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  1. False. I own no gaming consoles, except for a PS2 given from a relative as a hand-me-down, which I might have used once if ever. The person below me likes Windows 8.
  2. And there is only one in CC1. Not counting Thanks to..., there are 7 CC1 levels where Chip starts in the very top left non-border space (1,1).
  3. I'm guessing December 2016, on the basis that people might be ready for the next set sooner since a lot of great levels might not make it into CCLP1 due to being too difficult... On the other hand, if you consider CCLP1 a "spinoff"/prequel set that won't affect the timing of the other official sets, and considering there were 8 years between CCLP2 and CCLP3, a 2018 release date for CCLP4 could be possible...
  4. I went with walkers being worse than blobs - at least blobs move slower than Chip so you have more time to think about your next move... Second one (which I assume is difficulty within a single level, not of a whole set) I didn't have a major preference - for the first choice, if the easy stuff is all at the beginning, it's not a huge deal to redo if you lose multiple times in the later difficult part. And if the difficult part is first, you get it out of the way and then just have the easy parts to breeze through after it. But I went with the first choice, for levels where that easy section might be easy but still takes a long time to get through to the difficult part... Third one, definitely non-tested levels. You don't want to make your players waste a lot of time trying to figure out your level, only to realize it's impossible... If I released my levels untested (back when I still regularly made levels ), I would've had quite a lot of unsolvable levels in my sets... "Near-impossible" levels can be great - the harder a level is, the greater the satisfaction of solving it... (Of course, this doesn't mean make a set full of crazy monster dodging challenges... I would consider that a "near-impossible" level, but I would also consider a level like CCLP3 #144 one too based on its difficulty of finding the solution.) For the last one, I don't really like either, actually - short levels with long time limits kind of bug me for some reason (but I know I was extremely guilty of this in my early levels), but I chose long levels with short time limits, since they're worse for the player if they make one too many mistakes...
  5. Ah, I remember this show... Wouldn't Red Herring then immediately pop up wherever they were, or send a letter or something, and prove it wasn't him?
  6. So far I just took a quick look at this set, but it looks really good! I could see some of these levels doing well in CCLP1 voting, if only it had come out in time...
  7. Tile World 2 now has a temporary website at my site, which includes the source code: http://www.pillowpc2001.net/TW2
  8. Also in some browsers, if you hover each link it shows the URL which includes an id number - the largest number would be the most recent version.
  9. Just out of curiosity, how does it save bandwidth? Seems like it woukd take more by loading the extra page...
  10. On my version, canyon.mid is listed in the INI file, but I don't think any of my computers actually had canyon.mid.
  11. The third download click and 5 second wait weren't always there... I figured it was a new requirement by InvisionZone since I'm not sure why Tom would've added that "feature"...
  12. I guess by holding 2 arrow keys (i.e. right and down to jump diagonally southeast) at the same time? Actually, I remember playing CC at my aunt's house way back (before I would have designed most of my paper levels) and their keyboard included diagonal arrow keys... I tested them out in CC, but all it did was move you 2 squares (right one down one, etc) to get to the tile diagonal to it...but come to think of it, I bet this inspired the diagonal boot.
  13. You could try having Chip hit a trap button as he enters each room, releasing a monster somewhere that eventually hits a block clone that lands on a trap button, releasing a bunch of monsters. This would only require 3 connections per room (1 clone, 2 trap), which would be within the limits I think?
  14. My first level ever made was MikeLrejects #1 (GOING BLOCKO). It (and many others scattered around the early levels of MikeLrejects and MikeL2) were originally made on paper probably around 1998 to 2001, and I converted them all to "real" levels once I downloaded the editor in 2001. I believe I converted them in the order I had created them on paper - my paper goal was to have a set of 99 levels (and in my mind, it would have been its own "game", called Michael's Challenge ) with the last level being BIRTHDAY (MikeL2 #99, which was possibly the actual first level I made on paper, I'm not 100% sure). I ended up releasing my first set shortly after I finished creating it in August 2001. It might have actually had 104 levels in its first release, despite my original goal of 99. In this first set (MikeL1) levels 1-8, 10-63, 66-78 and 99 were based on my levels from paper, and the rest were created only in the editor to "fill out" the set (some of the later ones being based on CC1 levels). My "original" level 9 differed completely from "paper" level 9 because I couldn't figure out the teleport patterns at the time (once I did, I created the level "again" - MikeL2 #94 I think, "Squares"). And I had to make new designs for the level 64 and 65 slots since my paper version of those levels involved a new tile, the diagonal boot. Wow, I went a bit off topic there...
