 (TRINITY): 211 (b) #13 (SOUTHPOLE): [982] (b) #14 (TELEBLOCK): 204 (b) #15 (ELEMENTARY): 89 (b) #16 (CELLBLOCKED): [971] (b) #17 (NICE DAY): 83 (b) #19 (DIGGER): 171 (b) #21 (ICEBERG): 119 (b) #22 (FORCED ENTRY): 293 (b) #26 (CHCHCHIPS): 254 (b) #27 (GO WITH THE FLOW): 147 (b) #31 (KNOT): 6 (b) #34 (CYPHER): 297 (b) #35 (LEMMINGS): 577 (b) #36 (LADDER): 232 (b) #38 (SAMPLER): 462 (b) #39 (GLUT): 17 (b) #40 (FLOORGASBORG): 195 (b) #42 (BEWARE OF BUG): 187 (b) #43 (LOCK BLOCK): 126 (b) #45 (MONSTER LAB): 292 (b) #46 (THREE DOORS): 222 (b) #48 (MUGGER SQUARE): 277 (b) #49 (PROBLEMS): 162 (b) #50 (DIGDIRT): 318 (b) #52 (THE LAST LAUGH): 382 (b) #53 (TRAFFIC COP): 478 (b) #54 (GRAIL): 326 (b) #55 (POTPOURRI): 70 (b) #58 (LOOP AROUND): 550 (b) #59 (HIDDEN DANGER): 368 (b) #60 (SCOUNDREL): 288 (b) #62 (SLO MO): 282 (b) #63 (BLOCK FACTORY): 477 (b) #64 (SPOOKS): 548 (b) #66 (VICTIM): 292 (b) #72 (REVERSE ALLEY): [961] (b) #74 (PLAYTIME): 359 (b) #75 (STEAM): 479 (b) #77 (INVINCIBLE CHAMPION): 481 (b) #78 (FORCE SQUARE): 480 (b) #80 (VANISHING ACT): 733 (b) #82 (SOCIALIST ACTION): 969 (b) #84 (WARS): 580 (b) #85 (TELENET): 236 (b) #86 (SUICIDE): 381 (b) #91 (JUMPING SWARM): 367 (b) #94 (NOW YOU SEE IT): [906] (b) #95 (FOUR SQUARE): 335 (b) #97 (METASTABLE TO CHAOS): 290 (b) #98 (SHRINKING): 338 (b) #99 (CATACOMBS): 380 (b) #102 (ICEHOUSE): 177 (b) #107 (BALLS O FIRE): 260 (b) #109 (TORTURECHAMBER): 133 (b) #111 (TIME LAPSE): [963] (b) #112 (FORTUNE FAVORS THE): [985] (b) #113 (OPEN QUESTION): 462 (b) #114 (DECEPTION): 172 (b) #117 (THE MARSH): [942] (b) #118 (MISS DIRECTION): 260 (b) #119 (SLIDE STEP): 210 (b) #121 (PERFECT MATCH): [968] (b) #122 (KEEP TRYING): 272 (b) #123 (THE PRISONER): 272 (b) #129 (LOBSTER TRAP): 286 (b) #131 (TOTALLY UNFAIR): 26 (b) #135 (TRUST ME): 293 (b) #140 (ICEDEATH): 263 (b) #141 (UNDERGROUND): [968] (b) #142 (PENTAGRAM): [968] (b) #145 (Thanks to…): [991] (b) #147 (FORCE FIELD): [970] (b) #149 (SPECIAL): 955 (b) CC1 (Lynx) #4 (LESSON 4): 116 (b) #5 (LESSON 5): 84 (b) #6 (LESSON 6): 93 (b) #7 (LESSON 7): 135 (b) #8 (LESSON 8): 96 (b) #10 (BRUSHFIRE): 51 (b) #11 (TRINITY): 204 (b) #13 (SOUTHPOLE): 981 (b) #31 (KNOT): 3 (b) #45 (MONSTER LAB): 286 (b) CC1 (Steam) #45 (MONSTER LAB): 286 (b) CCLP1 (MS) #3 (PRESENT COMPANY): 183 (b) #4 (BLOCK PARTY): 207 (b) #6 (WHEN INSECTS ATTACK): 185 (b) #7 (UNDER PRESSURE): 185 (b) #13 (THE MONSTER CAGES): 263 (b) CCLP1 (Lynx) #3 (PRESENT COMPANY): 183 (b) CCLP2 (MS) #13 (THE SERIAL PORT): 342 (b) #143 (TRAPPED): 495 (b) CCLP2 (Lynx) #13 (THE SERIAL PORT): 337 (b) #15 (DEBUG FILE): 234 (b) CCLP3 (MS) #114 (LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION): 579 (b) Local man goes streaking through internet forum, and accidentally dumps load of scores. 81 cc1 ms bolds (top 30 ms bold count!), 10 cc1 lynx bolds, 1 cc1 steam bold, 5 cclp1 ms bolds, 1 cclp1 lynx bold, 2 cclp2 ms bolds, 2 cclp2 lynx bolds, and 1 cclp3 ms bold (lunit LUL) for a grand total of 103. Reason for reporting: Top 30 MS bold count and so that I can use the fortune cookie feature!
