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  1. no actually; it seems that does not work. It seems whether I log out manually, leave the page, or delete my history I cannot successfully log back in without resetting. I always enter my password manually btw, I don't use the save feature. Also sometimes, but not always it doesn't even let me do that; complaining that an error occurred, but usually if I wait and try again it works.
  2. The problem may lie with not finishing each voting set at once. From now on I'll just write down my votes and only go to actually vote once I'm done. But in any case: Every time I go back to either get another pack or continue voting on a pack; whether or not I've cleared my browser history/forms if I need to re-log in it says my password is invalid (I'm certain I'm typing my password in correctly and I've tried several different passwords) so the only option is to change my password.
  3. another (thought much more minor) issue: it seems every time I try to log in to Pieguy's site I have to reset my password ???
  4. awesome ! thank you very much 😃
  5. so why is the level order within my pack randomized compared with the list on the voting site? This makes voting and keeping track of what you've played and voted on unnecessarily difficult. This seems like it could be a glitch as JB didn't seem to have this problem as viewed from his video he made.... (the levels in his pack seem in order) [just in case nobody knows what I'm talking about for some reason] the level order (when played as the pack) (I got the Interstellar pack) does not follow 1,23, it's goes to random levels. It seems purposely set up this way in the play.c2g file. I can upload my c2g file if needed, but I didn't do that right away in case that would be against the rules or something.
  6. First is this for CC1 or 2? -do you want this order to be random or the same every time the level plays? -Is the idea centered around just the timing of this single button (is it only 1 button?)? Or are the monsters/direction or anything else important? -If it's the former (maybe even if it's more) it doesn't sound like it should be as complicated as Simon, but I might try and fiddle around with this idea and create some suggestions. -------- from the looks of that pic; Simon's been altered since the last time I played. I remember the starting area being in the middle.
  7. here's my second folder of (30) levels. This should be all I intend to submit. mobius submissions 2.zip
  8. works fine now! sorry for taking so long to get back to you
  9. mobius

    CC3 Wishlist

    some excellent suggestions there! Here's my own ideas (some original; some taken from other games). Some are good; some may be dumb, some may be pretty radical. alterations to existing elements: Up to 8 colors (red, green, yellow, blue, orange, purple, black, white, gray) of keys/doors/toggle walls/toggle bombs Rover: needs some major overhauls but I don't have good ideas on improvements; other than it might be very interesting to be able to pre-program a specific path the rover takes, almost like having another player automatically doing things in the level. Have more enemies that can pick up and use items! NEW TILES: black hole: everything except ghosts are killed in black holes. All blocks disappear forever in them. Chip can only walk over black holes with the hover boots cracked floor: has up to four types: this floor can be walked on once, 2, 3 or 4 times until it breaks depending on how cracked it is. black hole is underneath the floor> it turns to this after being stepped on. Enemies follow all the cracked floor rules except ghosts Maybe you can put other things (like fire) under cracked floor? cracked ice: works similar to cracked floor but has same properties as ice and water is underneath spikes: kills ants, centipedes, walkers, balls and blobs. Can be turned on and off with a button. Chip can also walk over them safley with the hover boots lava/Volcano: similar properties to fire but all blocks except stone blocks will be destroyed in it. Enemies except fireballs die in it. A Volcano spews lava from it and the lava will spread around the level somewhat similar to the way slime can be spread. tortoise: a moving monster which is NOT an enemy; works like a moving turtle but never sinks. Chip can ride a tortoise across water and (maybe) other obstacles. boat/train: objects allowing chip to cross water/tracks & safe from enemies but doesn't have free movement; must follow a set path. Boat is "docked" at land (so it's not an item like flippers, same for train). Coin Door: door to be opened only with a coin (item to be picked up). Door can be passed only once per coin. ricochet block: pushing on it will push blocks and enemies adjacent to it away. These can be linked to interesting effect (from the game Enigma) swap block: swaps places with adjacent tile when pushed on (literally any tile other than floor) puzzle piece block: blocks with different symbols that fit together and form bigger blocks. These larger "tetris"-piece-like blocks can be moved as one unit. Currents: a current in water pushes chip and enemies and some blocks (beside stone blocks) in a set path. mail system: items dropped into the mail tile get sent (with button press) to other mail station. Items must be picked up before placing more. Multiple levels Ability to walk 'ontop' of walls or canopies by using a staircase or something similar or multiple layers/levels? New types of blocks: wood/plastic/stone/metal With different interactions, most notable: wood is destroyed in water and everything plastic can float in water (pushed around like on floor) dirt blocks turn into gravel in lava metal blocks become stuck to force floors stone blocks block just about everything like currents and cannot be destroyed by bowling balls or lasers. magnet: pushes or pulls on metal blocks with switch. russian nesting blocks: 3 or 4 blocks which all must first be pushed together into one to have effects like hold down a button or other things. ITEMS: hazmat suit lets chip walk on slime (does not erase it) soap chip erases slime by walking on it. hover boots lets chip walk over spikes and black holes magic satchel increases inventory (to 8 slots) (this item does not sit in inventory as normal, but is separate) hammer allows chip to destroy blocks (cannot move them while carrying hammer) (someone, I think Chipster, had this idea on discord): item that lets you place or change wires during game somehow. ENEMIES: octopuse: shoot ink in laser like fashion (something like the Chuck's challenge enemy) walker 2.0 movements: like blob, speed: like walker or normal enemy Chessmen: For a long time I had the idea of enemies that follow movement patterns of chess pieces like the knight but if you think about it this seems pretty tricky to impose and maybe not that interesting.
