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  1. I have just posted proof of completing all of the official (Lynx-compatible) sets in Lynx mode. Together with my previous proofs-of-completion for MS mode, I have now posted proof of completion for all of the official CC1 sets in all compatible rulesets. Of course, most of these sets I had already long since completed, in both rulesets. My purpose in playing them again and posting the score files as proof, was merely to earn the awards that used to be available on this site, so I could display the fact that I had completed all of the sets. I would still like to be able to display these awards, plus the various other awards for various cool accomplishments. Which leads me to ask: is it possible that the award system can be added back to the site? Is there anything I could do, with my entry-level web development knowledge, to help get the system back? Does anyone else out there even care about the system, or miss it like I do?
  2. Lynx Completion Proof

    Lynx Completion Proof View File Proof that I completed CC1, CCLP1, CCLP3 & CCLP4 in Lynx mode. Submitter The Architect Submitted 08/13/2018 Category TWS files  
  3. Lynx Completion Proof



    Proof that I completed CC1, CCLP1, CCLP3 & CCLP4 in Lynx mode.
  4. "Native" MSCC on 64-bit Windows

    Cool, I should check these out. I've only had a 64-bit computer for a little over a year, but there are plenty of old games besides MSCC that I would like to be able to play (without purchasing on GOG, since I already own copies of them).
  5. How many CC Steam players are there?

    Seems a little odd that the vast majority are playing CC1 -- when you can get a well-supported version of that for free!
  6. Help for Nuclear Energy for Dummies

    If CC was merely a "kids" game it would not have survived the '90s. Really, it's one of those few remarkable games that manages to be fun across all ages, genders, cultures, etc.!
  7. Any way to make monsters skate?

    Does every single tile have to be ice? Or just a tile that makes Chip slide? Seemed like the latter from your description. So -- a teleport that can be redirected temporarily to divert the glider, then put right back in phase to keep Chip sliding around the loop.
  8. is level creation a form of art?

    I haven't created many levels, but as a player of other people's levels I would say yes, definitely these levels express to me something of their creators, and are therefore works of art.
  9. Any way to make monsters skate?

    Well, if the goal is to make the glider turn at a right angle I'm not sure how much a reversible force floor would help either. Another possibility is a red or blue teleport on the ice path, which could be temporarily redirected.
  10. Any way to make monsters skate?

    Force floor can also be reversed with wires, which might make for a more elegant solution. Also, what about simply deflecting the glider with a block?
  11. My New Project

    CC Creator 0.3.1 is now available, with various minor improvements and bugfixes over 0.3.0. You can get it here.
  12. CCLP4 storyline?

    It might help with motivation, as hkn said. I do understand where he's coming from. However... I'd like to add that I've heard many people talk about the need for an improved CC2 editor (not to mention one that makes it easier to port their CC1 levels). But so far hkn is the only person I've heard express a need for the CCLP4 storyline (though others have definitely expressed interest).
  13. CCLP4 storyline?

    I had hoped to have finished my editor long before now, so I could focus on the CCLP4 story and get it finished in time for the anniversary. Unfortunately, the editor's development has bogged down several times, and is still probably at least a couple months from completion. So I don't know when I'll have time to finish the CCLP4 story. It's still on my radar, though -- assuming the community does not (understandably) get tired of waiting on me and ask someone else to do it.
  14. Here's the proof. Lynx solves in progress. Now when are we going to get the award system back?
  15. CCLP3 & CCLP4 MS Completion Proof View File Proof that I completed these two sets in MS mode Submitter The Architect Submitted 05/26/2018 Category TWS files