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  1. Wow. This is unexpected. It makes me a bit sad though—because it makes me wish I had the time to implement a third mode for Tile World (which would take extra long time considering I’ve never really written anything in C…) Nitpick: I dislike that Chip’s Challenge 1 doesn’t look like Chip’s Challenge.
  2. chip01.mid—I even use it as a ringtone on my phone! I love it. On the other hand, I can’t stand chip02.mid. I remember as a kid I used to switch between levels so I didn’t have to listen to it (because every other level you play uses the other song, right? Ah, I’ve used Tile World for too long…)
  3. I absolutely can’t stand playing levels with lots of force floors, toggle walls or water in Lynx, because all of those tiles are very quickly animated. So I modified atiles.bmp by copying the first frame of each such tile into all the subsequent ones. The result is a nice mix of Tile World MS mode and Lynx: “Static” tiles are static, while monsters are animated. You may download it here: http://cczone.invisionzone.com/index.php?/files/file/417-atilesbmp/. Enjoy! Out of curiosity, is anyone else getting nauseous from Lynx mode?
  4. SimonL



    This is the exact same atiles.bmp (created by Anders Kaseorg, with assistance from POV-Ray) that ships with Tile World, but without animations for force floors, water, fire, bombs, teleports, toggle walls, clone machines and exits. Anders Kaseorg has explicitly placed the original atiles.bmp file in the public domain. This modification is also in the public domain.
  5. I enjoy building what I call "devices": Things that Chip never really interact with—or perhaps don't even see—that make some machinery going. A common very simple device is "the one-click button", which is a button that clones a block onto a second button (which you can't access otherwise), so that you can only click it once. For example, I was very proud of myself when I was younger and invented the "toggle wall reset" device: Clicking the red button (connected to the pink ball cloner of course) will reset all toggle walls to their initial state, no matter what state they're currently in. Sure, it is quite trivial, but nevertheless I find it interesting. "Fireball, glider or both?"—a level I've made—is full of devices. Now I wonder: What "devices" have you constucted or found in levels you've played?
  6. Version 1.0.1


    A level from my first, unfinished, MS only levelset, called "Fireball, glider or both?". I'm not sure if I'll ever finish and release the levelset. However, this is the first good level I've finished. It's not particulary hard. There are no ninja skills required. You only need to learn the mechanics and break the logic puzzle. The puzzle can be set up in 12 different ways, and one is chosen randomly each time you play. Then each setup can be followed 3^8=6561 different solution sequences. That gives 6x6561=39366 different solutions to the level, but only one at a time. If you decide to try it, please let me know about any potential bugs and how easy it was to understand what to do. I'd also be interested in similar levels. I really wonder what the bold time for this level is, and what the probability to achieve it is.
  7. I've tried to translate from Swedish. Trap – "Getting-stuck-sandwich" (Swedish: "Fastnemacka") Paramecium – Hedgehog Flippers – Swimming shoes Fireball – Fire star Glider – Salted herring Block – Stone Thief – Spy Teeth – Monster
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