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    CCLP1 (MS) 2 (Slip and Slide) 180 3 (Present Company) 183 4 (Block Party) 205 5 (Facades) 232
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    Nicely done! Fun fact: my 620 route enters from the top-right and leaves out the bottom-left.
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    Sup Chipsterz, There have been some short conversations about the first CC2 community pack on the Chip's Challenge Discord, mostly involving me complaining about how lackluster the main game is and how a community pack would be 10 times better. But before we even begin opening submissions, there are a few opinions I'd like to get from the community about the structure of the set and what should and shouldn't be allowed. Here are my questions, I'll post my own thoughts in a reply soon. What should the set be named? How many levels? Allow levels with CC1 boot rules? Consistent viewport size (9x9 or 10x10)? Map size limit? Namely, should the 40x40 limit from the CC2 main game be retained? Should any tiles or techniques be banned? Some "unsupported" tiles are innocuous, like the zero-directional block or the blank "no" sign, but hex editing can lead to weird and wild tiles, as seen in TSAlpha's Enter the Void. There also are some non-obvious techniques, like block slapping and the gimmicks in TSAlpha's Great Job CC2! levels, that may not be well-suited for an official pack. Any other standards that should be set in place?
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    CC1 (MS) #1 (LESSON 1): 83 (b) #2 (LESSON 2): 90 (b) #3 (LESSON 3): 89 (b) CC1 (Lynx) #1 (LESSON 1): 82 (b) #2 (LESSON 2): 89 (b) #3 (LESSON 3): 88 (b) CC1 (Steam) #1 (LESSON 1): 82 (b) #2 (LESSON 2): 90 (b) #3 (LESSON 3): 88 (b) CCLP1 (MS) #17 (TINY): [990] (b) CCLP1 (Lynx) #17 (TINY): [989] (b) CCLP2 (MS) #1 (A FLEETING MEMORY): 347 (b) CCLP2 (Lynx) #1 (A FLEETING MEMORY): 348 (b) CCLP3 (MS) #25 (RECESS): 99 (b) CCLP3 (Lynx) #25 (RECESS): 99 (b) CCLP4 (MS) #66 (ANACONDA): 264 (b) CCLP4 (Lynx) #66 (ANACONDA): 264 (b) CC2 #77 (THE ROVER ROOM): 193 (+1,b) 40430 (+10,b) #116 (GHOSTBOMBS): 103 (+2,b) 59030 (+20,b) #140 (REBEL): 250 (+86,+8,+1) 72500 (+860,+80,+10) #148 (TANK RUSH): 44 (+1,b) 74440 (+10,b) I've got a full house. All 12 sets with bolds in them now . Just thought I'd put these down while I remember to do them
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    CCLP4 (MS) #3 (Fossilized Snow): 208 (+4) #5 (Non-Dimensional Layer): 253 (+19) #6 (Proving Grounds): 305 (+3) #13 (Encased in Carbonite): 198 (+3) #14 (Poly-Gone): 302 (+37) #32 (Blended Brussels Sprouts): 299 (+1) #45 (Seven-Layer Salad): 331 (+8) #46 (Exclusive Or): 239 (+1) #47 (Antidisruptive Caves): 337 (+9) #48 (Key Insight): 277 (+1) #49 (Block Parking): [893] (+15) #50 (Secret Underground Society): 292 (+25) #53 (Protect Your Fortress): 275 (+2) #54 (Split Path): 205 (+13) #62 (Block Unpuzzle): 283 (+46) #67 (Nuclear Energy for Dummies): 303 (+4) #68 (Cold Fusion Reactor): [935] (+1) #82 (Puzzle Box): [880] (+2) #83 (Frozen Over): 432 (+8) #84 (Forsythia): 387 (+1) #86 (Cyprus): 307 (+25) #89 (Diametric Opposition): 380 (+32) #97 (Lockdown): 264 (+1, b) #101 (Condo Management): 411 (+5) #102 (The Key Issue): 304 (+1) #105 (Living Things): 407 (+1) #109 (Shemozzle): 21 (+3) #116 (They're Not Called Blocks for Nothing): 267 (+2) #117 (Greenian Motion): 256 (+1) #118 (Chip Controls): 398 (+2) #128 (Mindless Self-Indulgence): 487 (+29) #138 (Zipper): 427 (+12) #144 (Paradigm Shift): 637 (+6) Total Score: 6,074,860 All these except Split Path and Lockdown were improvements made in my CCLP4 LP last year and just never got around to reporting them until now. I know a lot of them are dumb but oh well.
