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  1. Made a rare entry into the time trial this month. Great levels! Level 1 took a look time just to figure out the block pushing patterns...
  2. After some downtime for a week or two due to some bandwidth issues with my site, I am finally back online, with a different provider...sort of (still using Parcom for my domain name). Due to these issues (and to be able to use a free host ) I am now using Dropbox to host all files for my site...which makes the AVI pages not as friendly as I'd like (both due to the 2-click download process from Dropbox, plus since I didn't feel like generating an URL for all 500+ AVIs, I am just directing the link to the folder view list containing the AVIs)...but then again, not many are using AVIs anymore anyway...well, except for the few that decided to download as many of them as they could in the last week or two and crashed my site My email is currently not working yet; not sure why that is, but hopefully that will start working soon. Everything else should be operational again, I think... http://www.pillowpc2001.net
  3. Instead of submitting all 85 MikeL3 levels, or confusing things further by submitting some but not all MikeL3 levels, I decided to follow the pattern and release a new compilation set specifically for CCLP4 submissions I narrowed MikeL3 down to 16 levels, mostly my newest ones. http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/511-mikel-cclp4dat/
  4. Version 1.0


    Mike L's CCLP4 submissions - 16 levels taken from MikeL3, mostly my newer ones. This set not intended for play - just narrowing down my submissions. #1 - Ice Chips #2 - Back to Basics #3 - Skelzink #4 - Stadium Seating #5 - Who Let the Bugs Out #6 - Careful Skating #7 - Callback #8 - Angry Chips #9 - Flappy Chip #10 - Tank Race #11 - Time for a Swim #12 - Rush Hour #13 - Monsterflow #14 - Block Arranging III (retitled Block Town) #15 - Avoidance #16 - Skelzink Overloaded
  5. FYI, I just solved UC4 #85 (Bubble Wrap) without opening the green or blue doors, by pushing a block up to the toggle buttons through the bomb room. Was this an intended alternate solution? (Also, on level 77 I only needed one of the suction boots and ice skates, but I don't think this affected the solution much...) Still enjoying slowly working my way through this set... My favorites from the last bunch I played are Postmodern Temple, Labyrinth of the Elemental Waffle, Secret Underground Society, and Round and Round. edit - also, a wall at 2,13 might prevent a shortcut at the end of level 88, but it looks like this bust has already been taken advantage of at pie guy's site...
  6. I remember thinking when I was younger that if I ever became extremely rich, I would pay whatever money was necessary to get CC2 released. Phew, now that takes the pressure off me to find a way to become extremely rich. A big thanks and congrats to everyone involved with this long-awaited release!
  7. I was about to correct you that I found a Time Trial competition AVI of mine from January 2013, proving that it's only been a year or so since my last entry, not two....then I realized it's 2015. Wow, can't believe it's been that long... Also, I believe I entered the 21st century by submitting a TWS for the first time...
  8. All of this looks like a setup for either the greatest CC announcement of all time, or the cruelest CC April Fools joke of all time...
  9. Fun set so far! I'm currently on level 52, and I think I found a bust...the block at 8,17 can be pushed up to 13,19, then over to 17,19, at which point Chip can get underneath it and down to the exit, completing the level in about 25 seconds... I figured I'd give you a chance to fix it before I report a score for it at pie guy's site...
  10. Chip's Controls version 5.2 has been released - DacGen now allows you to create DAC files for one level set at a time, in case you need to tweak the settings for just one level set. Remember that clicking Generate DAC Files in the future still generates DAC files for all sets in the folder, so those settings will then be overwritten with whichever ones you choose next time you hit the Generate button. The standalone DacGen program has also been updated with this feature. http://www.pillowpc2001.net/controls/download.htm
  11. True, which is why only a small part of me feels that way. Yeah, I guess that wasn't worded very well... I guess I was referring to the ratio of MS-only levels to MS/Lynx compatible levels being much lower than it used to be...