  10. here's my first pack (zip file) of levels to submit; they're attached. I plan to submit at least one more pack. When it comes to mistakes or anomalies; for example if a level is titled with a "2" and there was no "1" please let me know. I tried to look over every level and make sure everything was in order but mistakes can still be made. In my replays I do not always get the maximum bonus possible. I have not checked all of my levels for impossible bonus flags so if a decision is made on that later, I will fix any issues in my levels if there are any. mobius submissions 1.zip
  11. I can't play the pack normally atm; it won't open saying there's a problem with the level "Pharaoh.c2m". Invalid pack error. Removing this level doesn't help either
  12. I started playing this pack. Great levels here! I like the overall simple design of each, they were fun to play. The biggest minus is I would say they could use some more decoration but that is a minor thing. I liked Maze Ablaze a lot. Step was one of my favorites too. Ruins: Good concept but I felt this one was actually a little too easy. But maybe I just got lucky (in finding the eye fairly quickly). Network: one of my favorites, I love this concept; I even got the bonus.
  13. Do level file titles matter? I mean; for example is it okay if I submit a pack with the files titled "Map1, map2, map3.." etc?
  14. I got them from YouTube. I can send them to you if u want them, it might take me a while to find them though Btw i am working on this pack still
  15. I'd fully approve of custom music added. I personally don't feel like picking songs for my individual levels but I'm okay with custom music being added (at random or by someone else). Music tastes can vary wildly, so voting for that might be a good idea.
  16. after a little more testing it seems like what's causing this problem is either pausing or setting the window to the background. It doesn't seem to cause a problem immediately but it's the only thing I changed that fixed the issue (I did not pause or tab away at all while recording and it finally worked on my problematic levels.
  17. I can record solutions perfectly for very small and brief levels. (see first level attached). But after a certain amount of time (200-400 seconds?) it seems it causes it to fail for some reason and afterward (after it says "record complete" pressing F3 acts like it did not save at all. It does not seem to matter about what I do in the level or if I pause or tab away from the program. (see other attached level. Which, btw, is not very big or long compared to average standards). Anyone else have this problem? or any ideas on how to fix or what to do would be appreciated. Seeing as solutions must be recorded in order to upload to steam this is kind of an important problem. hook or crook.c2m defend fortress.c2m
  18. I kept forgetting to add: in regards to random settings (and things of that nature): any setting should be allowed. I don't think level design should be dictated by optimization. [I could go into a long argument about how at that point it's no longer true "optimization" to a certain regard....]
  19. If I had more time and didn't play many other games I would play CC1 more often but I pretty much only play CC2 these days (and that's not even real often). Mainly because it's new and fresh. I loose interest in games quickly. I had steam already (I was surprised to see some steam bashing here, but understandable) so I was happy to see it come to it in 2015. I pretty much have a similar but opposite view: I prefer the idiosyncrasies of CC2. Idk why I just find it smoother for me personally. The movement and controls immediately felt natural, more so than MS CC or tileworld which always felt weird to me. IMO in MS I hate the extra step chip takes when you hold down the key* and tileworld feels like he stops too short. *No I refuse to press the key repeatedly instead of holding it down like I've heard people do on stream.... I can't even believe people do that!? I also like the graphics of CC2 better than MS or Tileworld. It's similar enough to the originals to satisfy my nostalgia also.
  20. of course; I didn't mean to suggest including a level by someone unbeknownst to them. I just was making sure it was okay to say: 'hey, see if we can get a hold of this person because they have some awesome levels or etc'. Of course I guess I already did that myself
  21. do you guys try to contact anyone like this? It seems a shame if someone (like Nanamin for example, but it could be anybody) who has made excellent levels to simply go unconsidered just because they haven't visited the forum lately.
  22. any answer for this? There are still other people like Nanamin (who I'm not sure even has an account here?) with levels I'd like to nominate..
  23. I plan on doing the same. What about nominating levels/sets by people who are not around? For example I'd like to nominate levels by Motez...(long name) but I'm not sure he's active at all currently.
  24. another quick point: I still agree with what I said earlier about not allowing most or some hex editing that allows for very glitchy behavior (like enter the void stuff, except perhaps for decorative purposes). But maybe it's a little fast to not allow ANY glitchy/hex editing at all. Perhaps there are as-of-yet undiscovered interesting tile possibilities via hex editing? (Besides the directional blocks and no signs that is). As already pointed out however; much like the red key/clone machine bug these are in danger of being patched in the future. Even blank no-signs may be in that danger? Although it seems like Chuck and them visits now and then and consider these things so maybe not.
  25. I want to allow blockslapping; remember it was an original feature of CC1. It was only a *mistake* that it was not included in MS; thus everyone at the time became familiar with the game without it. I'll admit it doesn't have a huge range of uses but some interesting ones. I think it should be allowed. Also something I didn't really make clear; if we're not going to have tutorial levels I would lean toward 150 levels total, but if we do; I would lean toward 200.
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