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  1. Hello All, I tried to open a blank levelset in the game, and then it throws an error saying "No Players". I can't press anything but for the OK button, then the game crashes. Every time I re-open it, the same happens. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  2. I'm using CCCreator now, however I can't seem to properly open any levels I save within the creator (they are .c2m files same as the files I saved using the inbuilt editor). Do you know a way around this?
  3. I'm finding that in the official CC2 editor I cannot determine the logic with how traps/clone machines/flame jets are paired with buttons. Can someone point me in the right direction as this editor is a lot less intuitive than ChipEdit for CC1.
  4. I've enjoyed it so far, still working through the levels as I've recently distracted myself trying to finish off the levels I could not finish last time I attempted CCLP3 several years ago (Vulcan, Level 143 onwards).
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