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  1. Bridge Master

    I would have to agree with the consensus of it being a good concept, but a bit too much room for error... I also like Andrew B's "Labyrinth" - still some spots with not much room for error, but there's some opportunities where you can take a break...
  2. MikeLrejects

    Thanks! Part of me wishes I had actually finished the series instead of getting bored after Rink, though... Not to mention how much better it would've been if I had designed a real mini-Problems instead of inserting the previously made, just plain evil (and not even mini...) "Chip Got a Problem"...
  3. What is your favourite type of music?

    I listen to country music mostly, but also some 70s/80s pop/rock, contemporary Christian, and a little bit of newer pop, but not too much...
  4. MS or LYNX?

    I like both modes, but I tend to use MS for all my "regular" level playing, and haven't really used Lynx other than testing for Lynx compatibility (which was actually a lot though, between CCLP3 playtesting, my own levels, and a few other sets for the solvability lists at my site...).
  5. MikeLrejects

    Yeah, MikeL3 is the only one I've submitted for CCLP1 consideration. For CCLP4 though I might be better off submitting MikeL2, since MikeL3 is MS/Lynx compatible, but MikeL2 has some MS-only levels that might have a chance for CCLP4... Then again, most didn't require too much changing to become Lynx compatible in MikeL2-fix, so if they weren't CCLP3-worthy they probably aren't CCLP4-worthy...
  6. MikeLrejects

    But what if the levels are so bad I don't want people to discover it? I guess I might as well just leave it up though... After all, since MikeL3 basically is turning into a best-of set anyway, there's not really a need to release ML1 now. Plus, MikeL3 is probably the better best-of set to release, since ML1 is more of my own favorites that a lot of others will probably hate (Safe Spots comes to mind)...
  7. Corrupt-a-wish

    Granted, but competitive play would be a lot harder on the Nintendo controls and CC wouldn't be nearly as popular as it is now. I wish I would've solved CCLP2 and CCLP3 without looking at solutions.
  8. Most difficult levels in existence?

    I've been playing some CheeseT1 levels again lately, and a lot of those have some difficult monster dodging... The worst is probably level 22, British Bulldogs - possibly the most walkers Chip has to dodge in any custom level ever...
  9. Create Competition - January 2012

    OK, thanks Tom! This competition might actually be just the nudge I need to finally make a level again, since having guidelines takes out some of the planning work...
  10. Oracle Warehouse

    Interesting combination of the two level types (and short and sweet too... ) Not sure how those that don't peek in the editor would feel about the guesswork to figure out which buttons to hold down so you can get the final block... Other than that, looks good! (BTW, should I be linking to this level on my site? Or is it going to be added to one of your other sets eventually?)
  11. Create Competition - January 2012

    Question - if I submit a level, how long should I wait until I can add it to one of my main level sets?
  12. Favourite CC1 Secret Level

    I'm torn between Cake Walk, Force Field, and Special... Cake Walk is probably the best overall, but Special's a classic due to the exit under a block, and I used to actually like playing Force Field - after solving it once, that is...
  13. What did you get for Christmas in 2011?

    I got a Dell Latitude laptop running 32-bit Windows 7. Finally back to playing MSCC without requiring a virtual XP mode!
  14. Worst movie you've ever seen?

    I don't know if I can narrow it down to just one, so I'll mention a few... - 2001: A Space Travesty. Especially disappointing since I'm a Leslie Nielsen fan... - Fred Claus. Only scene I remember liking was the support group for people with famous siblings... - Old Dogs. Kind of surprised about this one, since my family and I have liked other movies from some of the people involved with this one (RV and Wild Hogs are two of our favorite movies). - I Love You Man. This one seemed to be popular, guess I'm the only one that didn't like it... If you didn't notice, I pretty much stick to comedy movies.
  15. Do you drive a car?

