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  1. But if we decide to add some new elements, like lasers, jump box, sticky blocks and others like big circuits , the map displayed seems too small. If people have large screen, the "big tile" may cause people dizzy. we have big screens and high resolution than past, why not make full use of it?
  2. 1.Puzzle studio is 3D-like game, it's cool, but all of its 3D graphic is paste 6 same 2D images to an cubic, some time it make player confusing especially the blocks with arrows. when a bunch of 3D block accumulate together , it's hard to distinguish their borders。 2.The map during play is about 10*10, you have to patrol the level ,many times to catch the whole scene, it's too small comparing to level size which is up to 32*32.
  3. Is something about LUA?I'like to learn
  4. I think the elements in CC2 are interesting, below is an text description of them: http://web.archive.org/web/20010216112348/http://www.telusplanet.net/public/nfield/ChipChallenge/CC2Help/elements.htm Unfortunately, the picture disappears... I like the Tracks elements.
  5. It's here: http://www.chuckschallenge.com/development.htm http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/niffler/chucks-challenge-3d
  6. Thank you. I have subscriber in their Kickstarter website, it's at the bottom of the site.
  7. Any news about CC3D? The official website hasn't been updated for many days, so anyone who knows the latest news? screenshot/video/new elements or release time?
  8. Greatwork! I think I should learn lua.
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