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  1. I'm guessing that you downloaded the TW2-with-CCLP1,2,3 bundle, and so those are installed properly; but you had to download CCLP4 separately and missed out copying some of its files to the correct location. Make sure that you've copied the .dac files to the "sets" directory AND also copied the .dat and .ccx files to the "data" directory. - Madhav.
  2. Maybe compile them into a page on the Wiki ...? - Madhav.
  3. Some more: CC1 #65 - Amsterdam (Crowded House) CCLP2 #79 - Cra-zy (R.E.M.) CCLP2 #91 - Tutti-Frutti (New Order) CCLP2 #107/#114 - Joyride I/II (Roxette) Approximately: CC1 #64 - Spooks (New Order - Spooky) CCLP1 #19 - Feel the Static (Green Day - The Static Age) CCLP1 #83 - Ruined World (New Order - Ruined in a Day) CCLP2 #104 - Pyramid (Radiohead - Pyramid Song) CCLP4 #50 - Secret Underground Society (The Offspring - Secrets from the Underground) CCLP4 #81 - Estranged for a Season (Guns 'n' Roses - Estranged) CCLP4 #83 - Frozen Over (Madonna - Frozen) CCLP4 #108 - Scatterbrained (Radiohead - Scatterbain) Roughly, based on lyrics: CCLP3 #94 - Mistakes (Joy Division - The Only Mistake - "Made the fatal mistake / Like I did once before / A tendency just to take / Till the purpose turned sour") CCLP1 #47 - Bombs Away (Green Day - X-Kid - "Bombs away / Here goes nothing")
  4. @Andante: Yes I knew that one ... but only because I just saw it posted in another thread a few days back. @J.B.: You might want to use a spoiler block. - Madhav.
  5. https://puzzling.stackexchange.com/ A site with all sorts of puzzles ranging from simple riddles and rebuses to complex ciphers and math problems... Some of the puzzles that I created can be found here: http://puzzling.stackexchange.com/users/20538/keyboardwielder?tab=questions
  6. If that is indeed the case it might be a better idea to truncate the original title to something like "How I Learned to ... Love the Bomb". "Detonation Station" makes for a less memorable title, IMO. - Madhav.
  7. "Your personalized leak: Thirty-six levels do not contain blocks. Three additional levels use blocks only for aesthetic purposes. 10 of 10 leaks have been found."
  8. On the command-line, you can use tworld's or tworld2's "-t" option (e.g. tworld2 -t setname) to display the time limit and the seconds left for each solved level in a set. NOTE: With tworld (1.x) on Windows, the output goes to a file named stdout.txt. Then use Calc or Excel (with Text to Columns) to subtract the two and get a total. The "---" for untimed levels needs to be replaced with 999. If you have "awk" installed (which it is by default on most Linux systems), then you can directly run: tworld2 -t setname | awk '/^Level/ {print $0 " Spent"; TT = 0; next;} {T = $(NF-3); if (T=="---") T = 999; t = $(NF-2); printf "%s %5d\n", $0, T-t; TT += (T-t);} END {print "Total Spent: " TT;}' - Madhav.
  9. #50 (Nail Flipping): I guess it must have been a tough choice between this one and Tunnel Clearance for CCLP1. Tunnel Clearance scores higher on aesthetic. #37 (Forced Circuit): Nice easy level; not as easy as it looked initially. #34 (A New Bug for You): I had fun playing this level, but the design is a little too minimal to get the vote. Even something simple like surrounding the room with water on the outside, perhaps having a bit of a path between the socket and exit - could improve the experience by a great deal. For example, I didn't really like the original version of Fireball Tourism that was voted into CCLP3, but the later changes to fix a bust in the final set made it feel much better. #25 (Aquarius Lake): The beginning of this level had me stumped for a short while. Nothing much to write about after that. #15 (Entombed): I liked this level. The red lock-block pushing part introduces an unnecessary little bit of tedium in the middle and could be dispensed with. - Madhav.
  10. #20 (Kamizake): [which is how it's spelled in the actual levelset] - Curious how the voting site got the spelling correct... Doesn't it extract the level titles out of the .dat file? #37 (Imperial Elevator): Disappointing to carefully collect all the chips in the first 7 rooms and then find that you didn't need them all when you reach the last room. I think all the chips should be required if this level is going to be in CCLP4. - Madhav.
  11. With the flippers, I don't get the point of the teleports and adjacent blocks. I think it has little replay value for casual players and optimizers alike. With the flippers removed, things naturally become much more interesting. In either case, the block splashing in Lynx is an interesting addition, but does make the level somewhat "unequal" between the modes. - Madhav.
  12. #45 (Monorail): Nice level. Partially busted in Lynx: The red door near the tanks doesn't need to be opened (hit the tank button mid-move), and so the toggle/trap puzzle can be completely bypassed. #43 (15.2 B - Pentomino Lake): Are the flippers really supposed to be there?? Also, block splashing in Lynx makes finding an optimal route harder. - Madhav.
  13. #44 (Step Aside): Seems to be busted. The bottom room and blue key aren't required. (Actually, I can't figure out what the intended solution was supposed to be.) #31 (Collect): I remember enjoying this one in Bowman1 years ago... It was fun because of the time limit of 300. Please don't make it untimed! Voting with the assumption that the time limit will be restored. - Madhav.
  14. #1 (Ravaged): This was a rather unusual level and felt quite creepy to play (in Lynx; it doesn't quite have the same feel in MS...). It kind of has guesswork but of an intelligent sort, with some "Oh please let there be / There had better be a blue key under this block ... Yesss!!" moments. And despite that it can probably be solved on the first attempt. Quite a unique level, and for that I give it a 5. There have, perhaps, been similarly structured levels - but I think what works for this one is the consistent theme - it's not just plain walls and doors, but not chock full with too many different elements like bombs, ice, force floors, teeth, etc. either. The hint tile not being accessible on its 3rd appearance was a nice touch. - Madhav.
  15. #30 (Artifial Gravity Facility): Score of 308 in Lynx ... Seems to be busted; you can go through the trap at (9,18) to the exit. - Madhav.
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