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  1. 500

    I was kind of being very general. It seemed like they got harder but I haven't played them a lot yet. I skipped over a couple which were bigger (because I was short on time when I was playing) like Hollow which I will return to. Some completely stumped me atm like Vert.
  2. BEFORE MY VERY EYES: very cool maze! Part and Parcel: Fun concepts throughout. I really liked the beginning and two right side portions. I wasn't as fond of the left side with the enemies. I move, you move; another fun and quick one! Slime yard; was a really interesting take on "block factory" I actually liked this one. Rule of Tincture: haven't solved this yet but I like the structure. What does the title mean? fyi: I'm not a fan of anything that uses abuses glitches or unexpected behavior in the game, so I might not offer much comments on those levels. I haven't downloaded the latest version yet so I'll be playing more in the future.
  3. 500

    I started playing this pack: lots of fun! very cool designs I'm afraid I'm not at all able to make videos atm but here are comments about this pack: Arrivee; a simple but fun level that's easy to figure out. Puce: was confusing at first but has a nice surprising ending. Multiplicare: I really liked the idea behind this one. It turned out simpler than I was expecting but still lots of fun. Requires something thinking and working it out. Classified Side: a nice exploration type of level. On Track:a nice concept to this one; takes a moment to see what needs to be done. Formi: a nice short dodging level. Sosie: really fun level; cool design, interesting and not too tedious. After this the levels suddenly get more difficult. I haven't completed the pack yet; I'll post with more comments when I play more.
  4. 500

    is this a brand new levelset or an update to your existing high five set? In any case: I look forward to playing it!
  5. Mobi's Challenge

    after being away for a very long time I feel like playing CC2 again, so I may be updating this pack (and/or making a new one). And of course playing other people's
  6. Windows 95 Compatibility issues...

    is this a joke? You can get a PC that runs Windows 7 and below fairly cheaply these days. Search ebay.
  7. Supercollab 2.3

  8. Nanamin's Challenge

  9. avatar upload not working

    when I try to change my avatar pic I can select an image and it's filename appears in the text box but the image never appears and it doesn't change. using an image hosted from a website seems to work but not uploading from your own PC.
  10. Mind Games

    I know it seems like I gave up or disappeared; I'm sorry. I haven't but I've been incredibly busy with real life and other games. I will get back to this and continue my videos and review. Especially/probably when the new CC2 editor is released/gets tested I will get interested in CC2 again. And I'll download the latest version you have. Also if I found busted solutions to any levels let me know and I'll go back to play fixed versions if they exist.
  11. Mind Games

    I haven't had time to make any new videos lately; I will get back to it don't worry.
  12. Mind Games

    Sometimes I failed to mention some things in my videos that are happening. Let me know if there is anything you have questions about that I didn't talk about. also thanks for the keypress issue. I know someone told me this before but I forgot. I have a 6th and 7th episode recorded. (it's not uploaded yet). Currently stumped on "Phantoms". In episode 6 I'm stumped on one thing but I figure that out in the next video then I get stumped on another part of the level.
  13. CCLP4 Trailer + Release Date

    what is the name of that remix song and how can I find it?
  14. The Mysterious Family

    I know I heard this one before yet completely forget the answer
  15. May 2017 Create Competition - Simply A-Maze-Ing

    aww. I check in here at least once a week or more and somehow I totally missed this! I would've entered! At least I can play these levels and make some comments here if that's okay? How often do you guys run create contests? Is it alright if I run one sometime? Though if I did, I would use a different method of judging; I would not judge them all by myself. I like the format I've seen other places of putting up a poll so everyone can vote.
  16. Do you think aliens exist?

    This is a youtube channel by a guy who covers astronomical stories and he's very scientific and down to earth, and doesn't get overly sensational (like some many news stories do when covering alien related material). https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEszlI8-W79IsU8LSAiRbDg For those unaware; there are a number of cool things going on in astronomy right now, some of which (while unlikely in the near future) seem to be bringing us steps closer to one day discovering aliens! I recommend looking into Boyajian's Star and Przybylski's star for starters. A very cool time to be alive!
  17. Mind Games

    oooh! looks very exciting. I may, if it's alright with you, do a (blind) LP of this set, very soon!
  18. Mobi's Challenge

    thank you! I will look at your comments in detail as I make updates. I've already begun and am noticing a ton of very silly mistakes. I plan to make at least a handful of new levels too. I'm surprised nobody mention that "synergy" seemed to be unsolvable; but I might have accidentally changed the level on my version only.
  19. Nanamin's challenge

    I hope you don't mind me making a topic but one was not made and I really wanted to leave some comments on this pack and there's no where else to do it. excellent levelpack so far! Lots of cool levels with unique and interesting concepts. This pack was the perfect difficulty for me. There were few levels I did not enjoy! my favorites were: Outbreak, shovel team, doublecross, antiswap zone, ant nest, forking paths, dual core, the dual, I have not yet finished; I will post more when I do 1-13 was a new type of puzzle to me; very interesting!
  20. CC2 Worlds

    started playing through this; very nice levels and awesome level pack concept! I've had similar ideas in the past but I never got around to doing this. I like being able to go back through previous levels to collect bonuses and stuff.
  21. Mobi's Challenge

    Since Dropbox changed their policy last month I lost every drop box link I ever had. I've had to move my stuff; so here is a new (possibly temporary) link on mediafire for my pack; mobi's challenge. I haven't made any new updates since last I'm afraid, but I hope to get back into level creation soon. I still need to test some things, especially some bonus flags. http://www.mediafire.com/file/4isgsydtzj4mvsn/Mobi%27s+Challenge.zip
  22. CC2 Custom Set Review - Nanamin's Challenge 1.0

    nice! Glad to see all this detailed commentary. I need to get back into the game as well. We definitely need to get more interest back in this awesome game!!
  23. Chip's Challenge Creator

    this was a cruel prank and I totally fell for it!
  24. CC2 glitch discussion

    I thought we need a place to discuss/confirm/investigate bugs here on the forum. Since I don't like just adding things to the public buglist unless I'm sure what's going on. And the other topic I made was to ask a question but it sort of turned into discussion, these topics could be merged if that's better. This title should be used though for a glitch discussion rather than "bug in editor?" Also, I was thinking of making some kind of help file/manual for the game to explain some of the lesser known stuff for beginners and everyone. Since there are so many facets to learn. Anyways; I've been doing a lot of tinkering lately and discovering odd things, here's one but I think this might be intended [although odd] behavior considering it's utilized in a level from CC2 rejects; "centipede" when a rover is on train track and collecting bowling balls: -facing left or right, it will drop the bowling balls as still items. -facing up, it will drop them rolling like chip would and kill itself -facing down: it will drop them rolling, but going UP away from the rover, in the opposite direction.
  25. CC2 glitch discussion

    noticed this while playing "Constant Companion" by Josh Bone. Apparently when a Chip Mimic picks up a helmet but you (the player) do not have a helmet, you can run into the mimic and survive. This may be intended behavior but seems wrong.