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  1. What song are you listening to right now?

  2. What song are you listening to right now?

  3. Mystery Project™ status: 94% complete (6% of which is rejected), 10% untested, 6% unfinished. Funny how i made almost 60% in the first 3 days and 4 months later i'm struggling to make 1 level. Also i'm not sure what to count as rejected because often times i reject a finished level but not the concept behind it.

    1. random 8

      random 8

      92% complete, 6% untested, 6% unfinished. Fun fact: 2 of the levels are directly inspired by none other than...RB3ProKeys!

  4. Count to 1,000

    (2*3*5)√(|7-11|) - (13-17)/(19-23) = 29*31
  5. October 2017 Survival Competition

    As far as i can tell, all of the BBCode stuff still works. The biggest differences are the default font and the way line breaks are handled.
  6. Count to 1,000

    52 * (5 + 5/5)2 - 5
  7. What song are you listening to right now?

    This game was a ton of fun when i was a kid.
  8. Global Feed for Status Updates

    cczone.invisionzone.com/discover/6/ so this link works for me even when i'm logged out. Is this available to everyone or is CC Zone going off cookies or something?
  9. Global Feed for Status Updates

    I thought the update got rid of the feature, but really it's just hidden. (Note: you have to be logged in to do this.) At the top of the page, select "Activity" -> "Unread Content". There, change the following settings at the top: Show me: Content items, comments, and reviews (idk if this changes anything, but just in case) Content Types: Status Updates Read Status: Everything Underneath on the right, you can select "Expanded" so you don't have to click each one to view. You can also select "Save As New Stream" so you don't have to change these settings every time. You can find the new stream in "Activity" -> "My Activity Streams".
  10. So i can post this, but can't reply to it.
  11. random 8's scores

    CC2 (time): 193 (TANK WAR): 173 (+6, b) 194 (MEMORIES): 250 (+32, bc) I'm surprised i got this without any fancy collisions. CC2 scores increased appropriately. total score: 14,451,373
  12. What song are you listening to right now?

    Warning: language
  13. What song are you listening to right now?

    This song sounds familiar. I want to say i heard it in an ad for...beer? But something about it sounds different*. idk *Edit: Never mind, I think the bass is just quieter.
  14. Skype quotes

    IhavenonameSDA: huh IhavenonameSDA: That's pretty nice IhavenonameSDA: Looks like a... oh IhavenonameSDA: OHHHH (technically twitch but w/e)