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  1. Indy's Walls of CCLP1 Discussion

    Status update time! Recently, I submitted two levels for the October 2018 Create Competition. Both of those levels were compatible with MS and Lynx and used the walls of two CCLP1 levels, and as such they will eventually appear in WoCCLP1. However, the rules of the competition are that the level(s) must be new and never seen before. Therefore, my options for a new release would be: - Wait until I get 38 levels and then package these 2 levels along with them, but wait until the Create Comp is judged as the only people who can see them are Miika and I - Wait until I get 40 levels and save these 2 levels for the next release I'm leaning towards the first option even though the results will have to wait until November 11th, but I want to do that because I've been optimizing a bit more of CCLXP2 and CCLP3 Lynx lately and am planning to do a huge score dump soon. Waiting until mid-November to release more levels gives me a perfect excuse to balance out level design and optimization, especially since my scores on most sets do not have every level (except CC2). As always though, I'm curious to see what all of you think. Would you rather wait until November 11th or have the levels be released as quickly as possible? I currently have 33 levels done, not including the 2 levels I submitted for the competition, so if I made 7 more levels in that time, I could release again at 40 levels. You can leave feedback on this on Discord in the #level-design thread or in a reply below. Thanks for your time everyone!
  2. CC2 Community Pack Survey

    CCLP╬▒ actually sounds like a perfect name, and far better than CC2LP1. I fully support this! Though I suppose in writing we'd just say CCLPa, or rather CCLPA since the CC2 font is all capital letters.
  3. Indy's High Scores

    CCLXP2 #37 (The Mystery of the Seven Chips): 319 [b+1]
  4. CC2 Community Pack Survey

    Set Name CC2LP1 sounds perfect to me. Giving it a different, non-numbered name would make it seem like a custom set and not an official set. Granted, many CC1 custom sets are numbered, such as the JoshL series or the Ultimate Chip series, but many CC2 sets seem to not take this approach. Therefore, I believe having a name like CC2LP1, or at least a name with the number 1 at the end, will do. Number of Levels I think following the trend of the CCLPx sets is the way to go here - 149 levels per set. I generally don't agree with the people who say CC2LP1 should have 150 levels, but to be honest, I'm not sure why. Perhaps I've just grown too used to the 149 level trend. I would say 200 since that's how many CC2 had, but while I used to think this back when CC2LP1 discussion first began, my thoughts have changed. 200 levels is far too excessive, especially for only the first pack when not many CC2 custom levels are available. CC1 Boot Rules I say we disallow levels with this rule. Having some levels with the rule and some levels without only get confusing, especially since not a single level in the main game used the CC1 Boots rule. Viewport Size Keep the viewport at 10x10 for consistency's sake. The main game's inconsistency with viewport sizes is very annoying and I think that having a consistent viewing area will be much more satisfying. If a certain level requires the 9x9 viewport to keep certain things out of sight, perhaps the level may need some slight tweakage. For example, if you don't want the player to see the border or another area, just expand the map a little bit and you can have a 10x10 viewport without problems - as long as the original designer gives permission, of course. Plus, the majority of levels built for CC2 use a 10x10 viewport anyways, save for maybe a few CC1 ports. Map Size This is a tough question. I'd say something bigger than 40x40 is okay once in a while, and if it's just for aesthetic purposes it's certainly fine. However, we should make sure we choose only a few levels larger than 40x40, perhaps 5 at most. If the actual area where most gameplay occurs is less than 40x40, then I see no reason to bring the level down just for that reason alone. Zero-Directional Blocks These blocks may not be possible in the standard editor, but they are possible in CCCreator and are surprisingly useful. They can be used as walls that only bowling balls can destroy, and they can be used to create awesome aesthetics - as seen by the center area of Repeaters in Walls of Chip's Challenge. Therefore, I will allow them - but only if a proper tutorial is provided on how they function. Blank No Signs Fill in the Blanks from TSAlpha is a level that deserves a chance in CC2LP1, and the fact that it uses a tile that can't be placed in the ingame editor shouldn't bring it down. Similar to the zero-directional block, though, these should only be used if a proper tutorial is provided on them. Other Hex Edited Tiles This is where things get complicated. Some hex edited tiles can be used to the designer's advantage, like seen in Enter the Void from TSAlpha; but some can be used to mislead the player, like fake fire tiles or fake gravel tiles. Overall, I generally think my answer to this question is no because of the negative effects that come from hex editing tiles. Solutions The levels should all come with built-in solutions. Uploading a levelset to the Steam Workshop requires every level to have a solution, so if we plan to upload this there, this step will be required. Inaccessible Flags I see no good reason to disallow inaccessible bonus flags. If used correctly, they can create a very interesting aesthetic. Maybe I should design a level with unreachable bonus flags as an aesthetic... Hide Logic The Hide Logic option can be used to create some very cool mechanisms without putting everything underneath canopies and having wire tunnels everywhere. An example is the first level I posted in Discord, Slimepocalypse, where I used the Hide Logic option to hide inverters that were cloning blobs every 2 ticks. Therefore, I believe the Hide Logic option should be allowed. RNG Setting The RNG setting should either be 4 Patterns or Deterministic. In the spirit of CC1 Lynx mode and the original Lynx game, there should be no true RNG involved. If a level has lots of blobs, walkers and green teleports, I shouldn't feel discouraged from optimizing it just because the RNG is set to Extra Random. Level Music How about we meet in the middle and replace the Scott Joplin MIDIs, but keep the Windows music? In addition, the Windows music doesn't loop correctly in the main CC2 game, so I'd like the music to alternate every level as it does in the original. Perhaps that sounds like a minor nitpick, but I've seen some far nitpickier claims in this thread. Level Comments I don't really have a preference about retaining level comments, personally. Even the main CC2 game has comments on some levels, so why not? I hope my feedback will be useful in the construction of the final set. Perhaps I'll even get a few levels in myself... Who knows?
  5. Indy's High Scores