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    #21 (EIGHT WAYS): 244 (+6, +9, b) 12940 (+60,+90 b) #26 (CHAMBER BOMB): 216 (+1,+2 b) 15240 (+10, +20, +20, +20, +20, b) Ty Janaszar the legend #31 (ICE DANCING): 93 (+1,b) 41550 (+30,b) Ty ruben #35 (CHIPS?): 38 (+1,b) 17880 (+10,b) #57 (MONTY HAUL): -1 (No change from b) 33420 (+630,b-15458) #67 (GHOST TRAP): 229 (+1, +1, b) 35790 (+10,+10,b) Thanks to ryan for confirming my route worked. #68 (LIGHTS OUT): 281 (+1, +1, b) 36810 (+10,+10,b) #69 (LOOKALIKE): 285 (+1, +2, +1, +1, b) 37350 (+10,+20,+10,+10,b) #84 (OFF KEY): 274 (+1,b) 46660 (+10,b) Ty reynaldi #90 (EVIL TWIN): 86 (+1,b) 45860 (+10,b) #94 (DECISIONS): -1 (No change from b) 50710 (+30,b) Ty james and everyone else for the help on this one. Look forward to the next chipinati meeting. #102 (OBSTACLES): -1 (No change from b) 57290 (+1910,+10,+10,bc) UNGA BUNGA ME SEE PUBLIC ROUTE. UNGA BUNGA ME COPY ROUTE. UNGA BUNGA ME CONFIRM. #122 (FIRE AND ICE): 783 (+11,+36,+19,+67,+18,+32,pc) 68830 (+110,+360,+190,+670,+180,+320,pc) Partial confirm on a hellish level. I curse thy name J.B. #131 (JETLINE): -1 (no change from b) 69990 (+10,+10,b) part of the mutual exchange between indy and I. Thanks indy #142 (FISH AND CHIPS): 29 (+1,b-1) 71290 (+10,b-10) This was a bold if I had reported it on time... oh well :/ #143 (CAVERNS) 290 (+35,b-33) 74400 (+350, b-330) Level 145 273 75230 Level 146 32 73320 Level 147 35 73850 Level 148 43 74430 Level 149 249 76990 Level 150 33 75330 Level 151 83 84320 Level 152 62 77570 Level 153 64 77140
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    CCLP1 MS #122 (Jeepers Creepers): 651 (+1, b+1)
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    CCLP1 MS #51 (H2O Below 273 K): 271 (+4, b-3) #93 (Flame War): 327 (+4, b+1) (joint with IHNN) CCLP4 MS #8 (The Fourth Dimension ): 333 (+1, b) #17 (The Three Trials): 254 (+1, b) #74 (Technopathic): 347 (+2, b)
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    @quiznos00 Have you considered cross-posting this to the Steam discussion boards for CC2?
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    CC1 (MS) #33 (ON THE ROCKS): [684] (+1, b) 5,977,650 CC1 (Lynx) #33 (ON THE ROCKS): [631] (+6, b+6) #89 (BLOCK BUSTER): 380 (+1, b+1) #116 (BLOCK BUSTER II): 699 (+3, b+2) 5,897,990 CCLP2 (MS) #127 (Escape from Chipkatraz): 113 (+1, b) 6,050,880 CCLP2 (Lynx) #124 (Paramecia *): 223 (+1, b) 6,043,170 CCLP4 (MS) #81 (Estranged for a Season): 317 (+1, b) 6,109,860 (b) CCLP4 (Lynx) #81 (Estranged for a Season): 309 (+4, b+4) 6,100,350
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    What other games do you play that allow you to create and share levels? One other I like is Artsoft's Rocks and Diamonds. https://www.artsoft.org/rocksndiamonds/
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    CCLP2 MS #37 (The Mystery of the Seven Chips): 324 (+6, b+2)
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    Hellllllo everyone, it's time for another Create Competition! Like the last one I ran where I wanted a maze, this time your prompt is also just a type of level. I want a block themed level! There are a lot of interesting things you can do with blocks and many tiles also complement blocks well, so hopefully we get some interesting puzzles out of this. Guidelines: 1. The level should be new, at the very least I shouldn't have seen it before. 2. Other sections are okay, but the focus should be on blocks. 3. The level can be large, or long, but I value compact clever puzzles highly over an overly drawn out level. If it has a reason to fill the whole map or take up many minutes, that's fine, but don't feel compelled to fill up the entire map. 4. I'd like to see a sokoban (push blocks to destination tiles) in each entry that uses a mechanic that makes the puzzle only* work in CC. As a guideline, if you could make the puzzle in YASC, it probably won't do well here. This isn't a requirement, but it'd have to be a very good level to win without one of these. 5. The level can be made in CC1 or CC2, and if CC1, it must be solvable in MS and/or Lynx. I'm aware that CC2 has multiple different kinds of blocks and many other interacting tiles that allows for a lot more potential here, but levels in both games will have a good chance. Recall that the winning maze level was CC2 but almost 100% transferable to Lynx, and second place was MS+Lynx. 6. The deadline is May 3rd, 11:59 PM or whenever I post the submitted levels, whichever is later. I'll give feedback on any obvious busts or flaws I see when submitted, but otherwise won't be giving thoughts until judging. 7. Submit your levels (limit 3) to either my Discord (IHNN#3459) or email ( jbardonjr [at] charter [dot] net). For an example of the sort of level that would do well here, Construct-a-Sokoban uses chips and sockets to make a novel sardine can, while Same Game uses CC elements sparingly to craft a masterful puzzle. Josh's Trick or Trap uses recessed walls to up the difficulty of an otherwise simple puzzle, and his Prison Hall uses force floors to create an elegant puzzle. Block Plaza (in WoCCLP4) uses blue walls to make a guiding puzzle, to use one of my own levels. For a level that wouldn't do so well, pick anything in SokobanCCLP for not using CC mechanics, or Traps II from CCLP2, or pretty much any of Tyler's adapted sokobans (MSI excepted for using toggle walls), and so on. And most importantly, have fun with it!
