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  1. Indy's High Scores

    Just rereporting a discrepancy in my main post for scorekeeping purposes. CC2 #32 REVELATIONS - 17900 | 190 Total CC2 Score 10,660,532 (apparently I'm still missing 9790 unreported points)
  2. Discord Quotes

    [9:13 PM] Vehudur / Lessinath: Sleep? I have caffene [9:13 PM] Vehudur / Lessinath: apparently I don't have spelling though [9:14 PM] Ry🅰n J.: yeah it's spelled covfefe
  3. Discord Quotes

    [10:30 PM] Icey: group project [10:30 PM] Icey: aaaand my groupmates want to do this while drunk, f**k (edited) [10:31 PM] Flareon350: good plan [10:31 PM] Icey: that sounds gay I should add a comma
  4. Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer

    They optimize the levels, of course. Morton's almost got 5,970,000 for CC1! Also, this is what happens to blue keys apparently: What is love?
  5. Count to 1,000

  6. Discord Quotes

    So with the community having migrated from Skype to Discord, I'm starting a new thread for quotes from Discord. Here's one that just happened a few minutes ago to start: [jamesa7171 at 12:44 AM] [10/21/2014 11:38:11 PM] James Anderson: wow i need more sleep oof, still true [Flareon350 at 12:45 AM] :sun: [jamesa7171 at 12:45 AM] someday my tombstone will read "at least now he can get more sleep"
  7. Indy's High Scores

    More CCLP3 Lynx scores! CCLP3 Lynx #1 Entrance Examination (182) #2 Snakes and Ladders (337) b-1 #3 A Walk in the Park (305) b-1 #4 Suction Solution (234) #6 Thieves and Teleports (88) b-2 #7 Dancing Gliders (147) #8 Pigeonholed (103) #9 Redoubled Effort (108) #10 Annoying Wall (71) b-7 #33 Vague Dream (35) b-2 Total CCLP3 Lynx Bolds 5/149 Total CCLP3 Lynx Score 84,180
  8. Indy's High Scores

    CCLP3 Lynx #50 Once Upon a Troubadour (158,b+8) Total CCLP3 Lynx Score 26,580 So I guess I'm adding CCLP3 Lynx to my scores topic now.
  9. Indy's High Scores

    CC2 #153 DEATHTRAP (77140 [+10,b] | 174 [+1,b]) #180 SMUGGLER (92200 [+10,b] | 220 [+1,b]) #188 CLONE (97020 [+230] | 302 [+23]) Total CC2 Bolds 217/400 Total CC2 Score 10,650,281 Apparently I had 297 before on Clone but forgot to report it, so I went and improved it. Guess I already had 10,650,000
  10. Indy's High Scores

    CC2 #190 DYSPHORIA (100660 [+30,b+30] | 185) joint record w/Ruben #192 BOILER ROOM (96900 [+20] | 90 [+2]) Total CC2 Bolds 213/400 Total CC2 Score 10,650,031 Joint record and 10.65 million!
  11. Indy's High Scores

    ...and here's a few more scores I achieved after Dysphoria. Only 20 away from 10.65 million! CC2 #110 FLEA MARKET (57280 [+420] | 228 [+42]) #118 SHIP AHOY (61120 [+10,b] | 212 [+1,b]) Total CC2 Bolds 213/400 Total CC2 Score 10,649,981
  12. Indy's High Scores

    CC2 #190 DYSPHORIA (100630 [+3780,b+70] | 185) Total CC2 Bolds 211/400 Total CC2 Score 10,649,551 b+70!
  13. Indy's High Scores

    CC2 #41 FREEZE FRAME (23180 [+100,b] | 268 [+10,b]) #115 DOUBLE TROUBLE (62610 [+1440] | 476 [+194]) #118 SHIP AHOY (61110 [+90] | 211 [+9]) Total CC2 Bolds 210/400 Total CC2 Score 10,645,771 Finally figured out the secret to Freeze Frame after way too long.
  14. Walls of CCLP3 discussion

    It's been a while since I played this set. Here's what I think of the new update, based on what levels I've played so far. #17 Massive Mindset Shift (outside blocks from #107 Lazy Hourglass) I like that you updated the hint in this level, but... #18 A Moon Shaped Pool (blue walls from #37 Blue Moon) HINT NOT UPDATED just kidding if you couldn't tell #36 Gruesome Citadel (walls from #88 Which One Next?) Thanks for fixing that nasty cook at the end. You mentioned that you shortened the length of the hint in this level for MSCC, but I read the hint again and didn't even notice anything different. Moving on, here's some actual feedback on a few more levels: #37 Repulsive Shadow Keep (walls from #16 Two Sets of Rules) I figured out the start of the level, and I feel so stupid not being able to see the solution. Seems like that's the hardest part of the level though, as the rest felt like a breather, which I appreciate. #40 The Internal 3D Dungeon (walls from #58 Bowling) Still not solved. The beginning is so hard! #41 Eerie Crypts (walls from #47 Flame Thrower) Certainly not what I expected to see from Flame Thrower, but not an unwelcome surprise. Unlike most people I don't mind blue wall mazes (which I know will make you happy), so this wasn't so bad for me. Also, the fake-out in the top room is perfect, just because there's no point in going to that room whatsoever. #42 Android Temple (walls from #90 Lichenstein) Not sure how to get past the sliding teeth. There just isn't enough time to run from underneath the ball back over to the teeth, unless I'm supposed to use the recessed wall for whatever reason. Didn't get very far today, hopefully I can solve more soon.
  15. Indy's High Scores

    CC2 #37 HOTKEYS (20170 [+80,b] | 167 [+8,b]) #51 MAZES (27510 [+40,b] | 201 [+4,b]) #150 RUSH (75480 [+270] | 48 [+27]) Total CC2 Bolds 208/400 Total CC2 Score 10,644,141