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  1. .pzm support in CCCreator may be possible down the road; right now I'm too busy with other features of the editor to learn how .pzm files and elements work. And to clarify what IHNN said: .tws files contain only the steps of a solution; they require a .dat/.ccl file alongside to provide the map data. So, a .tws file by itself cannot be converted into any kind of map file format.
  2. My New Project

    Version 0.4 is released! You can get it at http://www.pillowpc2001.net/CCCreator/.
  3. CC2 Community Pack Survey

    I think your proposal makes sense. And I do think it's something that needs to be decided. Maybe some people don't care about the music, but like the story, it does add an interesting dimension to gameplay.
  4. Silent Tile World 2

    Not sure what the problem might have been, then, but glad you got past it.
  5. Silent Tile World 2

    If the sound files are indeed in place, the next thing to verify is the configuration file. In the "res" folder, open the file "rc" (right-click and open with Notepad). It should contain a number of lines like: LevelCompleteSound=tada.wav There should be one for each sound effect. If not, the configuration file may have become corrupted. Also, just to be sure, when you say "adjusting the volume" you're talking about the in-game volume (controlled with V and Shift+V)?
  6. My New Project

    Not that multidirectional cloners actually do anything.
  7. My New Project

    It's been a long time since I had news, so here's an informational update! I've added a control+click feature to insert a terrain without erasing the rest of the cell contents. Also, I'm working on dialogs to edit the properties of individual tiles. Here's a preview: I hope to be able to release a program update with these features in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned.
  8. Call for CC2LP1* Level Pack Submissions

    Good to know this is moving forward! I want to reiterate that I support Tyler as staff leader, and am willing to serve on the staff in any capacity if you're willing to have me. I just want to add that for CC2 submissions, individual levels should probably also be accepted, not just "packs".
  9. Meditation

    From what I've read, hypnosis is definitely a real phenomenon; it's just its typical depiction in stories and movies that's false. In particular, you can't be tricked or forced into a hypnotic state, only guided, and you have to work with the guide. The concept of getting people to act on suggestions given them under hypnosis is also heavily exaggerated in the public imagination.
  10. Meditation

    Yeah, it's definitely no substitute for normal sleep, just for the occasional abnormal situation where you want to rest but can't sleep. In the car I've used both sound (the hum of the wheels and rush of the wind) and eye-focus. On highways I've actually used the rhythm of the apparent "blinking" of the dashed line between lanes, which makes me wonder if this is at all related to hypnosis.
  11. Meditation

    Interesting topic. I haven't done much of what you describe, or read much of anything about meditation techniques, but I have experimented with emptying my mind for the purpose of relaxation and even rest. It's a good substitute for sleep on those long car rides where I'm a passenger (I am pretty much unable to sleep in a car, even when I'm super tired). I wouldn't call the experience profound exactly, but it's certainly distinct from my normal waking consciousness. So would that count as a kind of shallow meditation?
  12. Which CC game do you play?

    I enjoy both games, and would really like to encourage more development in the CC2 ruleset, which is why I've set out to build an editor that works for both games! I was in no rush to get Steam either, but it was worth it for CC2.
  13. CC2 Community Pack Survey

    Even something deemed unacceptable by community standards, e.g. profanity, racial slurs, etc.? (Not that I'm suggesting community members would submit levels with such comments, but any standard should be prepared for as many eventualities as possible.) I like this idea.
  14. Count to 1,000

    1000 minus one half of one hundred plus one
  15. Count to 1,000

    947 This actually produces the value 945. I think it's Haskell, but I'm not sure.