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  1. This CCLP release will feel a little different for me...this will be the first time I won't actually be home and able to play a new official pack the day it comes out, and as little CC playing time as I've had lately, it will probably be the least "familiar" pack to me...other than experiencing CC1 or CC2 for the first time of course Oh well, that might make it all the more fun
  2. That's what I was hoping to accomplish with my recent changes to my level database, to allow for other players to update level set links, level title lists, solvability in both rulesets...and to take all that work off of me since there was a lot of missing information on my site with just me updating it. Maybe we could somehow combine our projects/information to make one super-database...it sounds like you have already gathered way more data than I have.
  3. #15 - 89 (b) / 8390 #16 - 228 (b) / 10280 #17 - 239 (b-12) / 10890 #18 - 91 (b) / 9910 #20 - 85 (b-13) / 10850 Total 10,389,027
  4. #8 - 162 (b-8) / 5620 #10 - 113 (b-5) / 6130 #11 - 19 (b) / 6720 #12 - 146 (b-2) / 7460 #13 - 93 (b) / 7420 Total 10,387,897
  5. Wow, that saved me some time Yep, that's what it was! My score on #168 should have been 86430. Thanks Ruben!
  6. Yeah I'm still here, trying to carve out some CC time now and then Hmmm, all the scores I just reported, including the total, match up with my CC2 score file... I didn't intentionally not report any seconds, but it could be possible I did so unintentionally Maybe tomorrow I'll see if I can track down where the discrepancy is...
  7. CC2 (time/score) #1 (LESSON 1) - 0 / 1404 (b) #4 (ALL SHOOK UP) - 15 / 2150 (b) #5 (DOWN AND OUT) - 198 (b) / 4480 (not b) Don't know how this bonus quest is going to go if I'm stumped on how to get the full bonus on level 5... #6 (DOOR WAYS) - 196 (b) / 4975 #7 (TURTLE BLOCKS) - 191 (b) / 5410. Maybe I'll come back through another time and get some of these bonuses... #8 (SWIVELS) - 131 (b-39) / 5310 Total 10,387,267
  8. Finished this set today...well at least I actually got through one voting pack before the deadline A lot of great levels in this set, especially at the end - I gave out a lot of 5's... Had to peek in the editor at #49 and #50, but I think I was just impatient - I was so close on both of them, especially #50. I couldn't figure out where the trap at 24,25 was connected to because apparently I never bothered to walk back the ice pathway that led to it I think that might be it for me attempting to make it through entire voting packs before the deadline...but maybe I'll skip around in some of the packs and play a few more here and there...
  9. #37 (The Irregular Guard) - I know this should be "fair" since you get to see the teeth/tank button pattern in the beginning, but I didn't totally remember it once it was out of sight, so it still felt like luck by the second tank section... #41 (Missing Level) - Even though the Joyride concept has kind of become unpopular since the "original", I like the added twist of having to find the unobstructed paths to push the blocks through. #45 (Lather, Rinse, Repeat) - A fun, much more simple take on the "triple maze" concept. #46 (Ocean Currents) - At first I wasn't so fond of this level, but after I got the solution worked out, then solved it...then had to solve it again due to a permissions error of some sort where my INI file wasn't updated...it actually grew on me and became one of my favorites of the set.
  10. Thanks guys! Ah I didn't realize there were some characters not showing up right...I just added a line setting the character set on each page and looks like that fixed the issue. Thanks for the tip! Not sure how that happened Josh...somehow I guess the rows didn't get inserted in numerical order apparently...but in either case, I updated this to make sure it always displays the list in order by level number so this shouldn't happen again. Good catch! As far as the password scheme, I'm just using the default PHP password hash...not sure if there's a better more secure way or not, I went with a new password myself
  11. Looks like the answer there was "months"... As of today, the first 4 of the above options are now available - you can now create an account at my site, add new sets, and update existing ones. The search option has also been around for a while now and apparently I never posted that here... Hopefully everything is self-explanatory enough - if it isn't or you run into any problems, let me know. The to-do list (so probably another couple months until they actually get done...) Add option to import a level set title list from cclpinfo (or if I'm feeling really ambitious, learn about the DAT format and import right from the DAT file) Add CC2 set listing Add option to reset password (if anyone wants this functionality) Add automated scoreboard for MikeL2/MikeL3/MikeL4, and have scores be applied to all sets for levels that appear in more than one of them (this future option is why you see a "name to appear on scoreboard" option in the account setup)
  12. Ah I see...didn't think of that. Great trick, now I wish that was the intended solution for MS too...
  13. Yeah no problem, I didn't consider that in my vote...and I know it can probably be counted on one hand those of us still playing in MSCC. Just thought I would mention it in case anyone cared #27 (Helper) seems busted - I'm not quite sure what the intended route is here, but I didn't need to do anything with the north fireball, and I only had to go through one column in each of the tank sections... #32 (Blockorama) - Great level, but is it solvable in Lynx? It seems you have to slide to the trap at 1,24 to let the teeth hit the other button so you can get the key, but in Lynx you'll slide over it and get stuck behind the red door...
