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  1. Yes, the CCLP3 DAT file should be in the DATA folder of your Tile World folder; the DAC files are used by Tile World to tell it whether to play in MS or Lynx.
  2. Ah yes, I remember those days too...back before these fancy Dropboxes and Gmails...
  3. I could extract the files with 7-Zip, but not Windows' built-in zip file opener/extractor...
  4. (I was going to post this in the Level Discussion forum, but I couldn't make a poll there...) In a rare turn of events, I might have 2 potential level ideas I might try and find time to work on in the next month or so... However, MikeL2 is unofficially "done" at an even 200 levels and I don't really want to add to the end of MikeL3 since it ends like CC1 with a buried exit. Since I don't expect new level ideas to be a common enough event to call for a MikeL4, I thought maybe I would add them into MikeL3 and get rid of two of the levels from there. Which levels would you not miss if they disappeared from MikeL3? Or should I just add them to MikeL2...or make a MikeL4 even if it does end up being a tiny set? I've put some of my least favorites of MikeL3 in the poll, but if there are any others you'd like to see replaced, feel free to post them as well...
  5. Reminds me of a tweet I saw once where someone said they hate Verizon, and somehow Verizon found it and replied to it offering support.
  6. Well, it's about 2 months later than I planned, but it's finally here...Chip's Controls v5.0, with a working CCX file editor, has now been released. I don't have much more time to explain it since it's late and I've already taken too much time away from my schoolwork to put the finishing touches on it , but hopefully it will be self-explanatory... Also added in this update: - The "main" level set playing feature of Chip's Controls now allows you to play level sets from anywhere, using an EXE and INI of your choice. - Since I don't think anyone uses ChipEnd, EXE Creator, and CCF files anymore (or maybe ever ), I have moved these tools to a "Classics" menu, basically just to keep them around but get them out of the way... Now, as this is a new major program update, if my history has proven anything...use at your own risk. I really don't think there should be any major issues, but just to be safe, I thought I'd say that. The only issue I currently know of is that the CCX colors sometimes don't save properly. I'm guessing it's an issue with converting them to hex values when saving, but I'm not sure... Site and download links: http://www.pillowpc2001.net/controls http://www.pillowpc2001.net/controls/ccx.htm http://www.pillowpc2001.net/controls/download.htm Enjoy!
  7. It's at pie guy's site and the Yahoo group: http://www.ecst.csuchico.edu/~pieguy/chips/overall.php?set=EricS1 http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/chips_challenge/files/EricS1.dat
  8. Not exactly on topic, but right when I just clicked on this thread about the survival competition, "Survivors" by Collin Raye came on my iPod.
  9. The bomb sound file should be HIT3.wav in the folder you have MSCC in... If you have one of the complete Windows Entertainment Packs including Jezzball, it should have a file JEZZDEAD.wav which is actually the same sound effect - if you make a copy of this file and rename it HIT3, that should give you the bomb sound effect... Hope that helps!
  10. If you were talking to me, I was actually asking Michael about how he ran MSCC on Windows 7... Not exactly on topic, but what CC Zone thread is...
  11. Do you have 64-bit Windows 7? If so, what's the workaround you're using?
  12. Hmmm, maybe scratch that - not quite sure how to solve #2...
  13. Whoops, I didn't realize the competition ended today already... Would it be possible to extend it to the end of the month? I'd make an attempt if it was...
  14. I thought it was supposed to be midnight tonight...so it could still happen yet for those of us in the US.
  15. pillowpc2001


    It can actually be even quicker if you use the 18,9 block to hit the tank button... Also, #23 might be slightly busted since you don't need to step on the thief, which means you don't need to recollect the boots in the final rooms... (And not a bust, but I can't see why #22 would be unsolvable in Lynx...nor can I figure out the "code". )
  16. I don't have Windows 8, but I'm pretty sure TW2 (as well as any CC program aside from MSCC itself) should work just fine on it (assuming it's the full/desktop version of Windows 8 - the "Windows RT" tablet version would not be able to run TW2).
  17. pillowpc2001


    Finally got back to playing this set today after starting it a month or so ago... I noticed #12 has 2 more chips required than available (which I see has already been mentioned) and in #13 it's possible to go back through the slide and avoid the maze, if you step down off of 21,15, then jump back on and go backwards from 20,15. This should be fixable by changing either 21,17 or 2,1 to a wall...
  18. Well, this is quite an old thread , but I just noticed in the new level 24 that the chip required count is 0, which I'm guessing it should be 1?
  19. I feel this way about a lot of my levels (mainly a lot of the pointless early MikeL2 filler levels), but probably my biggest "what was I thinking?" level is MikeLrejects #323, which would have been a typical "Jumble" level if it weren't for all of its glaring errors - it has a "Button Blocker"-based room that is completely pointless because there are no toggle walls to be controlled beyond that point, a room with a chip that is impossible to get out of, and a shortcut partway through the level that was supposed to be Lynx only - using block slapping to push a block with fire underneath to get to an early exit....but Chip still has fire boots at this point in both rulesets.
  20. Yeah, I remember an old version of ChipEdit calling walkers dumbbells...
  21. Oh, I was thinking maybe the idea had come up in a discussion somewhere and then you and Tyler both ended up deciding to make it without the other realizing, which would've been less of a coincidence...but nope, it really was the biggest coincidence ever. BTW, Tyler, I just got 87 on level 89 (Lesson 1 Alternate) and didn't need the chips - is this a bust?
  22. TCCLPRejects #92 and JCCLPRejects #22 - biggest coincidence ever?
  23. That would help, although I'll still have to figure out how to do the actual programming using that information (I had a lot of help with the EXE-modifying parts of Chip's Controls... )
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