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  1. Facing the Future: What's Next for Official Sets?

    I think I understand where you're coming from; but I do not see CC2 as a "new standard", or even really a different game. I see it as "CC1 with more elements". From my perspective, we would not be ditching CC1 community sets; we would simply be expanding on what's possible in such sets. It's still Chip's Challenge, regardless of the number after the name.
  2. Facing the Future: What's Next for Official Sets?

    I would tend to agree with James: I would like to see a focus on CC2 packs going forward, with all the great, as-yet unused CC1 levels being ported* to CC2, and combined with great new ideas, some of which wouldn't even be possible in CC1. (*One of the goals of my editor is to make such porting as quick and painless as possible.)
  3. My New Project

    Announcing CC Creator Public Beta! The editor is finally sufficiently done for a public beta release! Get it here: http://www.pillowpc2001.net/CCCreator. (Thanks to Mike for hosting it!)
  4. My New Project

    The initial coding is sufficiently finished that I am finally ready to announce my new project: Chip's Challenge Creator (working title), the first unified editor for both Tile World and CC2, with script editing! Below is a screenshot clip demonstrating my code's ability to load a familiar CC2 level and display it using the CC2 tileset: The plan is to write the first version in Java, for ease and speed of development. The Java program should work on most people's systems, and I hope later to port the program to C++ for more power and versatility. Below is a list of the planned features for the editor. I invite everyone to look over the list, and reply with any requests for additions or modifications. With the heavy coding out of the way, I may have the project finished in a month or two. Hopefully the community will find it useful for creating the next generation of awesome Chip's Challenge levels!
  5. CCLP4 not opening

    That's a good possibility, but from the description it sounded like he's having trouble with Tile World crashing, which missing files shouldn't cause. I was hoping to get hold of some kind of error message to clarify the situation.
  6. CCLP4 not opening

    Couldn't get either Command Prompt or PowerShell to work...? Or just couldn't get the ".\tworld2" command to work in either one? (You're in the folder containing Tile World, not the folder containing CCLP4?)
  7. CCLP4 not opening

    Then try this: Open the folder containing Tile World. Go to the File menu and there should be an option to open Command Prompt or PowerShell; open whichever is available and wait for the prompt to appear. Assuming you were able to complete the previous step, type .\tworld2 (where "\" is a backslash not a forward slash) and hit enter. When the error occurs, a message should hopefully appear in the console window, which you can copy here.
  8. CCLP4 not opening

    OK.... Are you using Windows + Tile World 2?
  9. CCLP4 not opening

    In that case, the first thing to try is to check the folder where Tile World is installed and see if there is a file named "stderr.txt" or "stdout.txt", and if so, open it and copy its contents here (if both files exist, go ahead and copy both).
  10. CCLP4 not opening

    Are you using the older Microsoft Chip's Challenge, or Tile World? (You need one or the other to play CCLP4.)
  11. Re: CC Zone board has been upgraded

    I think it'll be OK once I get used to the new look. Just went through all the available options, and it seems serviceable. Shame about the award system, though; hopefully eventually that can be restored (I'm still working toward the CCLP3/CCLP4 completion awards!) Two critiques, though: #1 - a number of notification options are set to email and "disabled by the administrator". Is that intentional? I really don't like getting notifications by email and would prefer to restrict them to this site. #2 - As a regular member, I seem to be unable to reply to threads in the Announcements forum, hence why I made this thread.
  12. Re: CC Zone board has been upgraded

  13. My New Project

    Been a while since my last community update, and even longer since I posted screenshots, so here goes. (Warning: large images) Zooming is now enabled! Here's a level at 50% zoom: This is the Go To Level dialog in action: Here the map view is zoomed to Fit Window: Same view with Game Graphics enabled: Finally, a preview of the Creature Paths feature: As a reminder, beta testing is currently ongoing. Anyone who'd like to volunteer would be welcome (and thank you to those who have already volunteered)!
  14. Let's travel around the world

    Under "Downloads". Intuitive, right? If you go to the Downloads tab on this site, and look on the right-hand side of the page, there's an "Upload File" button. Yeah, a lot of star names have cool meanings like that.
  15. Let's travel around the world

    Put it in a ZIP file, the upload system will accept that. Altair
  16. Managing pictures on CCZone

    Pro tip: in Windows, the combo Alt + PrtScr will screenshot just the window that currently has focus.
  17. Time limit above 999, random characters in timer

    Theoretically it could, but there is no way to encode a 32-bit time limit in a CCL file.
  18. CCLP4 Trailer + Release Date

    When it's finished, but I don't know when that will be. I do really want to get it done; I've just been busy with other things, not least releasing the CC2 editor beta.
  19. My New Project

    There are still many things to finish, but the enough features are complete that I am ready to start private beta testing for the editor! The first beta release is scheduled for this Friday (August 18th) around 6 PM (EDT). I will be using a private Skype group to share files and gather feedback. Anyone who is interested in joining, please IM me on Skype for a group invite, preferably before Friday. Warning: this initial release will be very much unfinished, so don't expect to be able to test every feature immediately. For those interested, here's a rough list of what's still in the works: File formatsCC Creator Project format (can save all Chip's Challenge data in one file) CCX format C2G format Ruleset compatibility testing View optionsZooming Metagraphics (creature order, creature paths, etc.; button links are done) Game-mode graphics Map editor tabs DocumentationUser's manual Element reference Miscellaneous UI adjustments
  20. Level Stories

    Not so much too difficult as too time-consuming, at least for me. It is an interesting idea, though.
  21. Time limit above 999, random characters in timer

    2.0, for Windows.
  22. Time limit above 999, random characters in timer

    It's not "random garbage" - just non-text-type data. Regarding your question, are you using the latest version of CC Edit? The version I'm using supports time limits up to 32,767, both by clicking the up button and by simply typing it.
  23. CC, CCLP1 & CCLP2 MS Completion Proof



    Proof that I completed these three sets in MS mode
  24. My New Project

    Just a brief update to let you all know I have not forgotten nor abandoned this project. I took a break so I could focus on CCLP4; but with the set releasing today, I will be going back to work on the editor. Still hoping to release it sometime this year!
  25. Let's travel around the world

    Acidalia Planitia