  14. I better post my notes so far on this one awhile in case I never actually get to finish a single voting pack before CCLP4 #1 (Ravaged) - Interesting concept. I liked how even though it was sometimes overwhelming planning which way to go, if I took my time and looked carefully I could determine which way to go. Actually after a few initial attempts at getting out of the first section, beyond that I was able to solve it in one go. #4 (Cross-Stitch) - One of my favorites of the set...one of the only things I'm not sure about is pushing that block up at 18,5 onto the clone block, and having only 0.2 seconds to move up one square. I can see how it would probably be obvious since you can see the clone button, but still I wonder if such a setup should be this late in the level. #11 (Sinking Swarm) - This level might be disliked for obvious reasons, but hey, even CC1 had the original Jumping Swarm. I think it's an interesting enough twist, and there's only 3 blocks to push. I think I solved it on the first attempt if I remember correctly. #19 (Bomb Squad) - Great twist on the ice maze concept. #20 (Estranged for a Season) - Great level - since I played without looking in the editor, I was racking my brain for a while figuring out how to get both the red and green key... #21 (Shimmer Glimmer) - Good level, although unfortunately a total guessing game if you tried playing it like I did, trying not to look in the editor and using MSCC, which cut the hint off. I had to look up the hint in the editor to make sure I didn't mess up which traps went to which key.
  15. I got all the scores updated and checked into the Quintuple Point issue...you're right, it seems in Tile World 1.3.1 (and TW2) the bug I take advantage of for the MS TW route was fixed, making the level unsolvable. I'll have to come up with a fix for this at some point...
  16. I looked through those scores...and I stared in disbelief at at least half of them Nicely done! I'll get those updated hopefully this weekend, and I'll try to look into the issue with Quintuple Point as well...maybe it's a TW1 vs TW2 issue, I don't think anything should have changed with the level itself...
  17. Well, a new year, a new Mike L level set rearranging... I decided to put some more separation between my older levels and newer levels... I've created (yet another) MikeL4, which has pretty much all my new levels created for the purposes of CCLP1 or CCLP4 consideration (so basically any level created after 2010). I thought it might be better to put all my newer levels in this set, so those that already played MikeL2 can play just the new levels without having to dig for them in MikeL3. The new MikeL4 has 27 levels, somewhat arranged by order of difficulty. #27 is the only brand new, previously unreleased level, which didn't quite turn out the way I wanted but with how much of my limited time I sunk into it I'm stuck with it now and releasing it anyway This level has also been added as level 81 of MikeL3, for those that would rather stick with the best-of set. FYI, for those that already played through MikeL3, if you want to "convert" your TWS to MikeL4, I have kept all passwords the same for the MikeL4 versions so hopefully that will make this transition easier... Oh yeah, and I also deleted the last 4 levels of MikeL2 to bring it back down to 200. Not really necessary, but only one of the levels had scores reported other than mine, and I figured that would make things slightly simpler with the division of older and newer levels...plus it's back to a more even 200. http://www.pillowpc2001.net/mylevels MikeL3 and MikeL4 are also here at CC Zone. And someday, hopefully not too far off, I hope to have an automatic score reporting system set up at my site for my level sets...one that would take into account the levels potentially being in more than one set, so you could play through MikeL4 and have those scores also count toward your MikeL3 overall score. And hopefully less further off, I will finally update the level set database again...
  18. Version 1.0


    Attempting MikeL4 yet again...the 27 levels that I've created since 2009 for either CCLP1 or CCLP4 consideration. These levels are also found scattered throughout MikeL3. Level 27 is the only one that is previously unreleased (although it does now appear in MikeL3 as well).
