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  1. CC2 Community Pack Survey

    I agree that basically anything should be allowed; if it doesn't work or isn't liked then people won't vote for it. I say 150-200 levels. I think it was J.B. that said somewhere that you almost need that many levels just to explore all the many possibilities within the game. I thought the main game's number of levels felt good. One important thing that helps that though; is there were quite a few small levels. If the game mostly consists of large levels (which I sincerely hope it does not) then 200 will seem like far too many. Note: not that large levels are bad, but I'd like to see a nice mix of large and small. That's one thing I really liked about the main game. Things like the directional blocks and blank no signs should be allowed but more unusual and unpredictable stuff like glitch tiles I say no, or at the very least kept to a decorative use. I think tutorial levels ought to be made. But made with a lot of care. As I though the tutorial levels of the main game seemed a bit lengthy and tedious at times, yet having a level focusing on just one or a few game mechanics would require 20+ lesson levels. Levels focusing on several concepts each might work. If you took the lesson levels from CC1 and did it that way (continuing with the CC2 mechanics) then you'd maybe need another at least 7 lesson levels making 14 total? Another interesting idea I had was the make a 'tutorial pack'. Which would basically be a level pack of just lesson levels, designed especially for beginners. This way you could have as many levels as you want and get as in-depth and helpful as you needed and little or no lesson levels in the actual CC2 community pack.Instructing new players to play the lesson pack first, of course. The Warp exits concept sounds really neat (I haven't experimented with it much myself) but I think it should be an optional find/challenge. Custom music would be really nice; it's just a matter of finding music that can escape the copyright Nazi's....
  2. The Walls of CCLP2

    Another update!!! currently at version 3 currently 48 levels. changelog: Swivel Tombs: made some areas optional bonuses added on Mission Improbable new levels added: 28: Tempest 32: Back on Track 33: Present Push 35: Ye Chip of Old 36: Thief 37: Melinda on Mullberry Street 38: Which Switch is Which? 39: Dingbat 40: Play Hooky 41: Hints and Allegations 42: To Each His Own 43: One Way Traffic 49: Quantum Leap* 50: Babylon Fading 51: Bumper Cars *This level requires a good understanding of ghosts relationship with yellow teleports which is not intuitive. Refer to a pinned message in discord under general chat for a detail of how it works.
  3. due to recent updates; "Multichip" no longer works and is not solvable. Also though I'm not certain of this; I think Uptown Decisions might also be unsolvable. [I think no-sign/swivel behavior has changed?]
  4. ajmiam CC2 Levels (20 so far)

    excellent levels, as expected! (I really liked your first 2 CC1 packs a lot) The early levels were good tutorials. Nitroglycerin below 57; really fun maze. Sticky Controls: an interesting one, tough and requires a good amount of planning. Chateau Crunch: more clever teeth puzzles! I'm Currently stumped on the toggle door room on the right. (maybe really easy I'm just missing the obvious) Double Stop: clever idea! Gift of Giving: nice concept and multi-roomed level. Fire Blossom: simple yet intricately designed! Electric Feel; might this be a reference to the MGMT song? anyways, great level and great use of the lightening bolt! I look forward to more!
  5. C1059-CC2

    I was playing and got up to ~level 60 some of my favorites recently: push and pull, Sequence and Pattern, Iceblock team, Exchange, Ferry Spiral, Boiled Peanuts, Reverse Sokoban... Here are levels I was totally stumped or confused on; Random Monster Generator, --not sure what exactly to do or what the goal is. Well, I know the ultimate goal but not how to achieve that. Arms Length. ....I think I just figured it out while typing this ...
  6. April 2018 Create Competition - Pushing New Ideas

    I started playing levels from this contest: Total Eclipse of the Post: very nice repetitive concept and compact design. It was fun to solve. Hook and Warp: really nice compact one but as with most yellow teleport puzzles, I'm totally stumped!! Can you see the block: really neat concept, even if it's quite simple!! Wormhole in the sun: another nice compact level, and challenging
  7. My official level pack!