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    Thanks again for everyone who entered this competition, the average level of quality here was incredibly high and ranking these came down to the slimmest of margins. Literally any of the levels in the top half could easily have been the winner, and very minor changes to levels could also have resulted in several place changes. Onwards to the results! 12th place: 11th place: 10th place: 9th place: 8th place: 7th place: 6th place: 5th place: 4th place: 3rd place: 2nd place: 1st place: Thanks again to everyone who entered, I know I'm looking forward to seeing what's on offer for Tyler's Create! Final results:
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    You could e.g. put some bonus flags on the small island separated my the river / the water tiles at the start, this way the block is needed to obtain them, which means, it isn't available to block the ball
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    I would like to see an official level pack for CC2.
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    SET/RESET: The outer four buttons can be 'set' independently, and the middle button resets them all. SEPARATE ON/OFF: A simpler version of SET/RESET. Basically like a toggle switch except the on and off functions are separated. MULTI-TOGGLE: You can add more branches as needed. Each press of the button moves the toggle to the next state. EDGE TRIGGERS: The STEP ON trigger fires a 1-tick pulse on tick t+1 after the button is pressed. The STEP OFF trigger fires a 1-tick pulse on tick t+3 after the button is released. The ROCKER fires either a 1-tick or 2-tick pulse on tick t+1 after the button is pressed, and another 1-tick or 2-tick pulse on tick t+1 after the button is released (the pulse will be 1-tick wide for a short press of the button, and 2-ticks wide for a long press).
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    Yep, it's that time again, where a designer puts some record of their thoughts about their levels for everyone else to read. Today I'm going to be talking about Ultimate Chip 6, which contains 60 levels and will probably not be updated for quite a while to come. So let's dive right in! 1. Welcome to the 21st Century This was one of the first levels I put together after the time trial designs, and the goal was to craft a simple itemswapper with a very sprawling feeling to it. Does it feel like something that would have been made around the time CCLP2 was made? Possibly- but the design still has the modern touches of no rooms or hallways being diagonally adjacent. That's something that I personally don't like the look of in most cases, and that's why this level curls back in on itself. In hindsight, it's not the best introductory level for this set, but I didn't really have a better one, and I'm not unhappy with it as it shows that UC6 can and will contain... whatever I felt like throwing in. 2. Quantum Tunneling After Miika ran a mini TT with his own level, Twice the Fun, I decided I liked running through the upper ball corridor, especially with how the balls would bounce off to always allow passage if the first was survived. So I went with that on a smaller scale, added a bunch of bombs and a force floor slide to give the balls a second purpose, and had an easy level that was pretty fun to play. 3. Snowball Mountain Back to back ice aesthetic levels! I tend to use ice and force floors a lot in my designs, and also have an aversion to large empty spaces (that I'm working on, thankfully). Anyway, this level was originally conceived as a maze TT level, but it proved too easy to route. Level name borrowed from Ape Escape 2, continuing the trend of monkey game named ice themed levels after UC3's Frosty Retreat, UC4's Hot Springs, and UC5's Snowy Mammoth. Unfortunately, I'm out of Ape Escape ice levels without monkey puns in the name for the future! 4. Repetitive Repetition I had just watched the Game Maker's Toolkit episode on Hitman and the art of repetition, and had the thought- what if I could turn that into a CC level? That's kind of what optimizing already does, but how can I capture that feeling to create an entire level around it? Then the concept kind of morphed into "hey, let's make the same room 3 times but with minor variations that allow shortcuts lol" and it's not that good of a level. However, I've since re-used this repeated room idea to make a much better level that very few people have seen- I'll release it eventually guys, but for now, James says it's super legit. 5. Key Free The original idea here was a puzzle level where you'd alternate sides taking keys and boots and having to move several objects around in a multi-stage puzzle. Then I couldn't figure out how to begin designing such a puzzle and still don't have a clue (concept is up for grabs!), so around Thanksgiving I sat down at a relatives' house and threw this together. One of Tyler or Shane got tripped up by this level, surprisingly. It's pretty easy with a load of extra keys, but as a little optimizing bonus it's possible to end with the fire boots on the left side, saving some time. Honestly, that little tidbit is why this level stayed in its current form- I added a decent amount of little bonuses for the attentive in this set, and I'll point them out in these musings. 6. Sneaking in the Back Door Ahhh, this level. When I set out to build this level, I knew I wanted it to be rotationally symmetric and on an island, but beyond that I didn't have too much of an idea. Then I decided to place chips with a lock on one side, and a bomb on the other. This led to adding a teeth monster in order to skip a key, and the original design had 2 of each key and 1 teeth, requiring 0 teeth bombs. Then I changed it to 4 teeth and 1 of each key, and wasn't sure which version was better, as this was meant to be a fairly easy level. Mostly thanks to Miika's suggestion, I took a third option of 3 teeth (better symmetry at the start!) and 1 of each key, requiring 3 back door entries. You do have to be a little careful, but it's still not too difficult. 