  19. Welcome! CC2 level sets can be found in the Downloads section here at CCZone. I'm not sure how many CC1 level sets there are available for Steam, but I may not be the best person to ask about that seeing as how active I've been lately... The other sets you mention, CCLP1 through 3 are meant for the non-Steam versions of Chip's Challenge, which isn't limited to the "original" MSCC - you can play in Tile World, the open source emulation which should work on all modern operating systems.
  20. This is something that I have been thinking about doing for years and am finally getting around to...I decided to enter the 21st (or maybe late 20th) century and port my level set database from a VB6 program that generates HTML pages to a PHP/MySQL backend. All the levelset and level data has now been transferred and is up and running. As it stands now, everything should basically look exactly the same as it did before...so if you see anything that doesn't, let me know: http://www.pillowpc2001.net/levels/index.php In the coming months (weeks? days? wishful thinking maybe...) I hope to add some things that will really take advantage of everything being stored in a SQL database now, such as: Create user accounts Option to log in and add/update your own sets Option to add level titles and whether they are solvable in MS or Lynx Search for a level/set Add a CC2 level set section (not really related to SQL, I had already built this functionality into my VB6 program, but this is something I'll probably get up and running now) I'm open to any other suggestions as well... Oh yeah, and there is one new minor feature already added...you can now sort each category of the main level set list by either ascending or descending...not incredibly exciting, considering pie guy's site has been doing this for 10+ years
  21. Last batch of nominations from me: Ida3 #42 - The Genvag Ida4 #8 - Round and Round the Garden #14 - Looking for Answers IHNN1-CCLP4mix #70 - Anthill #147 - Damascus Steel #172 - The Last Pockets of Anarchy #202 - Frozen Forethought #212 - Unconventional Passages of Wisdom #220 - Burrow #248 - Ruminations #285 - Casted Colony JB-CCLP4 #20 - Falling #45 - Prehistoric Peril #56 - The One Who Unlocks #60 - Pyro Technique #64 - Safari Josh-CCLP4 #92 - The Day the World Was Suppose to End #123 - Glide and Prejudice #252 - Fugitive KTNUSA2 #13- BUMPER BLOCKS lookatthis - CCLP4 #6 - Optical Delusion #25 - Inverted Sugar MyDisplayName #15 - Helpful Teeth? tensorpudding-cclp4 #36 - Caveat Emptor TS_CCLP4 #11 - Toxic Caves #23 - Fireball Adventure #33 - Judgment Zzt #15 - Smash the Bug #49 - System of a Down
  22. Surprised me too, wasn't expecting that but I'll take it Thanks guys! C1059-CCLP4 #15 - Collapsing Elevator Shafts #17 - Cubicle #72 - The Moment of Tooth CCLP4_Subs_Syzygy #2 - NEUTRINO #5 - Aetheradiogyroscopicuboctoneurovisioglutinodenator #18 - The Reaper #38 - Blockade #45 - Return to Sender #62 - Scrambled Data #67 - The Fabulous Four Appliances - Earth, Air, Fire, Water #99 - MERRY-GO-ROUND II CCLP4-ChocophileBenji #11 - Honeycomb hustling CCSignificantlyLargerLP #15 - CONTINUUM #16 - DISCONTINUUM #24 - BLUE WAFFLE CheeseT1 #3 - GET THE CHIPS CHIPS #36 - THE POISONED CHIPS #53 - SOKO-SPIRAL #54 - CHIPS ON THE RAMPAGE Chip56 #35 - MIGRATION Cybersmack CCLP4 #1 - Beehive DanielB-CCLP4 #41 - LONELY #53 - CENTER SWING #56 - AIM eabcclp4 #33 - railroad rush hour sokoban Earthling-CCLP4 #12 - Village #21 - Into the Dungeon funfair0 #10 - Sarcophagus Graue1_LYNX #33 - TOGGLEBLOCKS #63 - MAGIC DIAMOND
  23. A few nominations: ajmiam-pit-of-100-tiles #46 - Teamwork #61 - It Snew AndrewR1 #7 - Forcing #25 - Puzzling ArchieP1 #76 - FOURTIFY #86 - EXERT FORCE #104 - TEMPLE OF NO KEY #122 - BOTHERSOME BALL BigOto7 #41 - Bepis #44 - Suction Search #59 - Lunar Spaceway #68 - Underground Delivery #91 - Replay III #100 - Trevor Hedges Presents BowmanCCLP4 #20 - ABLOCKALYPSE #26 - SOLAR SYSTEM II That's all I have time for for now...hopefully get more before September 15th... and hopefully two more people nominate Skelzink Overloaded before September 15th
  24. The rare double-cook:
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