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  1. started playing through this; very nice levels and awesome level pack concept! I've had similar ideas in the past but I never got around to doing this. I like being able to go back through previous levels to collect bonuses and stuff.
  2. Since Dropbox changed their policy last month I lost every drop box link I ever had. I've had to move my stuff; so here is a new (possibly temporary) link on mediafire for my pack; mobi's challenge. I haven't made any new updates since last I'm afraid, but I hope to get back into level creation soon. I still need to test some things, especially some bonus flags. http://www.mediafire.com/file/4isgsydtzj4mvsn/Mobi%27s+Challenge.zip
  3. nice! Glad to see all this detailed commentary. I need to get back into the game as well. We definitely need to get more interest back in this awesome game!!
  4. this was a cruel prank and I totally fell for it!
  5. noticed this while playing "Constant Companion" by Josh Bone. Apparently when a Chip Mimic picks up a helmet but you (the player) do not have a helmet, you can run into the mimic and survive. This may be intended behavior but seems wrong.
  6. sweet I like the fact that you can see/set how many chips are required; a feature missing from the CC2 editor
  7. nice nice nice!!! I didn't see this but might have missed it; a copy/cut/paste level feature would be nice, the kind which the old old, CCEdit had (or something similar) also what's your stance on invalid tile combinations? For example placing a no symbol without items allowing new (unintended) behavior. Will this kind of thing be possible in this editor?
  8. first of all; thanks for playing! hope you're enjoying it To answer the question; there is not currently a guide, sorry. I'd like to make one but I don't have much time. If I'm correct; level 10 is "Blue Bayou" trick here is to... -you can reach either exit in four different ways -you must build outward adjecent to either single wall on the left or right (so one space above or below this wall -always push alternating blocks against a wall (or in a place that makes it unusable) to free blocks -there is one block you never need to touch (the one on the opposite side of the wall opposite whichever side you're trying for) -sacrifice a block in water to push the far block (on left or right) against the single wall into the path you're creating. I can give more hints or solutions if necessary. Let me know if this was helpful but I'm really bad at giving hints and explaining things.
  9. on Hexagons of Slime: actually I can! I made a tiny sample level to demonstrate (because that's easier than explaining it) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72760678/hexagon%20test.c2m Unfortunately this would require wires and thus you couldn't have a hint around all four sides of each block.But I don't think it would look too bad. You could always check 'hide logic' too if you wanted. I would also; however, highly suggest cutting down the initial number of blobs at least a little bit or altogether; there's quite a bit at the start, making it difficult from the very beginning. on Confusion: oh I see, this level is different from what I thought at first. I didn't actually solve it, I'll take another look. Idk if I'd say Ghost Run is a bad level, I like the concept (I think, I haven't solved it yet, sorry for not specifying). Maybe it can be tweaked?
  10. note: I've commented on difficulty sometimes but these comments might be skewed because I've only gotten like 1/4 into the pack. CC1059 -- 1, start level Great level; the yellow teleport area is nice! Took me a little while to figure out you can use the pop-up wall to your advantage. I ended up getting lucky and getting in without it-- but would've commented that this is annoying, because of having the ball often block your path, but I knew there must be more to it. I think Ghost Run is much harder than level 6. I haven't solved it yet, but I am not particularly good at very tight timed levels. Block Parking- interesting concept but a tough level, a little hard for level 8 imo. And Ice Maze but not as you know it -- interesting concept; was slightly more fun but harder before I realized how you can get rid of bowling balls easily by standing horizontally in a hallway and releasing them. Hexagons of Slime; in case you weren't aware: you can avoid pressing any of the buttons by block slapping. Lady Bugs: very cool and tough puzzle! Great use of the yellow teleports. This my favorite level so far. What exactly is the title a reference to? The bonus seems pointless imo, as well as the transmogrofier. Confusion-- the concept is neat but it's kind of annoying that making one mistake in a sokoban level such as this means instant death instead of just bumping into a wall. Nothing? -- a nice simple level.
  11. I've began playing the latest version; looking good so far; I'll post some detailed feedback once I solve a decent portion.
  12. There a number of custom levels people have made for Puzzle studio; (some levelpacks? don't remember exactly) if this hasn't been done yet; with people's permission I'd like to convert at least some of these to CC2. I remember playing a couple of very fun levels by people who I don't think are around here (Daniel Bowmeister? Not sure exactly how I'll handle it yet; whether I'll make 1 levelpack or more, or what I'll remake depending on other factors. For example I'm pretty sure some people who made some Puzzle Studio levels are still here and still making levels maybe he wouldn't want me remaking those, but any response/feedback is welcome.
  13. what glitch tiles? btw, I wonder if anyone is aware of using the < > keys to rotate tiles or letter keys to change the letter tiles. I figured this out on my own, only after a long time. Some better documentation would be nice. Also I have to say the program someone made to put together a levelpack-- I can't get it to work at all, either I don't understand something or it's broken because when using it, it seemed to me to save no time or work than doing it the original way.