7. Tonberry Estates Walls from Key Farming, was entered in the Walls of CCLP1 create competition. Again, I'm mentioning Miika, but I'm sorry- that sokoban is clever and fits perfectly in the room. Oftentimes teleport sokobans revolved around partial posts, so I set out to build one that was non-trivial in that space and used the teleports as alternate loops. The rest of the level is some simple itemswapping, dodging and chip collecting, before some semi-blind fireball manipulations with a toggle button. I went through great pains to keep this part from being cookable, and I think I succeeded- though if you're not careful with the locks used earlier, you can render the fireball stuck. Don't do that. 8. Encased, Just In Case Oh look, a Time Trial level! This sort of chip collecting romp isn't too interesting to just play, but routing it was actually quite interesting. The original version of the level had recessed walls instead of red and blue obstacles, which would have created easier shortcuts but ultimately been less interesting. Other than that, there's not much to say here. 9. Tunnel Boring Machine I do like monster manipulation challenges quite a bit, and this level is nothing but a monster manipulation challenge, albeit a very lenient one with respect to monsters. You only need 8 or 9 total I think, and there are 16 in the level. That said, the dirt involved is a limited resource that has to be used somewhat carefully in order to access the central chips. Some will probably find this level boring (insert rimshot here) but I liked playing it in testing and still think it's a fun level- takes a little thought, but not full focus. 10. Tesla Foil Josh mentioned a concept about unmaking partial posts, so I tried my hand at building a level like that. Unfortunately, teleports can be pretty broken and the level is irredeemably busted. Despite this, the intended path is pretty interesting, using symmetry in design but distinct rooms to keep a theme going without overstaying its welcome. Oh and the ending has been described as "what" and "bonkers", even though it's just a toggle door path Even with the bust, this is one of my favorites from the set. Now I see why Andrew has done his designer commentary in groups of 10 levels. Must upstage everyone though- onwards to another... 5. 11. Red, Brown and Red Another time trial level, this time with a cloning theme and obviously inspired by Red, Green and Blue. Optimizing cloning is very difficult, as it generally devolves into chaos and just trying everything. My goal with this and the other level was to craft a cloning level based around ideas and specific smaller scale collisions, rather than spamming the button and hoping everything works. Did it work here? For the most part- the toggle door at the end was the trickiest part to try to route, and a solution one second faster than my 90% logical solution exists. When I was optimizing this (as I did so before the competition to ensure the process was reasonable) I identified a timing that would clear out the lowest bombs, and then tried a few variations with the spare moves I had until I found one that was fast. As a casual level, it's okay, borrowing more from Four Plex without the toggle buttons. Slightly tedious perhaps, but not uninteresting, thankfully. 12. Primordial Ooze Mazes with force floor walls have become slightly overdone in recent times- Forced Circuit by Josh, Jungle Fever by J.B., Cluttered Crosswalks and Bisection by me... these all do different things with the core concept, but ultimately are mazes where the walls aren't always walls. In this level, named after the second level of Ape Escape, I didn't really do anything to spice up the force floor sections. However, the water mazes I took advantage of the fact that they're water and added a few blocks to bridge to otherwise unreachable areas, adding a small thinking element to the maze. A few toggle doors to take advantage of the force floors later, and I had a symmetric chip placement maze that's actually pretty fun to play. The time limit is 280 because my time attack time is 2.80, though this will be dropping about .05 soon 13. Transmission After You Can't Teach an Old Frog New Tricks came onto the scene, full level monster guidance puzzles have almost universally been difficult, with Andrew's One Tank's Adventure being the easiest. Others that come to mind are Guiding Light (me), Set-up (Shane), Get the Ball Rolling (J.B.) and A Bug's Life (me), using most of the monsters in the game. I'd even tried making a level like this before I'd played OFNT that featured a blob, titled... A Boy and His Blob in UC2. However, that left a gap in easy guidance levels, and the humble paramecia is often forgotten, so I elected to change that. Side note- gliders and walkers still need this kind of level, unless there is one for either of them that I'm unaware of. Anyway, this level has another one of those bonuses for the attentive- there's no chip socket, as the chips were a last minute addition to try to trick people into doing extra steps. The dirt section can be done from either direction, the toggle and tank rooms require active attention (and setting up the tank room was a pain) and the ice room has been complained about, but it can be set up in advance or you can actually move the blocks with the paramecia chasing you! Yes, it's possible! 14. Interdependent Line Walls from Eddy's Honey Bomb, found in NSG-Rejects. This one was honestly inspired by The Witness, in a weird sort of way. There's nothing too out of the ordinary here, just a key ordering puzzle with a simple gotcha, a recessed wall section outlining some gravel, and luring a teeth through half the level to gain access to the exit. The means of exiting was something I'd specifically wanted to use for a little while, and the socket being only the first step out of several was another common design trope I wanted to avoid. Yep, UC6 as a whole looks at conventional design decisions, uses them for the most part, but the moment they became inconvenient I ignored them... which wasn't often. 15. Crazy Box LOL walker level. I still think Hysteria from UC5 is my best walker dodging level, but come on- it's practically mandatory to include one of these.
