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  1. Because that's the blue thief's job, duh. Why can't i teach an old frog new tricks?
  2. Updated bust report:
  3. 1. To get the game to recognize the pack, you need to extract the zip in the game's directory. You can either go there directly (for me it's .../Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Chip's Challenge 2/data/games/) or right click the game in your Steam library -> Properties... -> "Local Files" tab -> "Browse local files...", then go to the data folder, then the games folder. There, make sure the files are all contained in one folder, like how the Chip's Challenge 2 main game files are all in their own folder. For example, if you're downloading the Jazz pack, then you'd put the extracted files in .../Chip's Challenge 2/data/games/Jazz/, with no subfolders in that Jazz folder. 2. In the game itself, go to Level Set -> Play, and the set should appear on the list in the window that pops up. This process should work for both randomized and derandomized packs (and for the most part, custom sets in general).
  4. Orange buttons connect to the nearest flame jet in terms of Manhattan/taxicab distance (minimum number of squares you'd have to walk through to reach the flame jet from the button without teleports, ice, etc.). If multiple flame jets are the same distance away, the search starts with the right-most square, then goes counterclockwise. However, there is a glitch where orange buttons won't connect to flame jets that are "too far away": see this report.
  5. Because the clubhouse squishes everything to 2 dimensions. Why doesn't the guy just eat the spinach? He has plenty of chips to help him out....
  6. No, because teeth are silent. Why does CC2 have train tracks when it doesn't have any trains?
  7. Trick question, Craig. The bowling ball will only kill at most one Chip regardless. And depending on how the toggle wall is placed, the ball will just crash on it when it's closed. The clubhouse is supposed to have a ceiling, but the one the bit busters hired was too high to come to work. The clubhouse does have a roof, though. If pi=3.14 and e=2.72, does pie=8.54? How come we don't see this number in pieguy's levels?
  8. Given how good Doublemaze was, probably. How come Chip can get a short sprint when he moves, but only on every other tenth of a second?
  9. CC2: 141 (LOGIC PRISON): 77080 (+270, b+10) | 658 (+27, b+1) total score: 14,534,821 total time: 37,513 Passed J.B. in yet another metric.
  10. CC2: 77 (THE ROVER ROOM): 40430 (+10, b) | 193 (+1, b) 144 (THE VILLAGE): 75000 (+50, b+20) | 87 (+4, b+1) total score: 14,534,551 total time: 37,486 Now i'm solo first place in score bold count too . Oh yeah and i passed Ruben in ALR at some point.
  11. Accidentally improved a CC1 time while playing the game for the summer sale thing. CC1 (Steam): 29 (ARCTICFLOW): 287 (+4, b-4) total: 5,936,810 -- CC2: 190 (DYSPHORIA): 100670 (+40, b+10) | -1 total score: 14,534,491 total time: 37,481
  12. CC2: 69 (LOOKALIKE): 37350 (+70, b) | 285 (+7, b) 149 (BANQUET HALL): 78760 (+30, b) | 330 (+3, b) total score: 14,534,451 total time: 37,481
  13. CC2: 145 (TURNING POINT): 75570 (+90, bc) | 307 (+9, bc) total score: 14,534,351 total time: 37,471
  14. CC2: 46 (LONG LOST FRIEND): 27180 (+110, b+90) | 418 (+11, b+9) total score: 14,534,261 total time: 37,462 and now J.B.'s in second 🌞
  15. CC2: 143 (CAVERNS): 74740 (+50, b+10) | 324 (+5, b+1) 155 (VENICE): 85710 (+60, b) | 821 (+6, b) total score: 14,534,151 total time: 37,451 This makes me tied for first in time bold count
  16. CC2: 170 (PRACTICE TO PERFECT): 90160 (+240, b+40) | 397 (+25, b+4) total score: 14,534,041 total time: 37,440
  17. CC2: 179 (IN & OUT II): -1 | 831 (+3, b+3) total score: 14,533,801 total time: 37,415
  18. CC2: 179 (IN & OUT II): 99690 (+640, b+190) | 828 (+35, b+12) total score: 14,533,801 total time: 37,412
  19. CC2: 125 (WOLFPACK): 62930 (+10, b) | 43 (+1, b) 182 (SEA QUEUE): 98500 (+80, b+40) | 535 (+5, b+1) total score: 14,533,161 total time: 37,377
  20. You could also do something like this, though maybe it's not ideal for the ice block puzzle (i'm not sure how exactly you want that one to work): Also, some more busts in the version currently uploaded: You only need 4 red keys - starting at the gravel tile with the keys, go RRUULL, wait for the glider to pass, and then step in the trap and face down. You can skip the ice block puzzle entirely by re-entering the red teleport and overriding left. Even if the exit was walled off from the outside, you'd only need 3 blue keys - open the first 2, then use 2 blocks to partial post.
  21. CC2: 187 (ENDANGERED SPECIES): 98540 (+30, b+30) | 504 (+3, b+3) total score: 14,533,071 total time: 37,371
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