    I'm unable to download your latest file ^ its saying 'my account doesn't have access to this'
  8. Played several of the new levels: Much more time on the Golden Key would really be appreciated; The third room with the centipede and many toggle doors takes a while; and after leaving that room every time I play there's barely enough time left to keep going. I haven't beaten it yet. Real Thinker: great level out of "Writer's Block" Treasure Collection: really nice & straightforward one
  9. Mobi's Challenge

    I am in the process of making a MAJOR update to this pack. In light of recent events I'll be releasing the pack here and on steam also. I'll be releasing 3 things: Mobi's Challenge, a reject levelset (which may be larger than the actual pack XD ), and a pack of only sokoban levels mostly adapted from another game.
  10. new tile ideas

    How do you think keys etc should be coded? By shape or symbols? colors seems the simplest method to me; and I've never found it restrictive. Keys could have different shapes but with toggles walls and bombs it gets much trickier. Important features while I'm thinking of it: extra bomb chips! some other new ideas: freeze gun is an interesting idea! The laser idea is another type of way to destroy enemies, sort of similar to the bowling ball but different. A STOPWATCH button that stops time or in effect; pauses the game for everything else yet Chip can keep moving (and clock keeps ticking). MAGNET BLOCKS: (unfinished idea) blocks which have either N on one side and S on the other; opposite poles are attracted to each other and same repel. Blocks two spaces apart draw toward each other. Another tile called (magnet wall?) which cannot be moved but attracts magnet blocks. MAGNET item if player picks up is attracted to a magnet wall WIRELESS BUTTONS buttons that function similar to black buttons but don't need wires. All must be held down to activate something. (would make making sokobans much easier). someone else's idea from discord: If an enemies like an ant has a "backpack" it can pick up and use items just like ghosts and rovers. Maybe same item as "magic satchel". So enemies can pick it up and use it as well.
  11. new tile ideas

    someone in discord mentioned the idea of "Chips challenge 3" and it reminded me to post this list of new tile ideas I made long ago: (some of these are based on CC1 and 2 elements while some are based/copied from concepts from another game called "Enigma". So this is my fantasy concept tile idea list for Chips Challenge 3. Feel free to post your own ideas changes to existing elements: 1. keys/doors, teleports, and toggle doors/bombs now all come in 9 varieties: red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, black, white, grey. black white and grey keys can be dropped like items. If dropped into ice and FFs they move with them like an enemy would. So you may have multiple types of toggle doors in one level working independently. [sort of like in Chuck's Challenge) 2. Clone Machines may clone items and keys and players. unfinished idea: a new way of changing what a clone machines creates. 3. Wires may be placed over plain walls and (over or under) most tiles. And TNT actually destroys wires (for those unaware this doesn't happen in CC2, even though it appears like it does}. unfinished ideas: 4. Transmogrifier: I'd like to somehow be able to turn Chip into an enemy or creature that is forced to behave like enemies (Fireballs etc). 5. Rover needs to follow a more reliable set of rules. Also: option to have the Rover follow a specific pre-programmed path. NEW ELEMENTS: INVINCEIBILITY STAR chip cannot die to enemies or hazards (walks over them) for several seconds, (similar to the Mario star) BLACK HOLE everything except ghosts are killed in black holes. All blocks disappear forever in them. Chip can only walk over black holes with the hover boots CRACKED FLOOR has up to four types: this floor can be walked on once, 2, 3 or 4 times until it breaks depending on how cracked it is. CRACKED ICE works similar to cracked floor but has same properties as ice and water is underneath SPIKES kills player, ants, centipedes, walkers, balls. Can be turned on and off with a button. Destroys ice and plastic blocks. Other blocks can be pushed over them. ELEVATOR (idea comes from a game Tyler Sontag made, talked about in discord recently) essentially allows chip to walk on top of walls and canopy. (But can't walk *through* walls like a ghost). HOVER CRAFT vehicle which works like a moving platform; chip can get on and ride on a predefined path (unless carying the license) while on the hover craft, player is protected from enemies and all hazards like water or black holes. Except it avoids train tracks. TRAIN vehicle that follows tracks. PLayer is protected from enemies while on the train. Cannot dictate where to go unless carrying the license. LAVA fire like substance that slowly spreads across floor on it's own. Is blocked by most other tiles like walls and gravel. If it encounters dirt; the dirt is turned into gravel. Dirt blocks pushed into lava turn to gravel. Ice blocks pushed into lava turn to water. TORTOISE a moving monster which is NOT an enemy; works like a moving turtle but never sinks. Chip can ride a tortoise across water WOODEN BLOCK is destroyed in water/fire/lava. Can only push one at a time. PLASTIC BLOCK floats in water (can be pushed over water like floor without turning water into floor). Can push multiple blocks at a time. STONE BLOCK Cannot not be destroyed by bowling ball or laser. turns to floor in water/lava. Can be pushed into enemies to kill them. LASER shoots deadly beam in one (of four) direction. Can be turned on and off and direction changed with buttons. Destroys chip and all enemies and dirt/ice/wooden/plastic blocks. RECEPTACLE catches a laser and if wired activates other objects (like a pink button does) MIRROR reflects a laser in different directions depending on how moved. Mirrors can be rotated on train tracks COIN SLOT DOOR toggle door that allows 1 player or enemy through per one coin. RICHOCHET BLOCK pushing on it (from opposite side) will push blocks and enemies adjacent to it away in the direction you pushed. If player is standing adjacent to one and an enemy hits it player will be pushed away. SWAP BLOCK Swaps places with adjacent (non enemy) tile when pushed on. Even walls for example can be moved with this block. TETRIS BLOCK blocks with different symbols that fit together and form bigger blocks. These larger "tetris" piece like blocks can be moved as one big unit. Can be broken apart with the hook or time bomb. MAIL SYSTEM items dropped into the mail tile get sent (with button press) to other mail station. Items must be picked up before placing more. NEW ITEMS: MAGIC SATCHEL adds new slots to inventory: when carrying the satchel up to 8 items can be held at once. BAIT when dropped: all teeth on the level will ignore chip and instead be attracted to the bait. If a teeth is able to move onto the tile the bait is on after several seconds the teeth will eat the bait then return to following Chip. HAZMAT SUIT allows player to walk across slime SOAP allows player to walk across slime and erase it. FIRE EXTINGUISHER erases fire and lava HOVER BOOTS allows player to walk across black hole and spikes SKELETON KEY opens any door once MAGIC KEY opens any door infinitely. MAGIC WAND can change walls and some tiles into different things when pressed on. (unfinished idea) HAMMER allows chip to destroy blocks (cannot move them while carrying hammer) LISCENCE lets player control hover craft and train -------------- there were some things in Puzzle Studio which intrigued me but it's been so long since I played that that I can't remember most of them. I remember a bowling ball that moved slowly but not exactly how it worked. Ideas I'm particularly fond of are the: bait, multiple colored toggle doors, laser and mail system.
  12. My official level pack!

