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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed my level! Looking forward to more of these competitions. Maybe one day I'll make a CC2 level too. Thanks for the experience 😊
  2. Sorry for the poor quality, the entire 32x32 grid doesn't fit properly on my laptop screen. A level from my upcoming WoCCLP2 set (cc1), guess the walls
  3. Here is a thread to give me a feedback on my set (can be found in my profile) As I've stated before, these are my first submissions, and may contain certain undesirable elements. Feel free to correct, criticize and/or suggest new ideas. Your feedback will help me in my upcoming WoCCLP2 set. Peace!
  4. I'm also working on Walls of CCLP2 as a CC1 set, so your feedback here will help improve that set
  5. Version 1.0.1


    My first submitted set, now fixed and playable. Not entirely Lynx compatible, we'll get to that later. More levels coming soon! Here's 40 playable levels, a la Tyler . Enjoy
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