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  1. I am still massively confused. I've managed to extract a few packs, but i always seem to forget how it's done. Here's what I know for sure what to do: I go to Tyler Sontag's link above, click a pack (let's go with Ember, since it's the first pack I played through), and opened the file that appeared below. Once it's open, I'm not sure what to do next. When I right-click it, there's no "extract all" option.
  2. I managed to download the Aerosol Pack. But where do I vote? Edit: I figured out the voting. Now here's the tricky part. Looking up the solution if I need one. I've had to skip several levels, but I still don't know how to do some of them. How do I download the solution? It doesn't even show up in my files.
  3. I've been watching an LP of the voting for CC2LP1 on YouTube (it's J.B. Lewis, for those who are wondering), and while I've enjoyed it, I want to play it myself and vote on it myself. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do that. I've downloaded the Ember pack, but how do I actually play it? I'm not exactly knowledgeable when it comes to this kind of thing on computers.
  4. I have gone to the old Chip's Challenge wiki site (which is no longer used) for the original CC1 maps, but I am unable to find them. Where can I go to find the maps of the original Chip's Challenge game?
  5. How do I actually play these packs so I can vote on them?
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