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  1. My New Project

    CC Creator 0.3.1 is now available, with various minor improvements and bugfixes over 0.3.0. You can get it here.
  2. CCLP4 storyline?

    It might help with motivation, as hkn said. I do understand where he's coming from. However... I'd like to add that I've heard many people talk about the need for an improved CC2 editor (not to mention one that makes it easier to port their CC1 levels). But so far hkn is the only person I've heard express a need for the CCLP4 storyline (though others have definitely expressed interest).
  3. CCLP4 storyline?

    I had hoped to have finished my editor long before now, so I could focus on the CCLP4 story and get it finished in time for the anniversary. Unfortunately, the editor's development has bogged down several times, and is still probably at least a couple months from completion. So I don't know when I'll have time to finish the CCLP4 story. It's still on my radar, though -- assuming the community does not (understandably) get tired of waiting on me and ask someone else to do it.
  4. Here's the proof. Lynx solves in progress. Now when are we going to get the award system back?
  5. CCLP3 & CCLP4 MS Completion Proof View File Proof that I completed these two sets in MS mode Submitter The Architect Submitted 05/26/2018 Category TWS files  
  6. CCLP3 & CCLP4 MS Completion Proof

    Version 1.0.0


    Proof that I completed these two sets in MS mode
  7. Count to 1,000

    1,000 minus 3/4 of 100
  8. mainstream video games becoming dumbed down

    The problem is, one size does not fit all (the inverse is a fallacy into which the game industry, and society in general, unfortunately have fallen over the past several decades). And a wider audience is not necessarily a good target for creativity. Some people want easier levels, that are still fun to explore and aesthetically pleasing, but don't require enormous amounts of thinking/skill. Other people want a challenge, and are willing to exert as much effort and determination as necessary to overcome the challenge. There's no reason there can't be both kinds of levels, to satisfy both kinds of players. I think it's important to remember that you're not the only creator out there. Other people are also designing levels, in many different styles and difficulty-levels. There's enough variety to cover everyone's preferred play-style. So instead of focusing on what other people may or may not want to play, I would simply create what I want to play -- and those with similar tastes will enjoy my levels, and those with somewhat differing tastes may still enjoy them as a break from other kinds of levels. To clarify, I am not saying that the fun:difficulty balance is not important. But I think what other players find fun/difficult is a bad metric to measure that balance. If you enjoy making/solving hard levels, then that's probably the right balance for you. Don't try to be something you're not (especially as a creative artist).
  9. MIDIs not working since the update

    Really? Interesting.... I wonder why the buttons are affected, then?
  10. Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer

    They would, but she hacked their computers decades ago and uploaded software that hides the Bit Busters' activities from the government. There are ants in Chip's Challenge -- why is there no picnic-table element?
  11. MIDIs not working since the update

    Yeah, that would be great! I don't even see the point of hiding the buttons along with the wires. (Oh, and I believe black buttons and two-state switches are also affected.)
  12. new tile ideas

    Good ideas for me to consider for my own editor, thanks! Hey, my editor already does that!
  13. My New Project

    CC Creator 0.3 is now available, with some new features plus fixes for a few major bugs. You can get it here. Notable in this update: Compatibility options can now be configured (compatibility testing is still not available). The Export feature now confirms before overwriting existing files. The Path tool has been modified to deal more intelligently with force floor and railroad crossovers. The wire loop-freeze bug has been fixed, along with the bug that prevented copying a selection with monsters to the clipboard. See the Changelog.txt file for the complete list of changes.
  14. Chip's Challenge in FPGA?

    I'm sure it has. I'll bet there's not a logical system, physical or virtual, in existence that hasn't had the Game of Life implemented on it at some point!
  15. Chip's Challenge in FPGA?

    It's a cool idea, but I don't know of anyone around here who's actually tried it. For anyone who may still be confused, this would be roughly analogous to using the logic elements in CC2 to create an entire video game from scratch! (Though it would run a lot faster than in CC2's 60hz engine. )