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  1. CCCreator 0.5.3 is now available! Due to RL I have not been able to work much on it, so the changelog is pretty light this time around. But importantly, this update extends beta access to July 1st. CCCreator can be downloaded at https://cccreator.bitbusters.club/.
  2. CCCreator version 0.5.2 is available: https://cccreator.bitbusters.club/
  3. That is exactly what F6 and F7 do, unless you're playing one of the CC2LP1 voting packs, where the level order is randomized. To download non-randomized voting packs, go to https://tylersontag.com/cc2lp1_packs/.
  4. All sounds pretty workable. I would suggest naming the interface for movable elements "Mob", which is short for "mobile object".
  5. All tanks are operated by the Clubhouse Central Computer Controller Core, which was built with a partial implementation of the First Law of Robotics: it is unable to perform any action that will definitely result in Chip's death, but it is quite free to set up death traps for Chip to navigate. Why is Gamora?
  6. That's not the floor, that's the wall. Compare with the orientation of the in-game characters, and of your computer screen. What dumb question should I ask next?
  7. CCCreator version 0.5.1 is available: https://cccreator.bitbusters.club/
  8. It is regrettable, but I'm heartened that, wherever the community meets online, we're still going strong! Or in other words: it's not the end of Chip's Challenge.
  9. New home! CCCreator is now hosted on the BitBusters.club website at: https://cccreator.bitbusters.club/ The version currently available for downloading at that location is still version 0.5, with no feature updates or bugfixes; however the beta session has been updated to Beta 2, which will last until September 1st, 2019. All CCCreator content at the old site is now obsolete, and will be gone when Mike's site goes offline in the not-distant future (see this thread for details).
  10. Great to have confirmation that it runs on MacOS X!
  11. If you check the website, the previous beta session expired today. I'm waiting to update the website while CCCreator is in the process of moving from Mike's site to the BitBusters site (see this post). In the meantime, I shared a copy with a new beta session on Discord. (Guess I probably should have mentioned that here.) Here's a copy of the Discord post with download link:
  12. Thanks for the long-time contribution of this site to the community. I've always appreciated the lists of links and levels in particular. Regarding Tile World 2 and Chip's Challenge Creator, it has already been suggested in Discord that they be moved to Tyler's site, where people have been consolidating a bunch of other CC resources. I'm OK with moving CCCreator, and will start looking to do so now that I've heard this news. Should the TW2 authors be contacted about moving that sub-site? I'm not sure who officially owns it at this point.
  13. Version 0.5 is now out. Notable in this release: C2G imports and level image exports are now available! http://www.pillowpc2001.net/CCCreator/
  14. Progress report: I finally got C2G imports to work. Coming soon to an update near you!
  15. .pzm support in CCCreator may be possible down the road; right now I'm too busy with other features of the editor to learn how .pzm files and elements work. And to clarify what IHNN said: .tws files contain only the steps of a solution; they require a .dat/.ccl file alongside to provide the map data. So, a .tws file by itself cannot be converted into any kind of map file format.
  16. Version 0.4 is released! You can get it at http://www.pillowpc2001.net/CCCreator/.
  17. I think your proposal makes sense. And I do think it's something that needs to be decided. Maybe some people don't care about the music, but like the story, it does add an interesting dimension to gameplay.
  18. Not sure what the problem might have been, then, but glad you got past it.
  19. If the sound files are indeed in place, the next thing to verify is the configuration file. In the "res" folder, open the file "rc" (right-click and open with Notepad). It should contain a number of lines like: LevelCompleteSound=tada.wav There should be one for each sound effect. If not, the configuration file may have become corrupted. Also, just to be sure, when you say "adjusting the volume" you're talking about the in-game volume (controlled with V and Shift+V)?
  20. Not that multidirectional cloners actually do anything.
  21. It's been a long time since I had news, so here's an informational update! I've added a control+click feature to insert a terrain without erasing the rest of the cell contents. Also, I'm working on dialogs to edit the properties of individual tiles. Here's a preview: I hope to be able to release a program update with these features in the next couple weeks, so stay tuned.
  22. Good to know this is moving forward! I want to reiterate that I support Tyler as staff leader, and am willing to serve on the staff in any capacity if you're willing to have me. I just want to add that for CC2 submissions, individual levels should probably also be accepted, not just "packs".
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