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  1. Thank you for your comment. Feels good to know that someone took a good luck at my first and in many ways improvable set. I updated it and here is a short list of what I changed (and what I did not) regarding your comment:

    -Getting outside: Well, because this is a beta I didn't mind about level order. That's why this level is number 3. Besides improving some small things (and adding two new levels) I also changed level order in the update (I hope that won't make things too complicated)

    -18 buttons: yep, you are right. I didn't know how to do the end and the level isn't the best. Thanks for your improvement ideas. I didn't change the level in the update, but I'm not sure if I'll reuse this concept in another level.

    Water all around: Renamed it into "If you had those blue boots". I know this is a difficult level, but that's exactly the sort of level I like, so I'll keep it like this.

    Ice cavern: Renamed it into "Icy lake crossing". It shouldnt be that difficult as its divided into smaller puzzles.

    An unpleasant journey: Sorry, forgot to fix this. I'll look on that on a later update.

    -Down the slopes: Removed final trap. Nothing more to say about it.

    -Dotted holes: What's wrong with smaller clever levels? Nothing really, but I'm more into lengthier puzzle level. I know, this is controversial and I get your point but I don't think I'll change this. I know the second section is difficult, but when I put it into one small level, I've got the feeling it's incomplete.

    -Short toturial : This is intendet to be the last and most challenging level of my set. Renamed it to "shrot toturail" to make the difference larger.

    Fuse: it's possible. Maybe it helps you when I say that the fireballs are freed in the order they are on the fuse.

    -Eating mushrooms: I don't quite get it why someone should complete it on their first try. It's intended to be a small challenge. Anyways, I added 5 seconds. ;)

  2. I opened this thread to give you the opportunity to tell your opinion about my first level set.

    Criticism wanted!

    EDIT: Updated! Download if you wanna play "Dotted holes" (13), "Fuse" (17) and "Eating mushrooms" (18)


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  3. I was a long time a big fan of super tux 1 and 2, a free jump-and-run game for Linux (I'm not sure if there exists any windows-port, which is probably the reason why it's so unknown) where you can create your own levels and worldmaps in a very good editor.

    Another game I still play is Dink Smallwood, a rpg, where you can create your own dmods (dink-modules or your very own rpg) with little knowledge of programming.


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