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  1. so I was wondering if I could replace atiles.bmp with the lynx tiles on tile world? is there any way to do this?
  2. Puzzle Studio

    so im trying to recreate CC1 levels in tile world but I need to learn how to use the editor.
  3. can I please have a download link for CCCreator, please?
  4. I do think it is compatible. I see a bunch of CC1 tiles in puzzle studio. Sometimes, they just have different sprites.
  5. so I was wondering if there was any way to convert .dat, .c2m, .pzm, and .tws into each other. some kinds of conversion tools like dat2c2g, maybe recreate the files using a level editor or something else? file information for anyone who doesn't recognize some of the files formats .dat files: chip's challenge level set files. .c2m files: chip's challenge 2 level set files. .pzm files: PuzzleStudio level files. .tws: tile world level set files.
  6. so after downloading canyon.mid and placing it on the windows folder, I tried testing it out by going on the original chip's challenge for windows. I tried reinstalling the game but I was still at the same level. I decided to use the "go back" tool but the canyon music wasn't playing. anyone know a fix?