    I don't have my own car yet, but I drive my parents' car... I only got my license a year ago (I'm 21 now).
  16. Corrupt-a-wish

    Granted, but it doesn't exist because CC was never ported to MS, requiring everyone to play it on old Atari Lynx devices. I wish I had only made one level set with my favorite levels instead of having a bunch of large sets with old levels I don't like anymore...
  17. Favorite CCLP2 Secret Level

    I almost went with Run-a-Muck just to be unique but I ended up going with Key Color, probably due to the memories of solving this way back in 2001 in its original DavidS1 set (the first custom set I ever played). I probably would've ranked Cloner's Maze higher if I was actually able to solve it without looking at a solution...
  18. When do you use the mouse?

    I went with option 4 (only when it's absolutely required for a bold). Even then, if it's more than few clicks I usually don't bother (i.e. Captured)...
  19. Custom set roulette

    MewtwoDX1 is a good set that was popular years ago but seems to have been forgotten... A lot of the levels have a DanielB/CC1 feel to them. Just watch out for the 4 unsolvables (65, 86, 97, and 102)... http://www.ecst.csuchico.edu/~pieguy/chips/overall.php?set=MewtwoDX1
  20. MikeL3

    Thanks John - I think some of my older level titles are just words that I threw together and thought sounded good... I guess I should probably mention the other changes I've done to the "new" levels since their original versions: - Some levels have had some minor changes to make them pedantic Lynx compatible. - Time limits have been increased on many levels; although a few stayed the same and one was actually decreased (#14, "Guarded Hallways", formerly "Unbearable"). - Removed some of the balls in #14. - Removed some of the paramecia and walkers in #15. - Modified some of the chip placements in the force floor section of #19 to make it a bit easier. - Removed 2 blobs, a walker, and a ball in #20 to make it easier.
  21. MikeL3

    Thanks! I'm not sure if you're talking about the rest of MikeL3 or the rest of my bigger sets, so I'll link to both... The "beta" MikeL3 with more levels is on this site, in the downloads section: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/5-mikel3/ My other sets, MikeL2/MikeL2-fix and MikeLrejects, can be found at my site: http://www.pillowpc2001.net/MikeL2 (MikeLrejects is actually at pie guy's site, but there's a link to that on the MikeL2 page)
  22. MikeL3

    Version 1/22/17


    This set started as my levels for CCLP1 consideration, although it ended up basically becoming a "best-of" set (with most of the levels taken from MikeL2/MikeL2-fix and MikeLrejects), and quite a few of the levels would definitely not work for CCLP1... I tried to arrange the levels in order from simplest to most difficult. There are 85 levels total; all but 5 of them are compatible with MS and Lynx, and many are pedantic Lynx compatible (any level not solvable in Lynx and/or pedantic Lynx has been made not playable in that ruleset as well, so they can easily be determined and skipped over). Many of the levels come from MikeL2/MikeL2-fix or MikeLrejects; 20 are original to this set (or were in the now-scrapped MikeL4). Many have had some modifications to make them pedantic Lynx compatible (if possible), easier (such as by removal of some monsters), more fair (such as by removing guesswork or making it easier to figure out), and sometimes just to make them look better... This set is mainly geared towards newer players (although some are admittedly probably way too difficult for that demographic...) and people who haven't played any of my other sets; I don't really expect people that have already seriously played MikeL2 or MikeLrejects to play through all the levels in this one, since about 3/4 of the levels would be repeats. For more information on the levels in this set (which are new, which are "repeats", which rulesets each is solvable in), go here: http://www.pillowpc2001.net/mylevels/MikeL3.htm
  23. Are you a competitive player?

    I am, or at least I used to be... Somewhere along the way (whether due to a decrease in CC time, the increase in difficulty of many new levels, or a combination of the two), I haven't been caring quite as much about times (although I still hope to get some CCLP3 improvements in before college starts back up...). Lately I've also been trying to avoid looking at solutions when I can (although I needed John's TWS just to solve quite a few CCLP3 levels during playtesting...), which doesn't really help the quest for bolds...