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    CCLP3 MS #111 (Bustin' Out): 623 (+3, b+3)
  31. 1 point
    CCLP3 (MS) Level 83 (Billiards) - 228 (+6)(bc) - Thanks J.B. for the route! Total Score: 6,085,410
  32. 1 point
    CCLP2 MS #142 (Chomper Romp): 520 (+2, b+2) 6,050,760 - 143 b
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    Any meditators here on CCZone? I'm not religious or spiritual; although I have been reading and casually practicing some parts of Buddhist philosophy for a while now. I started meditating a while ago at first to just relax. I quickly learned it is a much more powerful practice than simply allowing you to relax. It can be literally life changing. I won't go into all the details unless there's interest but here's a few things: There is a lot of misconception about meditation. For one; there are many different methods which lead to different things and have different goals. There's no 'right' or 'wrong'. A lot of people try meditating by 'clearing their mind' and think they can't because their mind keeps wondering so they're a failure at it. This is a misconception. It is impossible to clear your mind; one main goal of many common meditations including one called Vipassana is to focus on something (like your own breath) and note each time your mind wanders. If you realize your mind was wandering and you focus back on your breath that is not failure; it's success; that's part of the goal of this practice. The act of realizing your mind is wandering and redirecting it over time will help you develop better concentration and focus among many other things. For any who think it's just voodoo nonsense; there is actual scientific backing on it. Two interesting things that can happen as a result of meditation; Supposedly meditation can stimulate a nerve in the brain called the Vagus nerve which connects to many parts of the body and helps your body relax physically and is very good for the heart, lungs and digestion. Over time meditation has in some people helped deal with depression, anxiety and addictions. There is a network in the brain called the 'default mode network' which is active whenever we are not working on a particular problem like math, watching a movie etc. In other words; day dreaming. It is believed this area is responsible for self reflection and 'theory of mind' among other things. This network can be altered or shut off entirely while meditating. This can lead to very profound and bizarre feelings. It is an altered state of consciousness which is impossible to describe or understand without feeling it. It can be very pleasant but also scary. I also want to make a brief warning; its not all fun and games and isn't something that should be taken too lightly. Meditating, especially done poorly (too deeply, too much or too often) highly depending on the person and your personality can have negative effects. I've never been on a 'retreat' but I've read of people who've done those and have had episodes where they almost went insane.
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    CC1 MS #28 (PING PONG): 239 #29 (ARCTICFLOW): 302 #33 (ON THE ROCKS): [684] (b+1) #36 (LADDER): 232
  35. 1 point
    Oh yes! Another update. Quite fun levels so far. Here's my thoughts on levels 101-110 101. Somewhat easy chip collecting level. Nice "Metastable to Chaos" section. 102. Despite title it wasn't maddening at all. No, I don't judge levels by their title at all. Anyway, better than "Divide and Conquer". Thankfully time limit not too strict. 103. It's the blue and yellow version of "Flame Boy Color". Somewhat easy level, quite lenient. 104. Thought it was a strict time limit blue wall maze but not too much. Still a fun level. 105. This level is medium to somewhat hard, just gotta keep track of how you enter the teleports without collecting too many chips. 106. Simple maze with a nice design. Gotta keep track on the time though. 107. Legit toggle button and door based level. Not gonna lie, I got the pink ball trap button section on the first press. Neat blob and fireball navigation too. 108. Easy chip collecting level. Like 106, gotta keep track on the time. 109. Neat blue themed level with a fantastic twist at the end. 110. Very well crafted level. I was stumped on some sections namely the force floor puzzle. Keep those force floor puzzles coming.
  36. 1 point
    CCLP3 Lynx #10 Annoying Wall - 83 (+12,b+6)
  37. 1 point
    CC1-MS #24 (OORTO GELD): 428 (+3, b-2) tyjb #64 (SPOOKS): 548 (+1, b) tykl #146 (CAKE WALK): 705 (+4, b-12) 5,977,120 (I'm in top 10 again!) 117 bolds, I think (110 timed, 7 untimed)
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    CCLP4 (MS) Level 120 (Construct-a-Sokoban) - 665 (+72)(b+1) Total Score: 6,079,970
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    Made more progress and enjoying the new levels. 51. The beginning sokoban is cool along with that fireball cloner mechanism. Awesome level. 52. Absolutely brilliant puzzle, equally good as Fireball Tourism which is one of my favorites in the original CCLP3. 53. Creation level is creative. LOT easier than Same Game. 54. Really fun level with a clever use of a block cloner. Nice aesthetics too. 55. That red button room is really legit. Also the drowning of teeth is somewhat satisfying. 56. Fantastic brain exercise level. Whole LOT better than Caves, which is one of the levels I loathe in CCLP3. 57. Very fun level. Good job subverting expectations in that glider room. 58. Okay level, just got to keep track of where you're going. Concept somewhat annoying but thankfully the level is short. 59. Cool level with a partial post somewhat reminiscent of a partial post from Tyler's "Lounge Act." 60. Legit level with a bunch of legit puzzles. I didn't really like the RFF room with the tanks though. Everything else was a blast.
