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  1. Update: The version of Tile World i have is the ice block version. Also, i discovered that it cannot be used to cheat, because if any of these keys are pressed the game doesn't save the score. For example if you complete the level and advance to the next one, you'll see that if you go back to the previous level the "Best Score:" is missing.
  2. I have discovered that pressing certain keys in Tile World 1 has some strange effects that can change the outcome of the level. After pressing any key to start the level, pressing the following keys will have these effects: F2: decreases the "Chips Left" count by 1 F3: adds a red key to inventory F4: adds a blue key to inventory F5: adds a yellow key to inventory F6: adds a green key to inventory F7: adds skates to inventory F8: adds suction boots to inventory F9: adds fire boots to inventory F10: adds fliipers to inventory This could be a problem because it allows players to cheat, but this does not work in TW2.
  3. The only problem is that when you cook a level, a message doesn't pop up. The game itself doesn't know that you cooked the level, only the player knows that.
  4. Anyway, going back to the actual topic of this thread, im from Connecticut. (probably the only one lol)
  5. I have a bunch of levels that are giant versions of Chip's Challenge tiles (inspired by "Spy" from CCLP2). Camden.dat: #29 and 126 Camden_2.dat: #8, 28, 44, 71, 73, 83, and 91 -Camden
  6. Darn. Well, we can always save it for the next community-released pack!
  7. So is the level finished? If so is it going to be put into one of the CCLP1 voting packs?
  8. A similar thing happened to me, i was able to get 292 after only about 20 or so attempts. Apparently that same luck i had doesn't carry over to Catacombs; i've played that level thousands of times and only have come up one second shy of 380.
  9. There are no blob clone machines in CC1.
  10. Icedeath drives me mad, i don't see how anyone could get bold on it! And I looked into Richard Field's description. I had a hunch it might have something to do with pushing blocks through. I've started trying stuff out and still haven't come up with anything. I figured out that you can push the block at (4,7) up into room 1 but i didn't see how that would save any time. I'll have to do some more work...
  11. Ok this should help. Thank you very much! Same here. I've played the route over and over and can only get 394. grrrrr
  12. Hi, I have been looking into the Amsterdam bold recently. Ever since pieguy got 397 it has baffled me, and i have a question for anyone who's acheived it. My question is: Is the 397 route a variation on the 395 route, or is it a whole new route entirely? I know that the 397 route is being kept secret, so if nobody wants to say anything i understand. I figured it would be at least worth asking. -Camden
  13. What is this about? Is there a new glitch or something?
  14. Mine is Chip playing my instrument, the trombone
  15. Version 1.6


    Latest Version of the supercollab level!
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