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  1. Call for CC2LP1* Level Pack Submissions

    I submit all levels in Walls of Chip's Challenge 1.4.0 except for MULTICHIP, which is busted. I also submit EXTRACTION and OPTIMAZE from JBoneMisfits 1.0.0.
  2. Joshua Bone's level design feedback thread thingy

    Thanks for the feedback, I'll definitely update the time limit on The Golden Key.
  3. new tile ideas

    And then I had to go and design DUNGEON QUEST I agree with this point, but also think there are plenty of creative and non-violent ideas for tools that can destroy/remove monsters. I agree I wouldn't want Chip to have a sword or a gun or anything like that, but I think TNT and bowling balls are awesome, and it might be nice to have standard cherry bombs that were droppable. Lasers turrets would be awesome too. Or a 'freeze' gun.
  4. Ask a dumb question, get a dumb answer

    False--nothing is worth waiting a year and a half for. What really happens inside a transmogrifier?
  5. The Walls of CCLP2

  6. Joshua Bone's level design feedback thread thingy

    I reorganized the level order in 1.4.0 to be loosely based on increasing difficulty rather than original level order, so that's intended :). Thanks for the feedback too, very helpful as always. The walkers areas on SALMON RUN were designed to require basically no dodging skill to solve, coming as late in the level as they do. I actually was just looking to fill space at that point after a really complicated level. I played through the level again recently just to make sure and I still feel like they are fairly placed. My rule of thumb (usually, but not always followed) is that 'gratuitous' late-game dodging and puzzles on long levels should be solvable close to 100% of the time on the first try by an average player. In this case it should be obvious what needs to be done in both rooms, and it should be almost trivial to execute. If that's not the experience I'd love to hear what makes them difficult. ONE LESS'N BEFORE is nothing glitchy, just standard CC mechanics plus a single well-known CC2 ability. FF behavior in the Steam engine makes it a little tricky to execute, but I can pull it off almost every try. I think altering player position and editor peeks in general fall into the same category. Ultimately it's up to the player how they want to experience the game. Some levels could be absolutely ruined by this; in others, it's a harmless way to get past a single difficult section. I don't mind it. On MY MOTHER SAYS the rest of the level after the opening puzzle was honestly pretty much just filler. Glad to know it's enjoyable filler :). The opening puzzle is surprisingly hard, and was one of those 'I wonder if this is possible' designs that turned into a puzzle that seems to fit the space perfectly.
  7. Some Useful CC2 Logic Inventions

    No prob! It'll be nice if the community can build up a library of useful things like this that can then be used for interesting level designs, so it's not a matter of trying to figure everything out from scratch.
  8. I personally don't believe that creativity lessens with age; however I do believe that it lessens when I'm not prioritizing it. Like anything else, the longer you go without using it, the less of it you have. Look at the lives of many great artists, composers, and poets, and you see that many of them complete their masterpieces late in life. I highly recommend the book "The Artists' Way" by Julia Cameron if you're feeling blocked, it has a lot of creative exercises which both my wife and I have found especially useful over the years.
  9. Some Useful CC2 Logic Inventions

    SET/RESET: The outer four buttons can be 'set' independently, and the middle button resets them all. SEPARATE ON/OFF: A simpler version of SET/RESET. Basically like a toggle switch except the on and off functions are separated. MULTI-TOGGLE: You can add more branches as needed. Each press of the button moves the toggle to the next state. EDGE TRIGGERS: The STEP ON trigger fires a 1-tick pulse on tick t+1 after the button is pressed. The STEP OFF trigger fires a 1-tick pulse on tick t+3 after the button is released. The ROCKER fires either a 1-tick or 2-tick pulse on tick t+1 after the button is pressed, and another 1-tick or 2-tick pulse on tick t+1 after the button is released (the pulse will be 1-tick wide for a short press of the button, and 2-ticks wide for a long press).
  10. Joshua Bone's level design feedback thread thingy