  14. I don't find the CC2 editor *that* clunky. Once I got used to it making levels is not that hard at all. I made a ~150 level pack and it was not frustrating to do (to speak of). I encourage anyone to play and make levels! it's a lot of fun. Chuck's Challenge IMO is more of a different game than a sequel to CC1. I personally wouldn't say it's better or worse, just different. I wish there was more interest in the game as well. It may get revitalized, you never know.
  15. update with fixes discovered by IHNN; https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72760678/Mobi%27s%20Challengev2.zip
  16. thanks for the feedback! Doh! Clean up.. is a stupid bust. I should've seen that one. Luckily I know exactly how to fix it. I'll see what I can do for the others.I don't know how I didn't see that on Tanktris.
  17. as promised; the set of 33 reject levels from this pack: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/72760678/Mobi%27s%20Rejects.zip
  18. At last! Here it is! A 166 level beginner friendly CC2 level pack. It was too large for the downloads section here; http://www.mediafire.com/file/4isgsydtzj4mvsn/Mobi%27s+Challenge.zip The game begins with lesson levels and scatters them through-out. I tried to make use of every game element at least once. I focused on trying to make relatively original concepts and left out levels that felt too repetitive of the kind which have been made for CC1 already. I will release a rejects pack soon which contains about 30 levels I left out for various reasons. Some of the ideas were co-created, borrowing ideas from other people or are adaptations. Most of the small sokoban levels were adapted from another game called “Enigma” which is an emulation of an older game called Oxyd. The authors mentioned originally designed those puzzles in that game. On a whole this pack should not be overly difficult-- I designed it to be beginner friendly and intentionally dialed back the difficulty several times in places where I thought it wasn’t really too hard but might be for a beginner. Of course; any feedback is very much appreciated. If you have any problems please let me know. Thanks to Joshua Bone and -H- for playtesting my demo pack and feedback. I’ll be taking a break from this game, but I hope to eventually make more levels, perhaps another large [probably not quite as large as this] level pack in the future. Level Notes/Hints: [spoilerS] [i may improve these hints and cover more of my pack when I get time.] Kaleidoscope: there’s a bonus hidden in this level. Entrapment: All bonuses are most likely possible but I have not tested how difficult they are. Follow you, follow me The enemies are not needed to do anything other than to reveal the path. If you don’t keep up with them, the level’s not over, but it will be harder. The glider doesn’t die and will keep circling around. Look around for bonuses. Bob the Blob: A simple concept but this level can be very challenging if you don’t know the trick which makes it much easier. There are a few extra chips Window of Opportunity: There’s no guesswork here as to which side of the teleports you need to enter; a little careful observation will do the trick. The numbers indicate which teleports are next. The clue refers to an obscure quote from a prank phone call on a website probably nobody’s ever heard of. Backwards Logic: No trial and error is necessary here; there is a pattern to follow. The title is a hint. The Butterfly Effect: There are five chips and all can only be gotten once the bombs guarding each one are blown up. To do that; send the five monsters into the maze. The trick is they must be sent in a proper order or they all won’t reach a bomb. Motion Sickness: Not really a dodging level; but a maze with walls made out of enemies! If you make it through quickly you’ll get a bonus. God of War: I'm not sure what kind of hints to put on this level so I'd like to especially know people think it needs any/what they should say. This is a level where you must experiment and look around. Once you know what each button does there's a simple puzzle with juggling the blocks around. This level was adapted from a puzzle in a point and click adventure game "Journeyman Project 2, Buried in Time" with basically the same setup. Thanks to Joshua Bone for the help on the timer mechanism. Do the Wrong Thing: This level is full of red herrings. Study everything closely and you’ll find a lot of things in the level are pointless, and what you really need to do. Chip’s lament This level has multiple solutions [and multiple exits] There’s a hidden bonus. Barricade: Originally this was Inspired by a “survival competition” on CCZone but it changed drastically since then. Meditation: Each button makes a different set of doors open or close. This is a simple logic puzzle where you determine a combination of buttons to press to open all the doors. The way I would solve this level is first write down what each button does, numbering or lettering each button and door. This makes it much easier to see what the buttons do and find the right buttons to press. There may be more than one solution. There is a combination of buttons to press, they can be pressed in any order. Push the button Max: Hidden bonus on this level. Title refers to a quote from the movie “The Great Race”. Clue: This level is a lot simpler than it looks. Yes, you are justified in wanting to smack me for it. Originally I was going to call this level “Only in the footsteps of God” and base it off of a famous scene from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, but being a pop culture reference it would’ve been slightly unfair. This way, it is solvable without any prior knowledge. [This idea, in turn, was inspired by a similar idea on another game by Dodochacalo] Glass Maze The level is an adaptation from a puzzle in the game RHEM2. You can totally ignore the canopies unless you want the bonus, they serve no purpose in getting to the chips or exit; there's no "trickery" in this level. Oblique Strategy: There are many ways to solve this level. What you need to do is set up a situation similar to Ortoo Geld, having the gliders press the green