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    Well...I'm virtually a hobby collector, I know how to yo-yo, I know magic tricks, there's a hat collection, I make music, The piano is my primary instrument, I have a passion for video games, and I'm a little out of shape, but yeah...that's about as personal as I'll be in public.
  1. Wow...It's been a while, I felt kinda bad at first, but then I looked and it turns out there's a lot of people that don't post a thing so I feel a little better, but still! I gotta get something up again. I don't know how often I'll be here...you know life n all. But I'll be sure to put somethin' good up.

  2. Wow, what a lot of great comments! I couldn't have imagined these levels getting this kind of reponse. Alright, to M11k4, the whole reason I made this level is to try and make something that wasn't really trivial, but rather challenged the player's endurance. And like you said, it could've been a lot harder, especially taking into consideration dirt blocks and water, if you catch my drift. BD *slaps knee* And you know what, I actually did manage to play through this level. I timed myself, and it took me about 5 hours. Of course, I kept bumping into walls and I listened to music to keep me from going insane. @_@ To AdrenalinDragon, Holy Schnikes, I'm sorry, I only wish I could have made it sooner. XD it would have been quite the honor. to tenorspudding, yeah, I'll admit, I made #5 pretty decently difficult with a lot of sneaky twists and turns, and I already have tried, you can't even make it past the fireballs in Lynx. And just to say some general statements, When I made this pack, it literally started with just the ludicrous stage...nothing else. the reason there were stages before that is because I wanted to put that long boring statement in front of it, but due to the limit of words on the help tiles, it fit the best on 5 separate stages. So then I thought I should make each stage more increasingly difficult just to make it a little more interesting than walking through 5 stages of nothing. literally, those were crafted within a few hours. I hardly tried at all...yeah, I put in a little more thought as the got harder, but not compared to my other stages. That last one, I literally just wanted to add more than just one main stage, so...BONUS ROUND!!! and as a little side statement, I know it's kind of a bad habit, but pretty much every stage I make only works on MS. Mainly because I see those little glitch tricks as a kind of ability. Chip can't do much besides collect things and push blocks, but when you push the boundaries of the principle of the game. It literally has opened it up so much, it's absolutely ridiculous to think of the combinations of puzzled elements that can be combined. I adore, thinking outside the box. I seriously have to show you some of my other levels.
  3. Ah man...You didn't get to the main stage. XD I was a little afraid this might happen with some people though. I don't suppose you have Chip's Workshop or any other editors do you? If it were me I would just skip too it just to see. Hehe, tell you what though. Honestly even I can't hardly beat that one. When I make stages, I beat them in pieces, or sections. But most of the time, I can't beat the stage on a full run.
  4. Oh! ok, so everytime I post something I get experience. hmmm...
  5. Ok there we go. Guess I finally found out how to do that. But, of course, I am trying to make a super level pack of my own, but it's gonna take me a decent amount of time. I'll see if I can make it in some pieces here and there, but essentially it's meant to be one pack. Just to be simple I'm callin' it "PartyPET3's collection". But yeah, that's later on. The Ludicrous Stage is one of it's levels, but I really haven't done anything here so I wanted to put somethin' out there. And really, that's the gist of it.
  6. Version .ccl


    This Level Pack will wear down your patience 'cause this one's gonna take a while to beat, and it's my first upload. So Yippee-ki-yay.
  7. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/214-%7B?%7D/ Hey thar peoples. I'm that PartyPET3 guy. Probably never heard of me, I don't blame ya cause I'm really not here that often. But anyways, I've been here a little while trying to figure out how to post level packs. I'm not sure if this is the place to do it, but I think you can at least see it. Well, I think I've finally managed to make a little somethin' somethin' worth showing, so I'm gonna put it here. It's something a little different than what I've seen and that's the main reason I'm puttin' this one first. I also put a big ol' explanation in the level pack too that you really don't have to read, but the main stage in this level pack is "The Ludicrous Stage"...just to be reassuring if you couldn't tell by now. So lemme see if I can figure this out and I'll tell ya 'bout some other stuffs.
  8. Alright, now I'm actually gonna try and post somethin'.

  9. Wow...haven't been here in a while...gotta post something reeeaal soon...

  10. Hm, well, I finally got my picture up. And I'm still workin' on my personal CC levels. May try and post one soon.

  11. Hm, well, I finally got my picture up. And I'm still workin' on my personal CC levels. May try and post one soon.

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