  15. Version 5.2


    Chip's Controls is a program for Chip's Challenge and Tile World. It has many tools and features, including: - Play any level set from anywhere on your computer in MSCC. You can also use a custom INI file and set the "fake" and "real" last levels on which the ending sequence plays. - Easily edit your INI files and have the scores automatically adjust (to be used for purposes such as levels in a set being rearranged or levels' time limits changing - not for cheating ) - Automatically generate DAC files for Tile World for all the level sets in your TW "DATA" folder - Create a CCX file to add a storyline and/or extra information about your set when playing in Tile World 2 Much more information about Chip's Controls can be found at its website: http://www.pillowpc2001.net/controls The download here includes both an installation package for Chip's Controls (chipscontrols-v5.2.exe), and just the program itself (chips-controls.exe). Some computers will be able to run just the program itself without any problems; if you do this and get error messages using certain parts of Chip's Controls, you might have to install it through the setup package. Screenshots:
  16. I thought I was going to a while ago, but I'm guessing I didn't because then people would be able to download it without reading about how it works/what it does first, and might get confused...but I could just include a link to the pages at my site in the file description...so yeah, I think I will.
  17. Well, I was right that there was a bug, it just wasn't in the CCX Editor as I expected it would be. Chip's Controls version 5.0.1 has been released, fixing a bug when you try to play a set using an INI file with less than 11 characters. I dealt with this exact issue when first creating Chip's Controls 10 years ago, but I neglected to take it into account when updating the main window this time in my haste to get version 5.0 out... http://www.pillowpc2001.net/controls/download.htm
  18. Nice tileset, Felix! And welcome to the group!
  19. I was going through the CCLP1 blacklist and I noticed an unreported bust on Ida3 #41 (Running for the Toggle Switch). The level appears to have been changed from an earlier version I had, but the level is still busted (in MS mode only) - I just solved it in 15 seconds. If you use one of the blocks to mess with the ball timing, you can get the blue key without the suction boots by holding the down arrow and waiting for the wall to close on the way out...
  20. I like PicturePush.com - you can upload pictures without having to sign up for an account.
  21. MikeL2, MikeL2-fix, and MikeL3 have been updated with 3 new levels (plus "Stadium Seating" which was already released in MikeL3 has been added to MikeL2/MikeL2-fix). MikeL2/-fix: #201 (Skelzink) - Kind of a Skelzie framework, plus some sliding, so Skelzie + Rink = Skelzink. :-) Fun fact - I actually made this level after its "sequel" level 204, but when that one turned out much more difficult than I intended, I made this one as an "alternate" version. #202 (Stadium Seating) - Previously released as MikeL3 #22; a storyline-based level where Chip goes to a concert. #203 (Angry Chips) - Based on Angry Birds. I know "Angry Monsters" would have technically been more accurate, but I thought Angry Chips sounded better. :-) #204 (Skelzink Overloaded) - And this is what happens when I take my typical rooms-style level and take two weeks to finish it instead of a day... This ended up a lot crazier than I intended, and is probably going to be hated, but oh well, here it is... ;-) In MikeL3: Skelzink has replaced level 20 (Block N Roll II), Angry Chips has replaced level 33 (Button Blocker), and Skelzink Overloaded has replaced level 65 (Toggle Tactics II). pie guy, would you be able to replace the old scores for these levels at your site? Thanks! MikeL2 and MikeL2-fix can be downloaded at my site: http://www.pillowpc2001.net/MikeL2 MikeL3 can be downloaded at CC Zone, pie guy's site, or the Yahoo group.
  22. Maybe I'm wrong, but if the domain really does expire, wouldn't it just be up for grabs for anyone to take at the standard domain registration fee of $10 or so? Or is that not how it works when a domain expires?
  23. Well, in my case I was actually using the 291 route, which is supposed to have a better probability...and it worked for me - got it in 4 attempts.
  24. Ouch...that's why I'm quite content with my 291.
  25. Well, as it turns out, there might be *3* new levels (2 of which are done but not yet tested, and one which still has to be made yet), and I've decided to add them to both MikeL2 and MikeL3; that way, someone who plays MikeL2 but not MikeL3 will still be able to play the new levels without having to use the other set, and vice versa. (I'll also be adding Stadium Seating, my favorite of the MikeL3 "exclusives", to MikeL2. ) The levels I think I'm going to reject from MikeL3 (based on a combination of John's response, where the levels should be in the set based on difficulty, and if it had a time limit that could be used for one of the new levels (for compatibility with pie guy's site)) are #20 Block N Roll II, #46 Hint, and #65 Toggle Tactics II.
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