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    At first I didn't see how this was doable until I finally understood what you meant. This has now been fixed - thanks for bringing it to my attention! Edit: bust re-fixed because I'm dumb and left it busted in Lynx. It should be good now, ice being down the hallway on column 16 is the correct version.
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    I made this while intoxicated lolz
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    I just downloaded the update after playing the first 18 levels in the old version. So far so good for a set that will hopefully be a full 149 set. Here's my thoughts on the first 10 levels. 1. Interesting and somewhat complex first level. 2. Aesthetically pleasing and easy chip and boot collecting level. 3. Somewhat hard level well for me since I am not too good with teleport puzzles. Also, pretty hard to keep track. 4. Fun level with monster melee puzzles. 5. Awesome puzzles into one level. 6. Great level with a unique concept. Basically, somewhat of a monster swapper with chips. 7. Nice trap button puzzle but a little weird too. Took me several tries to get the tooth monster to the correct trap. 8. Interesting level. 9. Intuitive force floor block pushing level. I had to study where each path would lead to and the order. The suction boots at the start are very well appreciated, probably be crazy without them. 10. Somewhat hard level, close spaces with pink balls on slides could be problematic. Still interesting though.
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    Just finished all 40 levels. This is a great start for the future of WOCCLP3. Many many enjoyable levels and great puzzles. Part 4 (31-40) 31. I find this level to be equally amazing as the original "Mini Challenges" 32. I enjoyed this level a lot and that sokoban with the FF's is legit. 33. Interesting aesthetic with the toggle walls and teleports. This level is better than the original. 34. Very nice to break the trend once in a while with the "my friend" with a tooth. 35. Very cool puzzle and blowing up the bombs are satisfying. Heck, bombs are a beautiful thing. 36. I got lucky and solved this on my first try without skipping any rooms. Despite, the challenging dodges I prefer this one over which one next. That level is pretty tedious and just downright boring. 37. Awesome level, especially with that ice slide with chips. 38. Well crafted level, especially that fire boot puzzle. 39. Confusing level at first but turned out to be very fun. I was able to have several blocks left over in the water room. 40. Said it before, I enjoy block puzzles and this one was a blast. Well, that's all the levels completed (so far), this set is at a great start and keep up the good work. As said before creating 149 levels is quite a tall order but just in case that this set isn't going 149 levels that's okay. What matters is that the players have fun and use their brain. Also, for the most part I believe that this Walls Of series improve the original level. YAYAP was a great example (that blockslide!). But anyway, very fun levels and hope to see more soon!
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    Hey Josh it's very nice to see you making levels again after youre JoshL7 set. Having played the first 10 levels, I am having lots of fun with them. 1. Interesting and not too straightforward level as the first one. At first I was stumped at the trap section with the glider but it was a dumb oversight. Still a fun level. 2. Easy and nice blue level. 3. Pretty simple bomb maze type of level. I read the hint too and that teleport was kind of mean. 4. Very interesting title and easy green lock maze. If this were to be a 149 set it should be in the 63 slot or 114 for a JoshL2 reference. 5. Fun key lock type of level and nice blue aesthetic. I think the title Medallion is more of a yellow type thing but blue is still fine. 6. Really liked this level and the puzzle at the end was awesome. The chip collecting part is sort of nerve wracking but not too bad 7. Very interesting twist to a teeth chasing while chip collecting level. With me being a huge Super Mario fan, this feels like I am jumping into bunch of invisible blocks. 8. Fun puzzle sections rolled into one level. 9. This level is a LOT LOT easier than Color Wheel. Luckily, I didn't FRET about this level though. 10. Intuitive "Wrong Exit" type of level. Would be a hard 1st level if you were to release a CCLP3 wall order though.
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    UPDATE: Now on Moon Bridge Surplus (137) and still stumped on 130 and 132. For 130 and I took a peek at 138 I found "solutions" for the sokobans but the levels in this set are in a completely different configuration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywpK6iXav80&t=7889s 130 (1:43:15 in the video) has some blocks already on some traps and in the set they are in completely different order For 138 (2:45:12 in the video) it is a different alignment of blocks and traps. I tried both of them since I got stumped on both levels. Also skipped 137 since I don't see how to complete it. Therefore, I don't know if both levels have a design error or what. Anyway 134 levels completed and 15 more to go and special thanks to Miika for assistance on some levels.
