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  1. Maybe you accidentally saved an incorrect password.
  2. 5 out of 6 of my entries now have replays. I'm having a bit of trouble with ConfettiV2 because of how nervewracking it is and not having much patience after accidentally finishing it under Test instead of Record. ConfettiV1.c2m Haze.c2m HazeV2.c2m Outsidethebox.c2m Yo-Chip Watch.c2m
  3. A last-minute submission from me. Two versions. Haze.c2m HazeV2.c2m
  4. Another level submission. It's a small, quick reactions puzzle: Outsidethebox.c2m
  5. Resubmitting these. The original versions had a couple of errors. ConfettiV1.c2m ConfettiV2.c2m
  6. Here is my big submission. I made two versions. V1 is the easy one and V2 is the hard one. ConfettiV1.c2m ConfettiV2.c2m
  7. Oof. I totally overlooked that. Oh well. I do have a really good original level planned. It will probably be my only other submission.
  8. A couple of Chuck's Challenge adaptations. Slider Puzzle.c2m Chuckwagon.c2m
  9. I'm hoping my lesson level is good enough. Yo-Chip Watch.c2m
  10. Wow... It's been nearly a year.
  11. That would be quite interesting. I'd like to see how that turns out.
  12. What should the set be named? I personally think "Chip's Challenge Level Pack Alpha" could work. How many levels? 200 Allow levels with CC1 boot rules? Definitely not. Consistent viewport size (9x9 or 10x10)? 10x10 Map size limit? Namely, should the 40x40 limit from the CC2 main game be retained? I don't think a limit is necessary, especially if a lot of the space is used for logic mechanisms. Should any tiles or techniques be banned? I like the blank "no" signs. I am not exactly sure what the zero-directional blocks would be used for though. It's probably best if the set isn't glitch reliant. I could support block slapping being utilized if the technique can be introduced.
  13. Oh brother. I only used that word to describe a level, just once. And I didn't notice the whole map at the time.
  14. Only because Josh didn't post it:
  15. Here are some elements that I like: Droppable Keys Black Hole Cracked Ice Spikes Elevator Tortoise Laser and Mirrors Coin Slot Door (Which I imagine uses the Thief Bribe) Mail System Hazmat Suit Hover Boots Skeleton Key Hammer
  16. Now You See It's current bold time.
  17. Colors for Extreme's current Lynx bold.
  18. Whirlpool's current bold time in MS
  19. Yeah, I know. Assawoman, ​Virginia.
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