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  1. Do you use sounds in MSCC?

    I had the version that didn't include Canyon. Back when I still could play MS version I added over 20 songs from other games, notably, Lemmings, Jewels of the Oracle and JourneyMan. But I did keep the one chip song, idk 1 or 2. It's the one that's NOT the 'bouncy' trumpet carnival like song. I didn't really care for that one and thought it gets really annoying after awhile especially if the level is long. With only 2 or 3 songs it can get quite monotonous I think, but with a good variety it's great. I always loved the BWIP sound when you collect a key in MS.
  2. Puzzle Studio

    Would the same go for some one who doesn't know any programming languages? I take it its not like a reuglar/or full fledged language? I wouldn't mind learning about this 'git' and stuff. (heh I have no idea what this is but I have downloaded puzzle studio a long time ago and checked it out a little). Is there a place to discuss aspects of it? Like what kind of features we'd like or dislike..
  3. Stupid deaths.

    how about stepping into the water while pushing the third or fourth to last block in "On the Rocks" ... I probably scared my neighbors after that scenario.
  4. mobius levelset(s)

    thanks for playing! Preview was sort of inspired by Pieguy's similar level at the beginning of his set. And Thanks for letting me know about lynx mode. I haven’t played with lynx in so long I forgot most of the differences. That stinks about not being able to push blocks over hints. I thought Lynx mode was supposed to emulate the original Atari Lynx? If that’s the way it was then how was the last level of the original game (Special) possible? And wait… gliders don’t die in fire in Lynx mode??? There are a lot more differences than I thought.. The fire under fire must be an accident in Hodge-Podge, that doesn’t need to be there. I also didn’t know about pushing blocks onto toggle doors. I’ll probably making a lynx-compatible version of my whole set later with changes where necessary. I plan on improving Tezcatlipoca somehow and feel the heat.. Could you tell me exactly what you did in the First Laugh? Do we have spoiler tags here? I’m most proud of Fireball Progression for some reason. And the last two levels are ‘weird’ levels. But that’s why I put them at the end.
  5. happy to be back

    thanks for the welcome. Since I'm not sure where to ask, rather than make a new topic I'll ask it here: I’d like to make levels available for lynx mode. How does one do this? I have Chip edit, CCTools and CC Designer, and I have the new version of tile world. (the blue one) But I never knew how to make levels work with lynx mode. (non-Microsoft mode) edit: Flareon I just looked at your youtube and was shocked by another version of tileworld with cool graphics! Where can I get that?
  6. Any news about CC3D?

    looks great! >>Is this what became of "Puzzle Studio"? If not, I'm curious what happened to that.