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  1. slide1.wav?

    Very interesting. It's unused as far as I know. I wonder if maybe it's the master from which slide.wav was clipped?
  2. Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer

    Because they didn't have percents when they invented alcohol. Why do people post in threads like this?
  3. CC2 editor Q

    OK, then, what H2O said. You can put a hint in the "Clue" box as well, and it will become the default hint for any extra hint tiles.
  4. CC2 editor Q

    Assuming you're asking about my editor specifically and not the built-in one.... The colorful floors and walls are called "Cosmetic Floor/Wall" in CC Creator, and are located under the "Miscellaneous" palette section. When you click one of these elements, a box will appear at the bottom of the palette containing the four different colors. You can also cycle through the colors using the [,]/[<] and [.]/[>] keys, exactly like in the built-in editor. For multiple hints: Place the hint tiles on the map. Go to the menu option Level > Hints to open the Hints tab of the Level Properties dialog. Add the same number of hints as you added hint tiles. Each hint you add will display a pair of coordinates corresponding to the hint tile it modifies. Simply edit the individual hint texts as appropriate. (The first hint in the list, displayed with the grayed-out title "Default", is the default hint that shows up for all extra hint tiles [all hint tiles, in CC1]. Extra hints that have no corresponding hint tile are displayed as "Unused".) (If you're using the built-in editor, I can explain for that instead.)
  5. I don't have this issue, and I think the reason is that I read a lot, especially fiction. One's imagination doesn't exist in a vacuum; it needs stimulation. And movies/TV shows aren't enough, because they don't engage one's mind in the same way books, or even some kinds of games, do. (And reading is especially good for stimulating one's language faculties, which would specifically help with finding the perfect level title!)
  6. My New Project

    Great, so that verifies that Java 8 is the minimum requirement. Looking forward to feedback!
  7. My New Project

    Most likely you do not have the latest version of Java (Java 8) installed. The easiest way to see what version you have installed is to go to the Java website and click the big red "Verify Java version" button. Unfortunately this doesn't work in all browsers (at least not in mine). If it can't detect your version, and if you're on Windows, you can do the following to check your version: Type Win+R to bring up the Run dialog Type "javacpl -tab about" in the box and click "Okay" A dialog should appear showing the version of Java installed on your system Assuming one of these methods works, let me know what version you have, and I can tell more about the problem.
  8. Facing the Future: What's Next for Official Sets?

    I think I understand where you're coming from; but I do not see CC2 as a "new standard", or even really a different game. I see it as "CC1 with more elements". From my perspective, we would not be ditching CC1 community sets; we would simply be expanding on what's possible in such sets. It's still Chip's Challenge, regardless of the number after the name.
  9. Facing the Future: What's Next for Official Sets?

    I would tend to agree with James: I would like to see a focus on CC2 packs going forward, with all the great, as-yet unused CC1 levels being ported* to CC2, and combined with great new ideas, some of which wouldn't even be possible in CC1. (*One of the goals of my editor is to make such porting as quick and painless as possible.)
  10. My New Project

    Announcing CC Creator Public Beta! The editor is finally sufficiently done for a public beta release! Get it here: http://www.pillowpc2001.net/CCCreator. (Thanks to Mike for hosting it!)
  11. CCLP4 not opening

    That's a good possibility, but from the description it sounded like he's having trouble with Tile World crashing, which missing files shouldn't cause. I was hoping to get hold of some kind of error message to clarify the situation.
  12. CCLP4 not opening

    Couldn't get either Command Prompt or PowerShell to work...? Or just couldn't get the ".\tworld2" command to work in either one? (You're in the folder containing Tile World, not the folder containing CCLP4?)
  13. CCLP4 not opening

    Then try this: Open the folder containing Tile World. Go to the File menu and there should be an option to open Command Prompt or PowerShell; open whichever is available and wait for the prompt to appear. Assuming you were able to complete the previous step, type .\tworld2 (where "\" is a backslash not a forward slash) and hit enter. When the error occurs, a message should hopefully appear in the console window, which you can copy here.
  14. CCLP4 not opening

    OK.... Are you using Windows + Tile World 2?
  15. CCLP4 not opening

    In that case, the first thing to try is to check the folder where Tile World is installed and see if there is a file named "stderr.txt" or "stdout.txt", and if so, open it and copy its contents here (if both files exist, go ahead and copy both).