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  1. R.I.P.

    This Feature


    hidden into oblivion by the software update

  2. I was hoping that posting about my Mystery Project™ would motivate me to finish it. Apparently it didn't.

  3. If you wanna be my car insurance agent, I gotta...sign a paper or something. You can't just start representing my car insurance!

    ...Get outta my house!

  4. Man, I'm feelin' like jazz tonight for some reason but I can't go 'cause of these high bread prices.

  5. Mystery Project™ status: 94% complete (6% of which is rejected), 10% untested, 6% unfinished. Funny how i made almost 60% in the first 3 days and 4 months later i'm struggling to make 1 level. Also i'm not sure what to count as rejected because often times i reject a finished level but not the concept behind it.

    1. random 8

      random 8

      92% complete, 6% untested, 6% unfinished. Fun fact: 2 of the levels are directly inspired by none other than...RB3ProKeys!

  6. Pac-Man World 2 at AGDQ oh snap

  7. Mystery Project™ status: 88% complete (4% of which is rejected), 12% untested, 8% unfinished.

    1. random 8

      random 8

      still happening, just stalled

  8. Most people don't care. Most people don't notice. None of this matters. Numbers are hard.

    1. M11k4


      But some people care, some people notice. I think it means some of it matters :)

  9. Sometimes, something's only annoying because you're doing it wrong.

  10. Want it to sound insignificant? "5%". Want it to sound important? "1 in 20".

  11. Not even 24 hours after RB3ProKeys sets a new record on Zuma and i overtake him. lol

    1. random 8

      random 8

      I didn't even finish the last level.

    2. RB3ProKeys
  12. Scores were tracked by James needs to finish this.

  13. Pause Ahead speedrun at SGDQ nice

    1. random 8

      random 8

      (I was curious if messages show that they were edited. The answer seems to be no.)

  14. I now have 13^2 reputation (sun).

    1. quiznos00


      As celebration, you should drink Australian beer.

  15. I finally made my CCLP4 submissions set. Let me know if you think i should add or remove anything.

  16. I should make my CCLP4 submissions set soon.

  17. Does Chuck know why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

  18. Have you tried turning off your government, and turning it on again?

  19. Welp, that time has ended.

  20. I have acquired exactly 12^2 reputation (sun).

  21. It's not a dead end if you're not dead in the end.

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