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  1. The winning levels are, in order from last to first: driver (ncrecc).c2m HaventWeAlreadyBeenThroughThis (Chipster).c2m mirror (IHNN).c2m Infinitesimal (vortex178).c2m Now that being said and posted, there were no bad levels in this contest and this ranking is purely subjective, so I recommend downloading and trying all of these levels yourself. Congrats to everyone involved! This sure wasn't an easy task.
  2. Deadline has been extended to Saturday the 14th as people have requested more time
  3. Its been a bit since the last create contest we had and the community has been having some discussions lately and felt another one was in order and it ended up coming to me to host it. As the community (or at least the Discord server) seemed to want a CC2 based contest that's what I'm going with (CC1 levels are fine so long as they're ported, have a clear goal, and match the theme). Which brings us to this month's theme, a telephone game style level. You create a small level (no larger than 15x15, doesn't have to be square however, and wiring can be outside the area if needed), and then repeat it but change a small detail, and then you repeat that copy and make another small change. The idea is that overtime it goes from one small level to another entirely in gradual steps, or it starts as a simple idea that's built upon each time until it turns into a full blown level at the end, or something else entirely, it's up to you! Specifically you can rotate the area, mirror it, change where you enter and exit, and even have it so that you need to bring in something from previous areas, just so long as there's not too many changes in one step. Finally is that the level doesn't need to be beatable, just have a clear goal (you can use a hint tile), and most importantly, be a new level created for this contest. However seeing as we're already a third of the way through this month it would be cruel to have the deadline be the end of this month, instead the end date for level submission is December 8th, Sunday. This should give plenty of time for people to work on making quality telephone levels. Levels can be submitted to my Discord (A Sickly Silver Moon#4836) or DMd to me here on CCZone. I look forward to the levels people create for this! tl;dr guidelines: 1. New level created for this contest. 2. Small area (no larger than 15x15), that's repeated over the entire level with a small change each time. 3. Doesn't need to be solvable, just have a clear goal (and a way to get to the next area each time) 4. Deadline of 11:59PM December 8th. 5. Submit to me privately. 6. Thanks to CV (Craig) for the original idea that I altered slightly for this contest.
  4. Lunar View File Like MSCC Redux but better, credits are all the same with help from Kawaiiprincess360 on top of it all, many tiles have been overhauled and colours now blend even better Submitter MilkyWayWishes Submitted 08/20/2019 Category Tilesets  
  5. Version 2.0.0


    Like MSCC Redux but better, credits are all the same with help from Kawaiiprincess360 on top of it all, many tiles have been overhauled and colours now blend even better
  6. Yet another one, title is Lunacy, nothing too fancy here Wo Special.c2m
  7. Here we go again. I present Lesson 9, an important lesson level about blockslapping as its featured a lot in quite a few submitted levels now and its never really been properly explained in game. So I made this level that teaches all about black slapping, monster slapping, and wall slapping for cc2. Edit: author name fix Lesson 9.c2m
  8. In This Cold Place - Moby & The Void Pacific Choir (2017) (Just a piece of advice, the song is better without the music video) Edit: author name fix In This Cold Place.c2m
  9. Here's another one, if the hint is removed it should be replaced with a chip socket and the socket above it becomes floor. UPDATED: May 9th Edit 2: author name fix What's New is Old.c2m
  10. I'd like to also submit my newest level: Moonlight Mansion (previous name Moonman Mansion) EDIT: This is the new version which fixed an error with a walker making a certain chip impossible sometimes as well as making it slightly easier and far less tedious. Edit 2: author name fix Moonman Mansion.c2m
  11. I've been told to submit this level so might as well 10x10.c2m
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