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  1. Hey Tom, I want to start by thanking you for all you've done for CC Zone over the years, especially in carrying the financial burden and in donating your spare time. I understand that there is a real financial cost associated with keeping CC Zone open in its current form and totally get that you don't want to continue paying for a website that is of no use to you. That said, I am sad to hear that you've decided to close CC Zone without giving the community any opportunity to discuss alternatives. As IHNN mentioned above, there's been a number of scattered attempts in the last few months trying to get ahold of you to discuss some options about migrating CC Zone to a cheaper host and completely offloading your financial burden. To make this possible, I'd need to coordinate with you to get a database backup of the full forum from InvisionZone and am hoping you would be open to doing this so that the community does not need to start over on a new forum with all the past history lost. If you are interested in discussing the details further, please get in touch with me either on our CCBBC Discord or by email: cowman133@gmail.com. I had sent you an email last week about this very predicament, but am unsure if you saw it. Thanks, Cowman
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