buttons but in this case; a green button must be pressed on every move; in other words, imagine chip walking down a path lined with green buttons. The same effect needs to be replicated. From the Brink This level has multiple solutions Ice Follies: It’s like Ice Death, except with no random guessing or death. Like the hint says; the solution is right in front of you. The level literally tells you exactly where to go, you just have to decode it first, which after a little experimentation should not be too difficult. Drawing of the Seven This level is the one, by far, I spent the most time on. The puzzle is to press every button only once, and using the clues from the flame jet room and the letter room you must decipher the order in which to do this. A random sequence is generated each time you play so there is no universal solution to this level. This is also an adaptation from another puzzle in RHEM2, one of my favorite puzzles in that series originaly called the “light barrier puzzle”. The title gives a clue to the puzzle. The hardest part of designing this was figuring out how to generate a random pattern each time. If you've solved it [or looked in the editor] you'll see the level is huge 63x80 [90% of it is the mechanism while about 10-20% is the play area] thanks to random8 for a little help. I got a lot of inspiration from the level "Simon" in Tsa1. I wanted to design it such that you could generate a sequence; try and if you failed, try again, multiple times in the same play, but working out a mechanism to reset the sequence proved too difficult and I decided to go with making it so you must restart the level to try again. Patience Puzzle: This is based on the classic “6 Linked Rings puzzle” which is most commonly in the form of metal rings attached to a loop or shuttle. I discovered this from “Tavern Puzzles” but many other versions exist. It’s supposedly of ancient Chinese origin. -This is not a standard sokoban level. The puzzle here is discovering the correct sequence to remove all the blocks [and put them all back if you want the bonus]. There are about 43 steps in total. -Number each block from left to right. Each button holds open the door ahead of it. On top of this, to remove blocks 3,4,5 and 6, all other blocks before it besides the one IMMEDIATLY before it must be removed. -The first block can be removed at any time. To remove the second block, the first must be in. To remove the third, the second must be in but the first must be out. To remove the fourth block, the third must be in, and the first and second must be out, so on and so forth. -There are no other tricks, but it can be tough to keep track of where you are in the process. A lot of times you may feel like you’re making negative progress when you’re not. -To get the bonus, after removing all the blocks and opening the green door, simply put them all back, doing all the same steps but in reverse. Chip and Melinda’s Excellent Adventure: The bonus mechanism has not been expertly tested; please let me know if the timing on the door is too tight (or too loose).
  19. I'll soon be uploading this set, it'll have a different name and custom music that hardcore CC fans might appreciate. I'm getting the music ready and making the play.c2m file. While it seems there aren't very many people playing CC2 level these days, I'll ask anyway; would anyone like to play test a few levels before I release the whole set? There are a few levels which I'm quite unsure about the difficulty level and some bonuses which I've not tested thoroughly
  20. thanks for the info darn. I'm glad it works for you, but I tried this and it doesn't work for me...
  21. just like it says. The reason I know this is because I've been having problems with my internet connection lately and CC2 will simply not work without it. The steam window pops up with "starting Chips challenge" but it never loads, the process doesn't even start in the task manager. I don't understand why, and it's a irritating. Most other steam games, even multiplayer, internet dependent games can run without a connection.
  22. I now just solved the level "Buddy" in about 5 seconds. It seemed very simple. Yet I was totally stumped on this level for AGES! I do not understand why I could not see the solution and further more why I suddenly saw it now. This was the worst case of this ever for me, I have no idea why it seems so hard. Yet I guess I wasn't alone as it wasn't voted into the pack; for difficulty reasons? Otherwise, I thought it was an excellent small level. Earlier I said I didn't like the level "Sea Queue" from the main game, but I take that back; I solved it since then and it is not bad at all. wow, that's a little impressive SPOILER:: I kept thinking you need to get the ghost to press the red button for some reason. I never thought of a time bomb [though I should have] so I was reluctant to trap myself, but finally I did as it was the only option left.
  23. it's possible although I can't see what benefits that would have as intended behavior; right now it's only made problems for me. Here's another oddity I noticed a while ago: when blobs and rovers are on ice or force floors [without any boots] they move faster but not as fast as everything else. Which means chip and other enemies can catch up to them. I would assume this is a glitch because other enemies which move slower ordinarily like teeth and floor mimics do not follow this rule.
  24. I finally solved "That Figures" What an excellent level! This stumped me for a long time! And in the end the solution was rather simple. This was probably my favorite level so far in the Rejects set. Now that I took a little time on Tank Guards, [number 1, haven't tried number 2 yet], it's a nice level. Levels that involve leading teeth around always intimidate me but this one really wasn't too bad.
  25. nice! I can't wait to try the new levels. I played a little while ago and I can't remember if I played the new version or not but I remember loving "In a Minefield." Very nice mimic puzzle. Though I thought the time limit was quite harsh, other than that I nice level.
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