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  1. Chip's Challenge 2: Speed Edition

    Updated to give speed boots to Chip mimic in Lesson 6.
  2. This is a thing that now exists. There were a few things i wasn't sure how to handle; feedback is appreciated. Full patch notes for 1.0.0 (except for adding speed boots in every level):
  3. Version 1.0.1


    See file name. Discussion thread.
  4. RyanJ1.dat Discussion

    New level. This was built before the first release, but i've been wanting to remake it. I changed my mind now.
  5. MIDIs not working since the update

    Yellow switches are not affected (i assume that's what you're referring to).
  6. What song are you listening to right now?

  7. RyanJ1.dat Discussion

    Sorry i'm slow with the April Fools cleanup. Here's 2 new levels. Same link as before.
  8. RyanJ1.dat Discussion

    As i run out of CC1 ideas and CC2 draws more attention from this community, i've figured i'd go ahead and release what i have up to this point. I'm abandoning the "Consistent Inconsistency" name for this set; i thought i was being creative and cool with that name but now it just sounds dumb. So, here's a normal, self-titled set. I get that a lot of my levels are trash, so i'm not including them here. This brings the total down to 11 levels. And if you think this is an April Fools joke, you can download the set for yourself and verify that the zip, in fact, contains a level set with 11 levels total, all made by me (adaptations notwithstanding).
  9. RyanJ1.dat

    Version 1.1.1


    See discussion thread for details.
  10. Not exactly. I found the mention in the CCLP2 competition thread: I didn't see anything in the walls-of threads saying this no longer applies or anything.
  11. I remember it being mentioned in a previous walls-of competition that buried walls don't need to be kept, which is why i removed them in the "pure" version.
  12. new tile ideas

    We could also give Chip a backpack and double his inventory.
  13. new tile ideas

    For now i'll just mention that this thread exists if you want to see what some others thought of. (And apparently there's another one? Idk where that is.)