    Almost forgot to report these. CC2 #144 THE VILLAGE - 74960 (+80,b-20) | 85 #145 TURNING POINT - 75490 (+860,b-80) | 299 (+86,b-8) #155 VENICE - 85130 (+1700,b-580) | 763 (+170,b-58)
  6. Indy's High Scores

    CC2 #143 CAVERNS - 75700 (+950,b+10) | 320 (+95,b+1) Total CC2 Bolds 221/400 Total CC2 Score 10,661,882
  7. Indy's Walls of CCLP1 Discussion

    Thank you both for the feedback I put the hint there in Delicate Industry so that the player doesn't think the ending has guesswork, because of the fact that there are two blocks. Yeah, I agree that Trick and Treat may be a little too simple. Then again, that's why I put it so early on! Slime Forest will definitely be made untimed in an update. I didn't take into consideration that you could mistake the missing chips for walls, and I honestly like the level more because of that because now it's more than just a reskin of Slime Forest I'm not sure what exactly you mean by "very good" for Blistering Remains. Fun to play? Cool aesthetics? Good use of the "walls"? All of the above? Levels 7 and 8 will probably be placed much closer to the beginning in the final release, as they're meant to be very easy levels. Glad to hear positive feedback for Laughing All the Way to the Tank! The mechanism in that level is something that I think is really cool and I'm glad everyone agrees. I thought the blockslide could be considered a little mean, but I guess it's fairly early in the level and most players are used to the timing of blockslides at this point anyways. Ball Street was semi-inspired by Chip Away. I won't change it to only require one block in Lynx. In my opinion, levels shouldn't require blockslapping just to be able to complete. Think of it more like a nifty shortcut. New Blob in Town was a level where I wanted to make a blob level that wasn't too focused on annoying blob dodging. I'd say extracting the blocks can be a bit painful, particularly the lowermost one, but whatever. The gimmick I had in mind was that you were "pushing" the blob at the start out of town (into the bomb) by using the block. Not that interesting on its own, but I'd say a sardine can makes anything better! For Bad to the Bone, I'll probably change that ball pattern as that wasn't intended. That security puzzle in Ballpit Bonanza is something I'm really proud of. Glad to see it did its job to stump you! Dystopia's lower room has already been fixed to be solvable in Lynx. As for the difficulty of the puzzles: yes, they're a little mismatched, but it doesn't matter that much to me. The whole point of that one block in Exiled Warehouse is that it has nowhere to go! And I don't think the recessed wall is necessary but I don't think it matters that much. It barely has any impact on gameplay whatsoever; the most that may happen is that you'll bump into a toggle door for one move when you're going back. As for the linearity, I definitely felt as though the level was a bit too linear, especially towards the end, but I have no problem with a good linear level once in a while. I'll shoot for another iterative release soon. I'm hoping to include between 30 to 40 levels, plus removal of the time limit on Citrus Forest.
  8. Indy's Walls of CCLP1 Discussion

    I'll increase level 4's time limit to 600 in the next update, then. Level 6 was inspired by Burning Battlefield. Glad you noticed Also I forgot to add back the sockets in Dystopia when I reapplied the solvability fix... This will also be fixed in an update.
  9. Here you can discuss the first 20 levels of my in-progress Walls of CCLP1 set. I'm particularly interested in hearing about level 17, as I'm not sure if I like that one or not due to sliding into water that can't be seen.
  10. Indy's Walls of CCLP1 (Beta) View File This is the beta version of my Walls of CCLP1 set. Currently contains 20 levels, roughly sorted in ascending difficulty. All levels should be possible under MS and Lynx. I hope to make more soon, and maybe to complete this project one day. I've received positive feedback from the screenshots I've posted on Discord, so I hope this set will be well received. Submitter Indyindeed Submitted 10/08/2018 Category CC1 Levelsets  
  11. Indy's Walls of CCLP1 (Beta)

    Version Beta


    This is the beta version of my Walls of CCLP1 set. Currently contains 20 levels, roughly sorted in ascending difficulty. All levels should be possible under MS and Lynx. I hope to make more soon, and maybe to complete this project one day. I've received positive feedback from the screenshots I've posted on Discord, so I hope this set will be well received.
  12. Indy's High Scores

    CC2 #160 ANTARCTICA - 87070 (+390,b) | 326 (+6,b) Total CC2 Bolds 219/400 Total CC2 Score 10,660,932
  13. Indy's High Scores

    Reporting this now rather than later. CC2 #49 CAITLYN'S MAZE - 26120 (+30,b-10) | 262 (+3,b-1)
  14. Indy's High Scores

    CCLP3 Lynx #13 Road Block - 94 (b) CC2 #131 JETLINE - 69990 | 261 (+1,b-1) Been sitting on 94 on Road Block for a while, but didn't wanna report it until finding another improvement.
  15. Indy's High Scores

    CCLP3 Lynx #10 Annoying Wall - 84 (+1,b)