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  1. Isaac's Walls of CCLP1 (Beta)

    This is the beta version of my Walls of CCLP1 set. Currently contains 42 levels, roughly sorted in ascending difficulty. All levels should be possible under MS and Lynx. I hope to make more soon, and maybe to complete this project one day.
    You can discuss the set here: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/topic/1524-isaacs-walls-of-cclp1-discussion/




  2. IsaacD1-Old

    This is an old set of 205 levels I made many years ago. They are placed in the set in the order they were designed in.
    At first the levels in this set were levels I made in my youth, and aren't necessarily "bad" but sorta don't have any defining characteristics and mainly aren't designed that well. Later after making two sequels to this set, with 149 levels in the second and 48 in the third (I may release these two eventually), I was still adding to this set for whatever reason. I decided that making annoying levels would fit the "theme" of the set, if not just so I could have a place to let out all the cruel levels I didn't want to put elsewhere. Obviously I now realize this was a huge mistake, and as a result many of the later levels are filled with annoying level design, such as unnecessarily long waits, guesswork, and invalid tiles.
    Many of the levels in this set are untimed. In fact, more than 80% of them are untimed. When I release this set to pieguy's site so it can have a scoreboard, I will most likely add a time limit to levels that didn't have one (and maybe fix unsolvability issues should they arise). I do not recommend this set for serious play, as I don't even remember if all 205 levels are solvable, but if you just wanna look at my old levels, go ahead!




  3. CCLP4: Blobs Edition

    Well, it's finally here. The sequel to CCLP1: Blobs Edition you've all been waiting for has arrived.
    A long time ago, Josh (Flareon350) released a set called CC1: Blobs Edition, as a joke. The premise was that the levels were the exact same as the original CHIPS.DAT, but every monster was replaced with a blob. Some other changes were made as well to make the levels solvable or easier to complete.
    Following this, Michael Warner released CCLP2: Blobs Edition, following the same trend. Years later, Jeffrey Bardon released CCLP1: Blobs Edition after its release in 2014. Everyone in the CC community realized CCLP3: Blobs Edition would require insane amounts of luck to complete levels such as You Can't Teach an Old Frog New Tricks, and thus, there was no one to assemble such a set.
    Yet despite CCLP4's release, it still hadn't received its very own Blobs Edition set... until now.
    Not all levels in this set are solvable! Unlike previous Blobs Edition sets, this one has absolutely no changes made to level design other than the fact that all monsters are blobs. Some levels are unsolvable, some are majorly busted, and some require insane amounts of luck to complete. With that said, play at your own risk.
    All monsters should be replaced with blobs. If I missed a few, please let me know via the CCBBC Discord group.


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