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  1. MikeL3

    This set started as my levels for CCLP1 consideration, although it ended up basically becoming a "best-of" set (with most of the levels taken from MikeL2/MikeL2-fix and MikeLrejects), and quite a few of the levels would definitely not work for CCLP1... I tried to arrange the levels in order from simplest to most difficult.
    There are 85 levels total; all but 5 of them are compatible with MS and Lynx, and many are pedantic Lynx compatible (any level not solvable in Lynx and/or pedantic Lynx has been made not playable in that ruleset as well, so they can easily be determined and skipped over).
    Many of the levels come from MikeL2/MikeL2-fix or MikeLrejects; 20 are original to this set (or were in the now-scrapped MikeL4). Many have had some modifications to make them pedantic Lynx compatible (if possible), easier (such as by removal of some monsters), more fair (such as by removing guesswork or making it easier to figure out), and sometimes just to make them look better...
    This set is mainly geared towards newer players (although some are admittedly probably way too difficult for that demographic...) and people who haven't played any of my other sets; I don't really expect people that have already seriously played MikeL2 or MikeLrejects to play through all the levels in this one, since about 3/4 of the levels would be repeats.
    For more information on the levels in this set (which are new, which are "repeats", which rulesets each is solvable in), go here: http://www.pillowpc2001.net/mylevels/MikeL3.htm




  2. MikeL4

    Attempting MikeL4 yet again...the 27 levels that I've created since 2009 for either CCLP1 or CCLP4 consideration. These levels are also found scattered throughout MikeL3. Level 27 is the only one that is previously unreleased (although it does now appear in MikeL3 as well).




  3. MikeL_CCLP4.dat

    Mike L's CCLP4 submissions - 16 levels taken from MikeL3, mostly my newer ones. This set not intended for play - just narrowing down my submissions.
    #1 - Ice Chips
    #2 - Back to Basics
    #3 - Skelzink
    #4 - Stadium Seating
    #5 - Who Let the Bugs Out
    #6 - Careful Skating
    #7 - Callback
    #8 - Angry Chips
    #9 - Flappy Chip
    #10 - Tank Race
    #11 - Time for a Swim
    #12 - Rush Hour
    #13 - Monsterflow
    #14 - Block Arranging III (retitled Block Town)
    #15 - Avoidance
    #16 - Skelzink Overloaded




  4. Chip's Controls

    Chip's Controls is a program for Chip's Challenge and Tile World. It has many tools and features, including:
    - Play any level set from anywhere on your computer in MSCC. You can also use a custom INI file and set the "fake" and "real" last levels on which the ending sequence plays.
    - Easily edit your INI files and have the scores automatically adjust (to be used for purposes such as levels in a set being rearranged or levels' time limits changing - not for cheating )
    - Automatically generate DAC files for Tile World for all the level sets in your TW "DATA" folder
    - Create a CCX file to add a storyline and/or extra information about your set when playing in Tile World 2
    Much more information about Chip's Controls can be found at its website: http://www.pillowpc2001.net/controls
    The download here includes both an installation package for Chip's Controls (chipscontrols-v5.2.exe), and just the program itself (chips-controls.exe). Some computers will be able to run just the program itself without any problems; if you do this and get error messages using certain parts of Chip's Controls, you might have to install it through the setup package.