    this update is definitely and improvement on the first version I saw. I haven't played/beaten the whole pack yet. Fortress and Clockwise: nice simple levels. TRUST: nice level but I haven't beaten it yet. ESCORT MISSION: totally stumped on this one atm. Looks crazy. BHUT JOLOKIA Interesting small one. I don't quite get the top tank mechanism but I solved it anyway. Bonuses seemed pretty easy to get. ICE CUBES Very clever ice block puzzles! I liked this one a lot. I haven't figured out the bonus room yet. OPEN THE GATES nice short and simple level.
  13. The Walls of CCLP2

    thanks! On Mission Improbable; on discord you mentioned some way of adding a bonus to enforce the dropping lightening bolt solution; could you explain that?
  14. The Walls of CCLP2

    sweet feedback, thanks!!! 53: can you please elaborate on how exactly you busted it? I don't see how it's possible to exit without the lightening bolt. Unless I somehow uploaded an incorrect version. There should be a wired door in front of the exit requiring the lighting bolt to open it. I have, however, just figured out you can easily make 'mistakes' on the final path without setting off the system, but not sure why this doesn't work on the first part... thanks again for the feedback; very helpful. I discussed this on discord: it's actually an arguably harder solution than what's intended, so I will leave it alone.
  15. C1059-CC2

    thanks for hints; didn't get to play lately so here's the rest of what I did a while ago; OOOH IT'S A GHOST fun dodging level that really keeps you on your toes! HYDROCITY A pretty good one, simple but effective. I wanted to get the bonus but I freaked out at the end, worrying about how the tanks would effect the gliders so I exited and didn't get any. LEVEL THAT WILL DRIVE YOU INSANE Reminds me a little of scrambled eggs (from CC2). I don't mind it too much and it doesn't drive me insane :P. THIS TEETH... I seem to recall this one having a different title before?