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  1. Will's World

    Agreed... but it's far better than the other clones. With a little tweaking it could be awesome... especially on the iPad. I think a wifi keyboard would be helpful for those fast paced levels... and maybe a little more time on the clock. But thanks to the various levelsets that I've downloaded from this site, I have plenty of puzzle type levels to keep me busy.
  2. Will's World

    To whomever reads this and has something to do with the development of WW: Kudos! I love this clone! I hope you're busily working on an iTunes update. Here's my wish list: * support for wifi keyboards (so I can use my arrow keys) * ability to move .dat files from PC to WW app (much like many of the available word processor apps) * built-in level editor... that might be asking too much * a few bug fixes CCLP2 level 30: fire square near the begining of level should be a quicksand tile (thief) CCLP3 level 16: you should be allowed to force your way past a single square force floor. Thanks so much
  3. original CC1 levelset

    I'm a long time fan of this game and wrote a couple of walkthroughs, years ago, for Richard Field's website. I'm now playing Will's World on my iPad I'm slower at solving than I used to be Anyhow, I enjoy Will's World and have downloaded several levelsets from this site EASILY to my iPad app. However, I can't figure out how to get my LEGAL dat file of CC1 moved to my Will's World app. My dat file is stored on my computer and backed up on an external hard drive. But the download for WW must come from a URL. Anyone? Sherri