  46. 1 point
    CCLP4 (MS) Level 28 (Zephyr Heights) - 402 (+2)(b-1)(pc) - I can' even begin to guess how one more second is possible here. Level 29 (Flipper Departments) - 313 (+7)(b) Level 30 (Hoodwinked) - 61 (+3)(b) Total Score: 6,078,430
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    (19, 20) and (19, 21) are walls in the original level, but not here. Tanks on top of a wall are still a wall! As always, some very nice levels submitted. And hey, I even managed to win It was quite the challenge to work on- I had a headache from trying to keep in mind both sides of the level while constructing (forgetting to eat due to not wanting to break the creative flow didn't help) and ultimately, I started building the level just to see if I could make a level that played out totally differently with the same layout, as a personal challenge. I'm very happy to see it getting some appreciation- and hopefully it makes it into an official set someday, even with the NW blockslide resetting being a bit of a hassle.
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    NOTHING?: I liked it a lot; nice dodging and simple puzzles, this kind works really well in a 10x10 level. LADYBUGS: nice one and very hard! (I would put it later in the pack if you want the difficult levels toward the end) KEEP CALM AND BATTLE ON: excellent title, and some very cool concepts; I especially like the opening room. However I must admit the train track room, nice concept but it's waay too long for my taste. I know you really only have to hold any button down but you're in nervous anticipation of what might come at the end and it gets a little old after while. WAREHOUSE DESTRUCION: Very cool concept; I don't think I've seen enough interesting levels with TNT like this. RESULTS: interesting one, though very easy, maybe a little too easy. DEPROGRESSION: really nice concept and nice decoration as well! The overall feel of the level is fun and not too taxing. There are ways to lose but it's fair to see exactly what you should do if you're patient. I don't understand the red keys at the end. SHAPES ON THE WALL Another fun set of small puzzles. After the fourth room however I'm confused as to what to do next. Do you have to partial post to get to the next teleporter? RESTRICTIONS very fun maze type of level. MIXED BLOCKS again, very fun simple but elegant concept. I like that you can look ahead and decided what's safe to use where or when. I got most of the bonuses. REMOVED FEATURE I just glanced at this level, didn't play it yet. Could you put the hint tile a few spaces south? As is it overlaps the letter tiles above and is very hard to read. (I've encountered this in my own levels and I admit it can be annoying). SHORT SLIDES fun quick level. A nice breather level in between other types. the set seems to be getting better the more I play.
  49. 1 point
    I have solved all 26 levels. Overall, I really liked this set so far. One interesting thing is that, in some cases, you not only preserve the original wall layout, but also other tiles; I generally like the results. Also, your frequent use of coloured walls and floors makes the levels look much better than their CC1 counterparts. 1: It is a good dodging level and maze, I got the full bonus. 2: A cool puzzle, and I love the title 3: The tank puzzle is really creative, and it's a nice use of ghosts erasing fire. It could use a longer time limit though. 4: Quite fun 5: Better than I expected. Generally I don't like levels that use train crossings like this, but this one was good. 6: I liked this level. I might have busted it, though: I solved using very few blocks and without the hook. 7: Awesome track puzzle. 8: This is an interesting twist on the original level. I did not attempt the full bonus, though. 9: This is a really fun puzzle, and a nice use of the "hide logic" feature. I got the full bonus. 10: A clever puzzle; a nice way to use toggle chips. 11: When I first saw the level, I expected it to be tedious, but I was pleasantly surprised, and it turned out to be quite fun, a great use of the hook. 12: I hated the original level, but this one was awesome. The speed boots help with all the running in long hallways, and it was very satisfying to blow up the walls. 13: An interesting red teleport puzzle. I did not get the bonus... 14: This is a great use of yellow tanks, a really great level, one of my favourites in the set. 15: Speed boots I like the use of swivel doors for flicking blocks; I used that in one of my levels too. I might have busted it, though, by dropping the speed boots right in front of the walker clone machines, stopping the cloning. 16: I'm still confused as to how the wiring of flame jets works It's a fun level though. 17: Bribes are an underused tile; it's nice to see them used here. Also the ghosts with speed boots, awesome 18: Collecting the chips was very easy, and the mimic didn't cause any problems. The last part, to get it to blow up the bomb, was nice. 19: I love the starting room, as well as the directional block and blob rooms. The ball/trap room was difficult but fun. The walker room was slightly annoying though. I got the full bonus. 20: A really simple level, and I got the full bonus. 21: Perhaps the hardest level in the set. But I love how you retain the second Chip from the original level, and the solution is very creative. However, I managed to exit the level with two extra green keys. 22: A great high-speed puzzle. It's nice to see many levels here use speed boots, considering they only appeared once in the original set. I got the full bonus. 23: Your yellow tank mechanism is awesome. The various puzzles are fun, but I might have found a bust: the yellow tank is not required to clone the blocks (or is this intentional?) 24: A fun puzzle; I like the use of yellow teleports. 25: A nice twist on the original level, a good use of ghosts, and I like how there are extra chips. I got the full bonus. 26: This is the only level that I didn't like, I'm afraid. The turtle room is quite fun, and so is the final puzzle (good use of a helmet here), but the starting puzzle is quite tedious and easy to cook; I did not attempt the bonus. I will be looking forward to future updates; so far it's great
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    Or, if they have a different sense of humor, Bad Day At The Office