    Thanks, guys! _H_: I am hearing you on the time limits. You've given this feedback on quite a few levels and I will try to reevaluate each level individually for the next version. I agree CONQUEST is a prime candidate for an untimed level. The noise on MY MOTHER SAYS is just one example of one of the big weaknesses of CC2 -- the horrible SFX. I play with the sound turned way down. I've already decided not to alter my design process based on worrying about annoying sounds. Didn't realize there was guesswork on THE AMAZING VORTEX, I will take another look. A MAN OF MANY LAYERS is my least favorite of the new levels; I was stuck on ideas for those walls for a while. Maze levels in general have been the big holdups for this set. If I think of another idea I'll change it in a heartbeat. Thanks for the feedback on the rest mobius: I try to keep the levels that use glitches and unexpected behavior small. I think they're definitely fair game for bonuses, but agree they can spoil a level if abused. Other than MULTICHIP, I'd be interested to hear if you think there are other obvious examples. I guess I'd say that THIN BLUE LINE and SPIRIT PORTAL might be borderline as well. On PART AND PARCEL, would you agree with _H_ that the left side would be better without the invisible walls? RULE OF TINCTURE was just a result of my usual indecision on what to name a variety level. I think I started with the word 'grail' and did some googling/wikipedia searching to look for other medieval sounding names. I think I like the result. Glad you liked the others! I also was pleasantly surprised by I MOVE YOU MOVE. I didn't want the level to lose its character from SLO MO but also felt like ditching the toggle walls wouldn't leave anything recognizable. It's not the highlight of the set or anything but it felt playable at least. I've been feeling ambivalent about SLIMEYARD, but am glad you enjoyed it!
  11. Joshua Bone's level design feedback thread thingy

    Thanks! CONQUEST is what it is, I think it might be possible to expand the starting areas a little bit, but I think it's legit to have a couple of campaign levels in the set. I'm definitely switching my focus to easy levels now. On OBFUSCATED, I intended it to be a 'misdirection' level, where if you do the one 'obvious' option all the way through you end up stuck, sort of like on DETECTIVE STORY but with more noise. The fact that it felt linear with one option at each point makes me feel like it might be busted. Dunno, I haven't really looked at it in a year or so.
  12. Count to 1,000

    (to 4 decimal places anyway )
  13. Joshua Bone's level design feedback thread thingy

    Thanks for the feedback (9 months later). I would be very interested to know what your solution was for OBFUSCATED AND INTERRED. If you ever feel like recording a video I'd love to see if it is busted
  14. Walls Of Chip's Challenge 1.4.0

    Version 1.4.0


    The remodeling of the Clubhouse is halfway complete! -Contains 76 levels all based on the layout of classic Chip's Challenge puzzles. -New since version 1.3.0: Reordered levels to create an approximate difficulty curve (still a work in progress... I need to make more easy levels!) Recorded and saved replays of all levels Added 10 levels: MARKTKANAAL (replaces CENTRAAL STATION), CONQUEST, MY MOTHER SAYS, DISINTEGRATOR INTEGRATOR, HOOPLA, SALMON RUN, THE AMAZING VORTEX, A MAN OF MANY LAYERS, NURSERY GAMES, GREENLIGHT Updated TELEBLAST to prevent cooking the level by pushing a block over the exit or by moving the teleports out of reverse reading order. Renamed FIGHTING FIRE WITH ICE to FIREFIGHTER and moved placement of buttons to fix an annoying bug. Made STACKS much easier by replacing chips with bonus flags along the edges of the bug room. Replaced beginning puzzle of SLIDESHOW SIDESHOW with a much harder and more interesting puzzle. Added two blue doors to make the endgame of TANTALIZING BARRIERS easier; the original solution is still possible and scores bonuses. Made FOOTRACE THROUGH FIRE SWAMP much easier, put more emphasis on the `footrace' and less on the other puzzles. Renamed ERRBODY GOT PROBLEMS to TWELVE BAR BLUES. Added speed boots to FAVORABLE DISTRIBUTION. Removed most of the icy corridors from DOWNTOWN HESITATION to make walkers much less deadly. If you try nothing else, at least check out: The opening puzzle on MY MOTHER SAYS. DISINTEGRATOR INTEGRATOR (basically IN & OUT 3) MARKTKANAAL Feedback is most appreciated!
  15. Mobi's Challenge