  12. I'm kind of torn, because even though I (along with most of the community from what I can see ) have been getting the most enjoyment lately out of levels compatible with both rulesets, a small part of me does feel like CCLP4 should be MS-only (or at least have an MS-only version) to keep the "agreement" made way back regarding odd and even numbered CCLP's....but on the other hand, I don't really think there are enough MS-only levels anymore to warrant an entire CCLP dedicated to them. And I wouldn't be in favor of creating a CCLP that had a mix of MS/Lynx compatible levels and MS-only levels - that might end up keeping Lynx players from playing the set and missing out on the great Lynx-compatible levels. Although I guess this probably wouldn't be an option at this point - it sounds like if an MS-only CCLP is created, a Lynx-compatible version would be produced alongside it...but if only slight changes need to be made to the levels, the Lynx-compatible edition might as well be the only version... BTW, if a levels-per-designer limit is introduced for CCLP4, here are the MikeL3 levels I would like considered (spoiler tags used to avoid stretching out the post):
  13. Oh yeah, I guess I should have pointed that out to you when I noticed it a few weeks back instead of just silently updating my site to include the pie guy link... BTW, great set! I've been playing through it when I have CC time that I'm not using to keep my site updated or attempt optimizing CCLP1...up to level 42 so far.
  14. Well, I haven't made a single new level since the release of MikeL4 , so I decided to do yet another MikeL3 reordering... The 10 MikeL4 levels have been spread out through MikeL3, bringing it to 85 levels. MikeL4 has now been deleted. I figure at the rate I am designing levels, if I do ever make more I can just add them to MikeL3 and it shouldn't get too much larger in size... A few other levels have been reordered as well, to be better placed based on difficulty. CCZone download: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/5-mikel3/ Download at my website: http://www.pillowpc2001.net/mylevels Some more information about the set is also available at my site, including a table listing which rulesets each level is solvable in, and where each level came from.
  15. Since the number of Chipsters still playing primarily on MSCC can probably be counted on one hand , leaving two thirds of Chip's Controls' tools obsolete, I have decided to release standalone versions of the two still-relevant tools, the CCX file editor and DacGen. They can each be downloaded individually at my site, or in one setup file (pretty much only required if your computer doesn't have the necessary runtime files). http://www.pillowpc2001.net/controls/download.htm
  16. Mine was DavidS1 by David Stanley, back in 2001 when it had 13 levels. Not sure how many I solved (I know I definitely didn't solve Shark Attack and Switch Hit), and I remember struggling on Key Color quite a bit...
  17. Yes Which is better, CCLP4 or CCLP5?
  18. Well, the designing has gone slower than I thought, but I finally have a 10-level "preview" release of MikeL4... http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/396-mikel4/ I've solved all the levels in MS (well, I haven't re-solved #8 since fixing a bust, but the change doesn't affect the solution route), and they should all be solvable in Lynx as well. I'm trying to make a simpler style of level, i.e. CC1/CCLP1/early MikeL3, so hopefully the levels are still fun and not just too easy and pointless (I fear level 3 may fall into this category... ).
  19. Thanks for the dedication level! It (and the rest of the levels) look great!
  20. Hmmm, I thought I had a link on my site to that CC "clone" (and I actually had it on my computer still too!) but if I did, apparently I don't anymore... Maybe because it only had the first 12 levels and seems to be a little buggy... The second link sounds familiar, but I can't remember where I would've seen it... It was interesting though - looks like it was a mix of Atari Lynx and MS cheats... Maybe this could turn into a "newly discovered CC links" thread?
  21. I just stumbled across this (semi-)old (as in Feb 2010 or earlier) blog post about Chip's Challenge, written by a Zach Hall (who I believe may be the creator of the zshall_001 and zshall_002 level sets from 2005, which I previously attributed to Zach Shall). It also has an Amazon link where you can actually still legally buy the Best of Windows Entertainment Pack (although for $89...): http://sosguy.net/articles/76
  22. Yikes, it would appear my site has been (mildly) hacked or something - the 64-bit page isn't the only one with one of these spam links... I'll see what I can do about it... Thanks, random 8 for bringing this to my attention! Update - Yeah, turns out a lot of sites with my web host were hacked, due to being on an older less secure web site package. Might be time to upgrade when it comes time to renew in April... In the meantime, everything should (hopefully) be back to normal...
  23. Great level, JB! That would make a nice early level - looks like it introduces almost every single tile!
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